The 10 Meanest Mean Girls in Modern Horror Movies

When talking about women in horror, the topic is often either: Scream Queens and Final Girls – the women who fight against all odds to survive against the monster, the killer, or the malevolent spirit that attacks them. There are also female characters who are driven by revenge – these are often women who have suffered at the hands of a man and ultimately choose to seek revenge.

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But what about the supportive or rather not so supportive women? The ones who are there to rub salt in our leading ladies’ wounds with their sharp tongues and witty insults? What about those who have no reason to become the villain other than just to be mean?

The following entries contain spoilers.


Juno – “The Descent” (2005)

A year after the tragic death of her husband and child Sarah (Shauna McDonald) and six of her friends go cave diving in the Appalachian Mountains. As they descend into the darkness, however, they quickly discover that not only are they lost, but they are not alone. Subterranean bat-like creatures crawl along the walls, chasing the women, ready to attack.

The journey is meant to cheer up Sarah, and Juno (Natalie Mendoza), her supposed best friend, is the one leading the charge. However, her lies only get the group into trouble when she scraps the planned route and cave plan in search of something she thinks more exciting. Juno only grows more unsympathetic as she seemingly lets one of the women die before revealing that she slept with Sarah’s late husband before his death.

Alex – “Sissy” (2022)

The success of the film festival and one of the latest exclusive releases from Shudder, sissy follows Cecilia or “Sissy” (Aisha Dee) – a social media “influencer” who portrays herself as someone who practices mindfulness and self-love. After a decade apart, she meets Emma, ​​a childhood friend (Hannah Barlow) who invites her to her upcoming hen party. Unfortunately, she fails to tell Sissy that her childhood enemy Alex (Emily de Margheriti), will also participate.

In flashbacks, we see Alex repeatedly taunting Sissy, and although the two seem to have put things behind them now, she soon picks up where she left off. She makes fun of Sissy’s job and appearance and will do anything to exclude her from group activities. When Sissy finally loses her composure and takes revenge, we guiltily wonder if she deserves it.

Laura – “The Craft” (1996)

The craft follows the lives of four teenage girls who fall victim to being witches. As their abilities grow stronger, each girl faces problems that make them want to use their magic for personal gain. Sarah (Robin Tunney) wants revenge on a guy she liked who started a rumor about her, Nancy (Fairuza Balk) tired of living in a trailer with an abusive stepfather and wants money to escape, Bonnie (Never Campbell) is covered in scars from a terrible fire that the kids at school make fun of, and Rochelle (Rachel true), the only member of the group who is a person of color, is the target of racist bully Laura (Christina Taylor).

Laura is a naughty rich teenage girl with a considerable mean streak. She openly berates Rochelle with racially derogatory comments and uses horrific insults with what appears to be great amusement. She is moody in that she attempts to befriend Sarah before quickly turning against her when she is the target of malicious gossip.

Alexia — ‘Raw’ (2016)

Julia Ducournauis notoriously squeamish Raw follows lifelong vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier), as she begins her first semester at the same veterinary school attended by her older sister Alexia (Ella Hull). The bizarre bullying from her new classmates and the pressure from Alexia involves being spattered with animal blood and being forced to eat raw meat, creating a strange hunger in Justine.

It is later revealed that this hunger is a legacy passed down by the women in her family, but instead of helping Justine in this transition, Alexia is cold and mocking, embarrassing her in front of her schoolmates. Alexia is a complicated and layered mean girl who is as important as our lead in this “cannibal” film about family, humanity and sexuality.

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Liz – “The Hole” (2001)

Torah Birch plays a very unreliable narrator in this noughties psychological thriller. 18 days after she was reported missing, Liz (Birch) tells how she and three friends – Mike (Desmond Harington), Geoff (Laurence Fuchs) and Frankie (Keira Knightly) – were picked up by classmate Martin (Daniel Brocklebank). She goes on to explain how the four, who are best friends, agreed to go to the shelter over the weekend to celebrate, but Martin never came back to let them out.

As the film winds down and Martin finally tells his side of the story, it turns out that Liz was lying the whole time and that she was the one who held her captive down there to get Mike to fall in love with her. When they were trapped, she kept food and drink away from them, allowed Frankie to die of starvation, allowed Mike to lose his mind and kill Geoff, and proposed a suicide pact with him. The efforts Liz goes to to win Mike’s affections are truly disturbing.

