The Best Hair Oil Is an Easy Shortcut to Healthier Locks

Even the best hair oil suffers from a bit of a branding problem. Oily hair is not generally considered good, right? But shiny hair To be a good thing, when we’re talking about the natural shine your hair has when it’s healthy, and that’s the best a hair conditioner can do. It catches light at the right angles and adds dimension and texture.

Hair conditioner can give you the perfect light shine — just a few drops do it — or it can take your styling to the next level if you want a sleek look. than. It can also make a huge difference when added to your favorite styling kit, such as clay pomade or translucent glue.

Best of all, these oils are also extremely beneficial for the overall health of your hair and scalp. They are the perfect product to follow with a shampoo, which can dry out your hair and take away all its natural moisture, nourishing the scalp. Oils can also tame hair by giving it some weight and holding it in place; it’s a remedy for frizz, frizz, and breakage, and it should be part of a hair care regimen for guys with medium or long hair – hairs that are too long to absorb sebum from the scalp and stops midway along the hair shaft. Oil is a leave-in conditioner, at least when it’s made with thoughtful moisturizing ingredients (the best ones are just fundamentally different. oil, go picture). They absorb quickly into hair, leaving a healthy, non-sticky shine when unwashed.

Ready to dive in? Take a look at some of our favorites.

Best hair oil for dry hair

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Oribe Oil restores life and body to tired hair, making it stand out for long and dry hair. This is a stylist’s favorite, as it gives you camera-ready hair and prevents frizz and UV damage. You can even use it before shampooing or blow-drying to give your hair an extra layer of protection against over-drying and heat-frying.


Shu Uemura essence hair protection hair oil absolutely

Japanese Hair Mage Shu Uemura’s powerful concoction not only provides nourishment but also works overtime to balance your hair’s moisture and protect it from frizz using a blend of peanut oil lipid rich momentum.

The best hair oils are also good for your beard

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Jack Black Beard, Face and Hair Oil

A blend of 10 oils, like argan and grapeseed, this product nourishes everything it touches. You can smooth frizzy hair or moisturize dry areas (on your face or body). It’s long been one of our favorite beard oils, but works just as well on the top of your dome.


F. Miller harnesses a powerful blend of botanical oils — including grapeseed, castor and argan — to help protect and moisturize the hair on your head. and your face. Specially designed to improve shine and softness, it’s a nutrient-dense dual lotion that will leave your beard feeling silky smooth and looking its healthiest for years. (It also works wonders on parts of your body below the neck.)

Best hair oil for curly hair

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Moroccanoil Hair Oil

Moroccanoil is an essential for people with thick and curly hair. (We especially love their conditioner.) Moroccan-sourced argan oil is the main ingredient in all of the brand’s products, and this treatment oil adds argan oil and flaxseed extract. to fortify and soften frizzy hair and keep curls in place.

Best hair oil for healthy shiny hair

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Perfect for a cocktail or stand-alone hair product, a few drops of Aesop hair oil will give your hair just the right amount of bounce and shine. It won’t look greasy, but will instead catch light at any right angle. Plus, it nourishes hair with a blend of rosehip, avocado, sweet almond and jojoba oils.


Olaplex Hair Oil No.7

If that’s a great feeling you’re after, it’s hard to beat the Olaplex fan-favorite recipe. The brand’s signature styling oil works to dramatically increase shine and color vibrancy by strengthening the chemical bonds in your hair, and promises to play well with any and all textures.

Best hair oil for dry scalp


Kiehl’s magic elixir scalp and hair oil treatment

If you’re going to drop the “m” at the beginning of the product name, that’s better than distribution. Fortunately, Kiehl’s pre-wash scalp fungus treatment product has arrived. The brand’s mild formula—a blend of rosemary and avocado oils—is designed to soothe your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Abracadabra, honey.


Earth’s Nectar Scalp Treatment

Some hair oils are actually intended for the scalp, thus promoting healthy hair growth. This is a blend of tea tree, almond and jojoba oils; the former is anti-bacterial and antiseptic and relieves irritation, while the latter two nourish and hydrate your skin.

Best daily hair oil

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VERB’s ghost oil barely feels there, even with daily application. Think of it as a shine enhancer that keeps outfits light and prevents frizzy and frayed hair. It’s less about style, and more about conditioning.


Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Bumble & Bumble’s expert-approved hair conditioner wears off so quickly you’ll forget you applied it—until the compliments start to come in. Start by applying a small amount to damp hair for a soft, bouncy feel and then gradually incorporate it into your daily routine, especially if you’re a co-washer.

The best hair oil for days with high humidity

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Unrippled living oil disappears

If you’re the type of genetic lottery winner whose primary concern involves maintaining your enviable thickness and/or curls, you’ll want an oil that locks in moisture and blocks out moisture. , maintain the natural state of the mane. cost. Living Proof’s fast-absorbing formula uses a blend of five oils to keep your hair hydrated without weighing down your signature curls.

Splurge Hair Oil-Deserves the Best

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Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Scalp & Hair Oil

What do you do when your favorite facial oil becomes so popular that customers start using it on their heads too? You tested a new version specifically designed for hair, with the same natural ingredients that made OG so successful. There are no spoonfuls of sugar here, just a touch of polyphenol-rich honey that lends the formula its distinct golden shine — and promises to keep your hair looking sweet.

Best hair oil for textured hair

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What did you do when you were two years old? If you’re Bread, you’ll be busy working to track down the Grooming Award-winning shampoo you recommended as an infant. The emerging beauty brand’s ultra-shine oil — specially formulated for highly textured, full-body hair — may leave you feeling like you’re shampooing, but it’s a small price to pay. for soft and shiny results. Surprise, surprise: this year it also took home a Grooming award.

The best Tres chic Hair oil

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Precious Sisley Pair Hair Rituel

You don’t have to be a tough Francophile to admit that the French do it better; Sisley’s top oil is proof. The Paris brand harnesses a wonderful blend of ingredients – including passion fruit, shea and moringa – to nourish your hair from the roots without weighing it down. The fashion circus may have gone on, but your one-way ticket to the fun of France is easily right here.

Best Hair Infusion Jojoba Oil

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The pattern’s lightweight blend not only soothes and strengthens your curls — if you have a lower porosity lock (meaning your hair has a harder time absorbing moisture in the areas it needs it most), It also promises to increase the moisture level of your mane. Many of the oils on this list use jojoba, but very few do it to greater effect—or with a more specific oil. The Best Hair Oil Is an Easy Shortcut to Healthier Locks

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