The 5 secret signs Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield are desperate to hide their This Morning feud with ‘fake smiles’

HOLLY Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have barely spoken in front of the camera and their 14-year relationship has “cooled off”, The Sun revealed.

Source says problems have been rumbling silently for a whilebut one body language expert revealed five secret signs from This Morning that indicate a rift.

Body language expert Judi James insists Holly Willoughby looked'uncomfortable' on Today's This Morning show


Body language expert Judi James insists Holly Willoughby looked ‘uncomfortable’ on Today’s This Morning showCredit: ITV

Phil’s absence after him recent case of pedophile brother has allegedly added to the tension.

Judi James said evidence of tension between the pair was seen on today’s show and insisted Phil, 61, acted childishly, while Holly, 42, appeared uncomfortable.

Here are five signs that there is trouble in heaven…

Phillip’s hidden desire

Judi claims that Phil's hand in the pocket shows a desire to hide inside


Judi claims that Phil’s hand in the pocket shows a desire to hide insideCredit: ITV

Judi analyzed Phillip’s stance during the show’s opening and commented on the way he put his hands in his pockets.

She said: “The first few moments of the show looked terrifying. Phil is in hilarious over-kill mode, looking super happy and quite amused in a way that seems to be served with a hint of irony.

“Standing with his legs wide apart to signal strength, strength and resilience, he also looks out of place with his hands in his pockets, revealing a hidden desire within.

“His outstretched legs in the intro were unusual for him and showed defiance and a preparation to stand his ground.”

Holly’s Arm Barrier

Judi said Holly fiddled with her wrist and looked'uncomfortable'


Judi said Holly fiddled with her wrist and looked ‘uncomfortable’Credit: ITV

And Holly was also perplexed, according to Judi.

The body language expert continued: “As Phil became more open-minded, Holly felt more uncomfortable, she ended up standing clutching one wrist in a ritual barrier.”

Phil’s ‘growl’ and sly smile

Judi comments on Phil's'overkill' smile


Judi comments on Phil’s ‘overkill’ smileCredit: ITV

While their relationship may be struggling, Judi said Phil always looks smiling on screen.

She explained, “The first few moments of the show looked confusing.

“Phil is in over-joy mode, looking extremely playful and quite amused in a way that seems to be served with a hint of irony.

“Phil’s grin at the camera at the end of the intro is more of a sign of animal attack than a warm smile.”

Holly’s refusal gesture

Judi alleges that when'Phil gets happier, Holly doesn't get more comfortable'


Judi alleges that when ‘Phil gets happier, Holly doesn’t get more comfortable’Credit: ITV
Judi points out that Holly barely waved her hands to the music in the intro


Judi points out that Holly barely waved her hands to the music in the introCredit: ITV

Judi commented on Holly’s body language in response to Phillip, saying: “Swinging from side to side with Lulu, his usual Duchenne smile turned more amusing, the grin opened his mouth, transformed into a very mischievous smile as he turned to stare at Holly.

“Holly’s cues make her an adult for his children here.

“Her upper body leans away from Phil and she barely waves her arms to the music.

“Holly started acting uncomfortable, using some wrist flexing and forehead rubbing in a way that made her look passive.”

Phillip’s Panto Villain Laughter

Judi says Phil's'pantomime' laughter is out of sync with Holly


Judi says Phil’s ‘pantomime’ laughter is out of sync with HollyCredit: ITV

During the show, the TV presenter spoke to Gok Wan and Judi said that Phil’s laugh at the end of the intro was like a “ritual overkill”.

She stated: “Phil turned his head to laugh like a panto villain long after Holly had finished laughing in the intro.

“They’re out of sync here, they’re always smiling at each other but this seems like an overkill ritual.”

This followed a source saying that Holly would be doing the show without Phillip, who stated, “If he leaves, she’ll want to stay.”

The pair have presented the popular ITV daytime show for 14 years but in recent months their partnership has become strained.

A source said: “Holly loves This Morning and for the first time in 14 years she made it clear that if Phil goes she will want to stay. They are separate entities.

“To the people around them on set, it’s become clear lately that Holly and Phil aren’t as close as they once were.

“Technically, you wouldn’t know what was going on because on camera they acted exactly the same.

“But behind the scenes, their relationship has cooled.

“There used to be a lot of jokes and camaraderie off-camera but that’s dwindled.”

The couple’s reign as king and queen of daytime television has seen them win 12 National Television Awards.

But the show’s staff say that the pair don’t seem to talk to each other unless on camera.

The insider said: “Holly and Phil have been through tough times before like any professional couple who have worked together for over a decade.

“In the past they always seemed to move forward, but this time it seems different.”

Holly takes over from Britton fern in 2009.

Phil lobbied ITV bosses to bring her on board after their success introducing Dancing On Ice which began three years earlier.

Their partnership also became successful off-screen as they frequently went on vacation with their extended family.

Holly also became Phil’s “rock” when he came out as gay live on This Morning in February 2020.

But the past year has been tough for their partnership.

In September, they were accused of skipping the queue to watch The Queen is in a state.

Last month Phil took a break This morning when brother Timothy Schofield, 54, face the court.

The civilian police officer, from Bath, was found guilty of 11 counts of child-related offenses between 2016 and 2019.

He will be sentenced next week.

During Phil’s absence, Holly was paired with Alison Hammond and Joel Dommett.

Fans welcomed the new look and questioned Phil’s return.

A source continued: “Holly has always supported Phil but they are not Ant and Dec.

“In the past year alone, she has hosted ITV and the BBC and has proved more than just her mettle.

“This morning is Holly’s home and she loves her job.

“Her bosses at ITV knew she would want to stay if Phil chose to continue.

“Holly is focused on her career and doing the best she can for the fans. That’s what really matters to her.”

Both Holly and Phil attended Comedian Leigh Francis’ 50th birthday last month.

They shared selfies of the night on their social media but were not taken together.

The insider added: “Holly and Phil respect each other and together they have a huge amount of on-screen history.

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“But it has become an open secret that things are not as rosy as they used to be.

“However, Holly has made her position clear and that is that she wants to continue to be the focus of This Morning.”

The Sun reveals Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield barely speaking in front of the camera


The Sun reveals Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield barely speaking in front of the cameraCredit: Rex
Insiders say their 14-year relationship has'cooled down' as issues'roared for a while' on the ITV show


Insiders say their 14-year relationship has ‘cooled down’ as issues ‘roared for a while’ on the ITV showCredit: Rex

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