The Astrology Of Princess Diana Will Blow Your Mind

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When Princess Diana died, the mass protest was unlike anything the world had ever seen. It doesn’t matter if people really know Diana, because they feel that way, and that’s more than enough to make this tragedy unbelievably profound. Astrology by Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales has everything to do with her irresistible charm and compassionate vibe that makes people from all walks of life fall in love with her . And when the news of her sudden death filled the world with mourning, people felt as though they had lost a dear friend.

When you consider how many lives Diana Spencer has touched, it’s not hard to imagine why she was nicknamed “The People’s Princess”. She has a way of making you feel as if you already know her, while radiating a warmth that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. And even though she’s the most photographed person of her time, she still has a way of focusing and paying attention to whoever she’s interacting with. Forgiveness and generosity are the cornerstones of her character, and despite being royalty, she has never once looked down on others.

However, her complicated life – and still going on – is an endless source of fascination. Despite her sympathetic heart, effortless demeanor and contagious smile, Princess Diana is also a person of many secrets. Her emotions are as deep and ever-changing as the moon itself, which makes sense, considering her a Cancer!

Diana Spencer Princess of Wales

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Born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, England at 7:45pm, Diana is a sensitive, nurturing and resolute Cancer, which is to be precise, considering how her wholehearted personality has been become her entire legacy! However, Cancers are known to be shy crabs, preferring to stay in their shells, which contrasts with Diana’s spontaneous and larger-than-life temperament. After all, Princess Diana was also born with an increased sign in thrill-seeking and risk-taking Sagittarius, making her someone who has always wanted to see the world and experience everything it has to offer.

All Diana really wanted was a family. She wanted a solid family that made her feel safe, like she belonged.

As her Sag rises, Princess Diana is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of wisdom and adventure – a planet that cannot be unseen. This speaks to how Princess Diana can light up a room, attracting the attention of everyone around. She frequently appeared estranged from her husband, Prince Charles, much to his chagrin. Her extravagant popularity made her vulnerable to scrutiny, especially within her own family. The restrained, everyday regal life didn’t match Diana’s laid-back and unbridled Sagittarius nature. And because her Jupiter is in Aquarius – the zodiac sign of social activism and community endeavour – Diana’s motivation is a desire to bring people together, take advantage of her high position, and use Use it as a motivator for positive change. She famously said, “Wherever I feel pain, that’s where I want to be, doing what I can,” which is extremely true for an Aquarius moon.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles

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In the end, though, all Diana really wanted was a family. She wanted a solid family that made her feel safe, like she belonged. And once she married into the British royal family, it was clear that she did not receive the warm welcome expected from her husband and husband, but a cold reception that never seemed to thaw. . This source of pain for Diana is highlighted by the fact that Chiron – the “healer” – is moving through the fourth house of her home and family, forming a challenging square. awake with her moon in Aquarius.

Venus is sitting in her sixth house of service and selflessness, making her someone who truly wants to help others.

In astrology, the moon symbolizes motherhood, and this desire for a beautiful family stems from her deep need to be a great mother. For her sons Prince Harry and Prince William, Diana was a source of unconditional love. She makes sure they know that she loves them for who they are *real*, no matter how tactfully they behave. Giving them a normal childhood is hugely important to her, but the limitations of a regal life often get in the way.

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

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One thing is undeniably Princess Diana’s fashion sense, which defined an era of fashion in the 80’s and 90’s. Famous for her flowing pixie cut, chic blazer and of course, Who could forget her epic revenge dress? She has left a permanent mark on the fashion world, which makes sense, since she was born with Venus – the planet of beauty and luxury – in Taurus. In astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus, meaning style and aesthetics have naturally become symbols of royalty. Plus, her Venus in Taurus is at 24 degrees, known as Pisces degree. In astrology, Pisces is known for its dreamy, mystical, and enchanting vibes that draw you in. And when you think that Diana is actually being followed by paparazzi wherever she goes, that makes even more sense.

However, Diana’s ethereal beauty went deeper than she appeared, as she is also remembered for her philanthropic endeavors. In Diana’s natal chart, Venus is in her sixth house of service and selflessness, making her someone who truly wants to help others, in any way she can. Not only is she known for her generous philanthropy, but for the way she immerses herself in people’s stories and connects with them emotionally. Diana fearlessly challenged the stigma surrounding AIDS, and I will never forget watching her hug an AIDS patient on TV during a time of immense ignorance about the spread of the virus. of this disease.

Diana Princess

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In addition to her full-fledged media presence and role as the mother of two princes, Diana is also remembered for her mysterious and unexpected death; a death that shatters the world and leaves us with more questions than answers. And according to Diana’s birth chart, her death has left a permanent mark on our cultural consciousness. This is because Diana was born with the form of Yod in her birth chart, meaning she was destined to break her ancestors’ karma in this life. Those born with Yod — or the “Finger of God” — in their birth chart are destined to change the world; who really intend to shake things up and seal the fate of the future!

Using her voice is part of her destiny. She’s not afraid to sound the alarm and tell her story.

Diana’s Yod Peak is her Jupiter in Aquarius, which is Diana’s ruling planet. Pluto – the planet of death and rebirth – is putting pressure on her Jupiter, as it infuses her 10th house with fame and public image with haunting intensity. This essentially means that the media preoccupation with her every move is likely a serious factor in her death. And because her death changed the world, this loss also forces our society to rethink the media’s lack of boundaries with notable people and consider the consequences of invasion. too much privacy. After all, it is well known that before the car crash that ended Princess Diana’s life, they were driving at 70 mph in the 30 mph zone, trying to escape a group of huntsmen. non-stop photos.

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

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However, the other planet associated with Princess Diana’s Yod is her Mercury – the planet of communication – which is evolving again through Cancer’s intuition in her eighth house of forbidden subjects. taboo and kept secrets. This speaks to the fact that Diana spent much of her time creating a buzz by speaking on sensitive topics that the media – as well as the monarchy – are not always comfortable with. discussion roof. She was ahead of her time, that’s for sure! However, her outspokenness also sheds light on the fact that she is a somewhat royal accuser. Using her voice is part of her destiny. She’s not afraid to sound the alarm and tell her story, especially when the tabloids paint her in a negative light. In her famous 1995 interview, she didn’t limit herself to words, making it clear that when it comes to royal family perfection, there’s bound to be more to it than catches the eye.

Unfortunately, Diana still has a lot she wants to say before her untimely death. In fact, Diana was probably worried because she already knew so much. In a letter she wrote to her former housekeeper, Paul Burell, just 10 months before her death, she claimed that there would be a “plot to kill her”, detailing a car accident. steam that she felt was inevitable. And while there’s technically no concrete evidence that her death was planned, the complications in her birth chart force me to wonder what secret Diana was carrying when she died. To the tomb; Secrets can make many powerful people feel threatened.

Regardless, the image of Princess Diana is still as ubiquitous as it was decades ago. And while you don’t need astrology to tell you she changed the world, Diana Spencer’s astrology certainly supports the lasting legacy she left.

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