The 27 Best Shorts for Men in 2022 Let Your Legs Breathe in Style

The best shorts for men? Complex question. Before we get into the odd designs, we have to talk about lengths and shapes. TikTok Teens will surely believe that 5 inches is the only length that matters. However, friends like Milo Ventimiglia and Paul Mescal might urge you to add a few inches and show off your thighs a little more. And on the other end of the spectrum, our May cover star Justin Bieber loves stepping out in baggy, baggy shorts that would make the members of Michigan’s Fab Five proud . The good thing is that you can go anywhere within range — or better yet, stop a few blocks along the way and stock your wardrobe with a variety of shorts. Because there are an absolutely insane amount of styles out there.

To address that, we’ve come up with the 27 best shorts for men for every possible need and budget. Whether you’re after an elegant pleated pair — à la Giorgio Armani — or just some breathable nylon polish to get you through the weekend, we’ve scoured the market to bring Bringing you A-grade options that free up your pants.

Shorts do everything best

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Earlier this spring, a very specific segment about menswear on Twitter I’ve lost my mind so thirsty this a pair of loose shorts from Swoosh. We were skeptical at first. Then we see the perfect inseam length, sleek, low color lock feature. Taken together, those details make for shorts you’ll want to wear all day, no matter what you have on your agenda. Turns out, sometimes Twitter gets it right, too.

The best shorts for everyone


Alex Mill flat front chino shorts

When you’re wearing a casual, everyday pair of shorts that fit like a charm, Alex Mill truly understands his mission. Their strategy? Grab their best-selling chinos and cut them up for summer wear. Legs are wide and comfortable with just a little stretch, they’re as flexible, comfortable and timeless as a pair of shorts.

Shorts have the most variety

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These shorts hit two big fashion trends right now. The first is the undeniable thirst for retro football style. The second is Adam Sandler. There are no shorts as wide as these, which is exactly why you need a pair of shorts. Wear them with the rest of your workout gear during a heart-pounding workout. Team them with a denim shirt and a bucket hat for a casual spring look. Or go full Sandler with some thick Ugg boots and an old t-shirt as you visit your local bodega during your brief Netflix break.

The best shorts on the yacht

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Casablanca high-rise cotton shorts

If your summer plans involve indulging in some local delicacies somewhere off the coast of the Mediterranean – or it’s simply the vibe you’re trying to foster – a pair of raw shorts Simple, vintage-inspired style will help you land. If there’s ever been a pair to recommend you the most laid-back, completely unfettered blazer, it’s these shirts. (Sadly not including Aperol spritz.)

The best denim shorts

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Breaking News: The jorts renaissance shows no signs of slowing down. There are plenty of pairs out there that fit as slim and cut as their full-length pants, but they’re cut the way we think jean shorts should be: big, wide, and reminiscent of a pair of jeans. vague way about the ones your cousin wore in the 90s. You might not want to hear it, but at this rate, jorts are on their way Illusion and the Jordan 1 is a certified classic. (Hey, we’re just messengers.)

Repent skating rat shorts

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Stüssy lanh linen box shorts

If you’re the type who spends most of your 20s wearing gym shorts and sneakers that sell out in seconds, Stüssy’s linen shorts want to help you boost your rotation — and limit your tendency to hyperactivity. Don’t worry, they fit just like your favorite nylon — wide, above the knee, and with a comfortable elastic waistband — but they also play well with those chic new loafers that you just can’t stop wearing. rub. And if an impromptu kickflip is needed (it really shouldn’t), they still offer a lot of mobility.

The best respawn prep shorts

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Todd Snyder seersucker weekend shorts

Over the past few years, the line between the dominance of streetwear and the rise of the neo-premium has become so blurred that it looks like an idiot. (The brand behind your favorite patterned t-shirt probably also sells a pretty slim-fit bust.) Check out these seersucker shorts from Todd Snyder, incorporating a comfort-first feature from Todd Snyder. streetwear (note the short elastic waistband in the gym) with a classic Ivy League look. As a result, you can wear a pair of shorts any way you want: with sheer tights and a t-shirt, or the season’s loafers and polo shirt.

The best thing about shorts

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Real McCoys . outdoor utility shorts

Perhaps you have fond childhood memories of tents, bonfires, and barbecues — or maybe you just need a few spare bags to stash your keys and credit cards. Notably, Real McCoys utility shorts are perfect for the job, thanks to their sturdy construction, made in Japan, and the kind of obsessive attention to detail that remains signature of the brand.

18 other pairs of men’s shorts we love

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Aries leopard print shorts

You’ve heard of the dress shirt… and now you’ve heard of the shorts. A leopard may not change its point, but it’s never too late to change your style.

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Monitaly Easy Waist Shorts

Hiking shorts are everywhere these days, but this trippy rug-inspired model took them to the top.
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Lobby jacquard woven shorts

Like your favorite pair of shorts, but with a catchy print you’ll never want to stop looking at.

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Smock Nomi . lounge shorts

The perfect pair of shorts to wear when you’ve canceled that dinner plan at the last minute to save some much-deserved time.

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Shorts Fil Melange “Alfie”

When the temperature cools down, your heavy knees deserve a break. But if you’re still after those off-site vibes, we only have one pair of shorts to replace them.

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Short tired Stan Ray

Inspired by classic army trousers, these olive-colored shorts are ready for duty with some chunky socks and Birkenstocks.


LEJ . striped cotton-poplin shorts

Cabin stripes like these remind us that we need to ask for time off for a Mediterranean vacation.

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Todd Snyder 7″ washed in velvet Short weekend

Not every weekend can be a three-day weekend. But these velvet-soft briefs can turn any weekend into a great weekend.

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Straight legged wool socks and cashmere wool shorts

When you’re ready to level up while lounging, these chic shorts await you.

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J.Crew 6 “Short Dock

Soft lilac is a soothing way to step into spring (best with a pair of loafers and a refreshing cocktail).


Short basketball needle

Call on the NBA to form a new basketball team just to wear these shorts.


Uniqlo nylon utility shorts

The best price-per-pocket shorts around.

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Eckhaus Latta Switch Shorts

If the Matrix takes place in the summer.


Bermuda cotton shorts with Loewe drawstring pockets

The gray area between the trousers and the shorts are these shorts, aka Bermuda shorts. Let things go easy and pair this with a floral shirt and a pair of sandals or a baggy hoodie and a pair of your craziest skates.
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One-of-a-kind rugby shorts with a towel

Fashioned from the classic pool towel, Emily Bode once again elevates swaddling to stunning effect.

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Dries Van Noten Heido cotton drawstring shorts with wide tube print by Dries Van Noten Heido

When the shorts to be mood board.


Birdwell Beach Britches velvet shorts

Like the Led Zeppelin, the velvet shorts sound like an oxymoron jacket and rank among the coolest to come out of the ’70s.


High-quality shorts of unknown origin

Tuner. The 27 Best Shorts for Men in 2022 Let Your Legs Breathe in Style

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