The battle between Shoto and Dabi reaches an emotional climax

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 brings the climax and conclusion to one of the most anticipated confrontations in the series, Shoto vs Dabi. There is a fair bit of speculation that Dabi might somehow retaliate after this, but the general consensus accepts that the battle is over.

However, Horikoshi manages to bring both Shoto and Dabi’s arc to a convincing conclusion with My Hero Academia chapter 352, and any move they make following will be a step away from the past and into the future.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 shows Shoto unveiling two new moves in an attempt to stop Dabi

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In the final chapter, the brothers launched their own version of Flashfire. After disabling Dabi’s Jet Burn, Shoto unleashes Flashfire Fist: Phosphor, which allows him to use fire on both sides of his body.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 titled Last move.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352: Origin of Phosphor

It all starts with #mine MC chooses to save Shoto instead of going because W is superficial

My Hero Academia chapter 352 begins with a flashback to the day before class 1-A left the UA base. Midoriya is worried and asks Shoto if he really wants to fight his brother. Shoto replies that Dabi is the product of the Todoroki family’s sins, and that he intends to take responsibility for that. He believes that Endeavor’s failure to keep his promise and fight Dabi was a punishment for his father.

Shoto then shows Midoriya his Flashfire Phosphor. He explained that by balancing the two extreme body temperatures, he was able to create a flame that was cold to the touch. It’s basically a technique that centers around his heart and weaponizes his blood circulation to allow his body to absorb Dabi’s extreme heat.

# MHA352I know some people are angry about this because they think Endeavor is “dropping everything” but I really like that ‘t and probably think-

This technique is very complex and requires a great deal of concentration to work properly. While his father wanted Shoto to use his ice to train his fire, he took a different route. Shoto thanks Midoriya for proving that he is his own, and eventually accepts that only he can understand the purpose of his existence.

Shoto’s first new move

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 cuts to the present, when Shoto uses “Icebound Crash: Coldflame’s Pale Blade” to cool down Dabi and push him backwards. Dabi realizes that Shoto’s body can withstand his heat, and can also tame his fire with ice. However, Dabi neutralized Shoto’s icy flames and used his flames on the ground.

He tells Shoto that although they have similar beginnings, they are nothing alike. Both are limits of Superman society, but since Dabi has strayed from Shoto’s path, there will be no turning back. Blue flames emerged from the ground, and Endeavor’s companions were trapped in it trying to protect Shoto.

They tell Shoto that they believe his word, but reassure him that his gratitude is unnecessary. However, Shoto still thanked them, realizing that if he didn’t focus now, those flames would surely consume him.

Shoto’s second move

# MHA352There were many times that Shoto had difficulty with the SF position. That’s understandable since he’s the result of eugenics and had a bad childhood.

Shoto thought back on how he had always believed that his existence was a loner. He believes that everyone is too far away from him, and he exists in the void. But Class A allowed him to find himself by being there for him and providing him with a safe place. Shoto remembers every important moment with his friends, and eventually goes on to unleash his ultimate.

Shoto recalled Mount Lady’s words that his ultimate should represent himself. He builds his Ice and appears in front of Dabi. He tells his brother that they can still go the same way because Dabi can still come back. So Dabi should stop what he is doing. With this, he released his “Great Glacial Aegir”.

The last page of My Hero Academia Chapter 352 shows the faces of Shoto and Dabi when they were children, implying that Toya is still alive in Dabi, and that Shoto may have finally reached his brother. On the surface, Shoto had frozen the battlefield to the point of view, while the Todoroki brothers stood motionless in the middle, Shoto supporting Dabi.

Final thoughts

# MHA352 It’s early but I don’t think Dabi will be saved… But I wonder… if Hori as a writer is a hero… who can save everyone.

Many fans expressed displeasure that such an epic fight lasted only three and a half chapters, but considering Dabi’s physical condition, it seems reasonable that this would be a blip.

Shoto’s character arc seems to have entered full circle My Hero Academia chapter 352. Not only did he accept that his Quirk, and by prolonging his life, was his own, he also passed that acceptance on to Toya.

It’s fitting that Shoto’s ultimate is an ice move, completely different from his father and brother. It was the part of the family that Toya rejected, and as such, it was poetic for him to be prevented by it.

Fans have been debating who will survive this fight. The last page of My Hero Academia Chapter 352 It seems that Toya has physically collapsed, but it is unlikely that both Todoroki brothers will survive this fight. The battle between Shoto and Dabi reaches an emotional climax

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