The Best Massage Oil and All The Other Products You Need For the Best Massage Possible

Let’s get this out of the way: Massage oils are a small old. It’s hard not to think of an unenthusiastic Austin Powers offering sexy massages or Jerry Seinfeld contemplating becoming a “sexual maniac” who must have “all kinds of gowns and lotions.” “for his new lifestyle. But the truth is that massage can do so many things: it relaxes us, helps us release stress, keeps us present and focused, and, yes, it turns us on at times. all of on the road. It’s a way of intimately connecting with your partner by making them feel as happy as possible. What could be better?

One of the most common causes of libido problems is stress. It can feel almost impossible to relax into a state of excitement, desire, and pleasure when your mind is running for miles a minute, trying to process all the stressors of the day. Both giving and receiving massage therapy can force you to focus on the present moment and let go of whatever anxiety is clinging to you, at least for a few minutes. This makes it much easier to turn on and then get busy. Massage products should just be another item in your sex kit. (As sex toys for men or sex toys for couples.)

While you can always just use your hands and any skin-safe oils you happen to get, specialized massage products can make for an immersive, comfortable, and holistic experience. more for both partners. So here are some products that elevate a simple massage into something a little more seductive than a quick massage.

Best Massage Oil: Sebum Balancing Serenity

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Organic, hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly, this massage oil will be a solid choice for anyone. This oil blends sweet almond, coconut, grape seed and jojoba oils with various skin soothing botanical extracts, and its Tahitian vanilla scent is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. stretch.

Best Fragrance-Free Massage Oil: Maude Oil No


This silky liquid is a skin-nourishing blend of jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, castor oil and argan oil — and nothing more. High-quality natural oils contain important beneficial minerals, as well as vitamins E and Omega 6 and 9. If you have sensitive skin or you don’t react well to scented products, but you still want to give and/or receive luxury massage treatments. This moisturizing, fragrance-free oil could be your holy grail.

Best Oil for Genital Massage: Your Highness’s Pleasure Oil


Princess Joy Oil

The CBD extracted from the hemp in this oil, which works in tandem with extra virgin olive oil, helps increase irritation and sensitivity by promoting blood flow to your hot spots. There’s also a hint of menthol for a mild cooling effect. It’s a decadent sensual massage oil for genital massage, whether you’re touching yourself or someone else. (Don’t use oil on your or your partner’s scraps, if you plan on using rubber barriers like condoms or dental patches later, as the oil makes them more prone to breaking.)

Best Massage Candle: Afterglow After Jimmyjane

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Jimmyjane Glow Light Massage Oil

A massage candle is a must-have for glamorous nights. Like a normal scented candle, it will fill the room with a pleasant scent for some aromatherapy. But its wax, when melted, transforms into a skin-safe moisturizing massage oil. It melts at a much lower temperature than a standard candle, but dripping hot wax onto someone’s skin can also be quite strange. The wax contains shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe vera, all of which are great ingredients for skin care.

The best massage stones: Désirables Adori


Désirables Adori . massage stone

Sometimes the hand isn’t stiff enough or strong enough to put just enough pressure on the sore muscles for adequate pain relief. That’s where this trio of relaxing massage stones comes in. They have a uniquely curved design that makes them easy to hold, even if your hands are oily, and the super-smooth porcelain material retains heat well, in case you want to warm them up first to help melt away all your stress. muscle. Even without having sex, these are great ways to get a pain-relieving full body massage.

Best full body massager: Rechargeable Magic Wand


A classic, a legend, an icon. This thing is sometimes flamboyantly marketed as a personal massager. But honestly, it’s true! There’s nothing quite like the Magic Wand when you want to vibrate deep and powerful on your most intimate, tense points. Then if you move it to more, uh, sensitive areas — well, you’ll love that too. This version is rechargeable, so you won’t have to deal with dangling power cords.

The best massager is also a sex toy: Jimmyjane Evoke Du-o

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On one end of this toy is a rolling, vibrating massage wheel that relaxes tense muscles with ease, while the other end is an insertable vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate gland. paralysis. What do they plan to do next?

Best massage gun: Theragun Prime


The powerful movement of this high-powered massage gun can be intimidating at first, but once you use it to drill down into your tightest points, you’ll understand why it’s getting so many ratings. 5 star rating, recreating a deep tissue massage. It won’t replace a massage therapist, but Prime gives you a daily massage. Couples can enjoy using this massager together, but it’s also great to use alone when there’s no one around to do the moves for you. It’s also not an ostentatious pun — please note that this gun is not considered safe for genital use!

Easiest licking oil: Lovehoney Oh!


Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla massage oil

Not all massage oils taste great, even the scented ones – but these are specifically designed to feel delightful on your skin and taste delicious on your tongue. (Nevertheless, skip using it on your intimate area—the sweet taste can cause an infection down there.) The Best Massage Oil and All The Other Products You Need For the Best Massage Possible

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