The Best “Green” Fragrances Are a Walk in the Park

Of all the fragrance families, one of the most difficult to classify is “green”. One level, it’s as simple as the smell of freshly cut grass, but it’s easier to understand green as a fragrance if you instead imagine a walk in the woods, through a field, or a park. It’s a collection of musical notes — wood, earth, moss, fresh air. Each of those can be a scent of their own (moss are chypre, fresh air smells good, and even some grasses like vetiver are better in the woody families). But combining them can create something truly special and dynamic, which makes them a “green” fragrance that opens up so many interpretations.

The other thing about most green scents is how well they distribute across the seasons. Overall, they’re well-suited to the mildness of spring and summer, but they also hit their sweet spot throughout the winter. They are as optimistic as flowers, ambidextrous with the weather like patchouli.

The nine scents below are GQSelection of the best green perfumes.

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Vilhelm Parfumerie “Morning Chess”

Is this a more green, or more leathery? It doesn’t matter, because the combination of those two sensations (and specifically the galbanum leaf with the leather) creates something intelligent, like a lazy Sunday snob’s sense of smell. And for a leather scent, it’s very light, ideal even for year-round wear.

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Philosykos is a combination of fig leaves, fruit and tree notes with cedar and sweet coconut. It has been a Diptyque staple for a quarter of a century, transporting its wearer (and those in its orbit) to the Greek islands. (No tzatziki notes detected.) It’s a great shared unisex scent, or an easy choice for your new perennial signature.

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Parfums de Marly “Greenley”

Easy. That’s how I feel about Greenley, in the best possible way. It’s crunchy and citrusy because it’s green and fresh; ID Easily give this perfume to someone who wants a new autograph (not 10 of his friends wear it too) or someone who likes to go in the crowd (in the most subtle way). Its powdery softness is similar to freshly laundered clothes, though it has no smell: there are notes of green apple, oak, musk, bergamot and mandarin, cashmere, cedar and amber.

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Give it a try, Commodity’s Moss EDP is at the heart of Oakmoss, but it’s as serene as you want it to be — like the jungle walk we mentioned before (this one at dawn). Sharp top notes also linger longer, specifically grapefruit and bergamot, helping to delineate the line between green and citrus. It’s EDP lighter, but milder lasting; that’s great for people who might feel a little bit of a hate for scents or -shy, but want to create a subtle, universally-popular radius. Sound like you? We figured it out, so we’ve included a sample-sized perfume bottle — along with a bunch of luxurious fall upgrades — in the latest version of the GQ Box.

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Creed “Silver Mountain Water”

Galbanum resin combines with green tea to create this very green fragrance. Blackcurrant, bergamot, musk and sandalwood all feature in the palette, making it one of the most beloved scents of legendary perfumer Olivier Creed. It takes you down the Swiss slopes, but not like a winter skier; instead it has the freshness of a summer stream, bottled at the root and enjoyed now for more than 25 years.

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OffCourt Body Spray “Fig Leaves + White Musk”

Although it is not a perfume, this body spray from OffCourt is notable for its refreshing post-workout essence. You can spray it under pitting or all over your body for a nice finish. (The brand also carries coconut/sandalwood and citrus/driftwood scents.) Each uses prebiotic ingredients that help promote the healthy growth of good bacteria — the ones that fight off odor caused. And while the scent won’t last too long, it gives you that satisfying feeling when you step down to the gym and ensures that you smell like new.

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The original Polo is woody at its core, but its moss and pine notes give it a green influence worthy of that classic green bottle. It’s a great example of how many scents can combine for a jungle bath, even if the scent is technically more aromatic or woody than the centerpiece. And, with Ralph Lauren’s April 2021 launch of an “Intense” EDP version of this edition (with concentrated mint, patchouli, and vetiver), it seems like you should take your hats off to the original.

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Powder notes are the perfect pairing for verdant notes, and that combination doesn’t get better showcased in Celine’s Nightclub EDP. It’s a nod to Paris’ golden nightlife era, a sensual and mysterious potion that also introduces vanilla and patchouli. But it’s the musk, moss and galbanum resin that give the Nightclub its best twist and is what makes it perfect for date night or the longest nights of the year (when you want your fragrance to do the work). heat everything).


Technically, coriander is a spice, but compared to your collection of dried herbs in your top cabinet, it’s very cool – especially when harvested fresh. (If you’ve ever decorated your sad leftovers with a sprig of freshly plucked mint leaves, you know exactly what we mean.) This helps explain why the perfume witches at DS & Durga — a non-independent operation based in Brooklyn — combine it with geranium and juniper to preserve their freshest scents, a quintessential warm-weather EDP that smells like a breeze light.

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Gucci “The Alchemist’s Garden 1921”

Gucci’s Alchemist Garden line is meant to be layered, but the brand’s flagship EDP makes a killer scent of its own. Recent additions to the collection lean towards darkness and mystery, like a particularly prickly Dickinson stanza, but OG has all the zest of an Austen novel, thanks to strong notes. Strong notes of orange blossom, limone cedrato, and dull base notes. If you’re going to name the “garden,” the least you can do is make sure it smells appropriately lush. The Best “Green” Fragrances Are a Walk in the Park

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