Jessica — ‘Sorority Row’ (2009)

In this remake of the classic horror film house on sorority row, Leah whistles portrays Jessica, one of the most ruthless and entertaining mean girls in horror history. Jessica, Megan (Audrina Partridge) and her sorority sisters decide to prank Megan’s cheating boyfriend Garrett (Matt O’Leary) by pretending to have killed her by overdosing on her. However, things take a horrific turn when he assumes she is dead and they have to dismember her body to hide it, stabbing her in the chest with a tire lever. On Jessica’s lead, they all agree to dispose of Megan’s body – now REALLY dead – and never speak of it again. However, 8 months later, Megan is back for revenge.

Jessica is completely selfish, and even when her “sisters” are picked off one by one, she shows little remorse. She constantly calls them all by name, taunts them for being scared, and even runs over Garrett with her car with no evidence that he was actually behind the murders. Still, she’s intelligent, resourceful, and cunning – she definitely has parallels to my girls Regina George.

McKayla and Sadie – Tragedy Girls (2017)

McKayla Hooper, the true crime obsessed duo (Alexandra Shipp) and Sadie Cunningham (Brianna Hildebrand) are willing to do anything to get more followers for their Tragedy Girls blog — including creating their own series of brutal murders to cover. With the help of a local serial killer who they trick into attacking them and then kidnapping them, they plan the perfect crime rampage that will earn them the notoriety they think they deserve – no matter the cost.

While tragedy girl is a very cheesy and funny slasher movie, you can’t help but feel especially sorry for the victims who are really innocent bystanders. The girls kill them and lie about it so easily you can only shake your head how they get away with it. However, they are at their meanest in the final act, where Sadie seemingly has a change of heart to save the sweet and naïve Jordan (Jack Quaid), who only supported her. Hope is short-lived, however, as they hang him before locking hundreds of prom-goers in the school’s gymnasium and setting them on fire.

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Jennifer – “Jennifer’s Body” (2009)

While Jennifer’s body Promoted as a highly sexualized horror for teens, its exploration of female friendships has made it a cult classic and a favorite of women around the world. As Jennifer (Megan Fox) is sacrificed to Satan by a local rock band for fame and fortune, something goes wrong and the attempt fails. Instead, Jennifer is possessed by a demon who enjoys the taste of young men’s flesh.

Outgoing and popular, Jennifer capitalizes on her insecure bookworm best friend, Needy (Amanda Seyfried), even before she is possessed. However, Needy still tries to help Jennifer. As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that Jennifer is driven not only by the demon inside her, but also by petty teenage jealousy as she kills and eats the boy that Needy likes for no reason.

Nancy – “The Craft” (1996)

Nancy (Fairuza Balk) is one of the most recognizable female villains in horror history, with her signature dark lips and gothic style. When she and her friends form a coven and start practicing witchcraft, she uses it to escape poverty and her abusive stepfather.

Before long, Nancy is so powerful that she begins using dark and unstable magic. She uses her powers to manipulate the boy she likes, pretending to take revenge for what he did to her friend. However, she goes too far and eventually kills him. As Sarah (Robin Tunney), the newest member of the coven, urges them to stop this behavior, turns against them and launches an attack on them and their home.

Gale Weathers – “Scream” franchise

In stormy weather (Courtney Cox) is one of the legacy “goodies” in the Scream She’s also popular in the franchise for her brutal honesty, savage insults, and willingness to do absolutely anything to be the first to make the biggest headlines.

Gale began as Sidney Prescott’s (Campbell) least favorite persona in the first two films, constantly accusing her of falsifying her claim that Cotton Weary killed her mother and asking insensitive questions about the deaths of those around her. In the third film, her aggression turns to her ex-boyfriend Dewey (David Arquette) and his newest girlfriend, who plays Gale in a film adaptation of her life. Despite being happily married to Dewey and Sidney’s best friend, she still has someone to pick on in the fourth installment of the franchise – the adorable Deputy Sheriff Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), to which she eloquently comments, “Your lemon squares taste like a**.”

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