The Best Straight Razor Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Even the best straight razors can be hard to sell, especially because Sweeney Todd went and sorted them. Many of us happily lean back in the barber’s chair and receive a beautiful straight razor from the most trusted hands — and out there with the smoothest, closest shave possible. body. However, if you were to stack all the different types of razors for a first time user and ask him which one would he use at least preferring to use, he would probably point to what was simply a long, sharp blade.

But the best straight razor for you — for at home use — comes with some genius tweaks to make shaving easier than you might expect. They tend to have shorter blades, often fold inward on their own, and often incorporate design features that allow for an ergonomically-friendly, stable, crack-free finish. Other, even smaller razors are specialized for detailing the edges of your sideburns, contours, cheek lines or mustache.

This seemingly simple razor is actually a rabbit hole that you can go as deep as you want. The first thing to know is that there are different types of straight razors. Some important things to know:

Throat razor: The bad PR for the straight razor continues. Jokes aside, these are folded up, almost like a Swiss army knife. The technical name of the handles in these razors is “balance”, probably because they help balance the device as you use it, like a counterweight.

Replaceable blades: These work like safety razors: You buy the razor and swap the blades after a few shaves. These blades are usually quite cheap.

Kamisori: They have a fixed design, where the blade extends out like a knife from the handle. That makes Kamisoris a bit difficult to maintain, as the blade is exposed, so make sure to have a high-quality, durable bag for it.

And on top of that, straight razor blades can be even more sophisticatedly labeled based on the angles or curvature of their outermost points. We’ll give you the names, but know that the best one for beginners is called the Dutch point, which is basically a curved, rounded tip that doesn’t have any sharp edges other than the blade itself. . Look for this if you’re just starting out.

Now, if you want to master the art of barbershop straight shaving, make sure you’ve dug into how to shave with a straight razor. Then, choosing the best straight razors for your own home use, we hope you’ll consider as much as any cartridge or safety option — even if it’s just for cleaning delicate surfaces. edge.

Best straight razor for home use

With a gorgeous ebony finish and 5/8″ silver steel frame, DOVO’s “exorbitant” device is not only a cut above the rest, but it also looks sharper (figuratively) than with the opponent.DOVO is one of the the straight razor’s name, so it’s a smart investment for both newbies and veterans alike.

Best replaceable straight blade razor

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Utopia Care straight edge razor with Derby blade (100 quantities)

Just fasten a new blade after every shave or three and shove the old ones out. You save a lot of money compared to ink cartridges while never having to worry about maintenance and polishing of more traditional equipment.

The best Kamisori straight razor


Japanese Kamisori straight razor Iwasaki

This is sex on a stick. (With all due respect to the iconic Japanese brand that would probably describe their gear in more poetic terms.) The nearly two-inch blade is made of Swiss carbon steel. Classic and has a rattan-wrapped grip to ensure you stay stable.

The best straight razor for line details and facial hair

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Cut the blades touching up (3 quantities)

These disposable teen makeup removers will smooth out wrinkles on your cheeks, sideburns, contours, mustache, and even eyebrows. Don’t use them on wide beards – you’ve got a billion other devices for that – but draw clear, clean lines if needed, without confusing other straight blade designs.

Best straight razor for barbers

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Ralf Aust x Fendrihan 6/8” straight razor

This sharp angle tool is best kept in the hands of a professional. It is made of carbon steel and has African black wood scales to cover the blade when not in use. (You have our right to use this for yourself if you’ve mastered Dutch-terminating devices.) The Best Straight Razor Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

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