The Burger King ‘Whopper’ jingle is going viral because NFL fans can’t escape it

Doing laundry. To cook dinner. On a video call for work.

These are all times I’ve been singing in my head. Ringing through my brain: “WHOPPER, WHOPPER, WHOPPER, WHOPPER.”

Walking the streets: Whopper, whopper, whopper, whopper. Have a shower: whopper. Staring into the distance, faced with the fragility and absurdity of life: JOKE, GROW, GROW, GROW.

Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. The rest of you probably don’t watch sports. Because if you watch sports at all – I’m an occasional fan at best – then you’ve watched and, more importantly, heard the same damn Burger King ad over and over again.

That damn Whopper song. It’s undeniably a hit of a jingle. And after about 1,000 listens, it’s undoubtedly a ditty burrowing into your brain like a bovine-themed parasite. NFL fans in particular are haunted by the jingle. Most die-hard fans spend entire Sundays in front of the TV, and for some reason Burger King must think NFL folks like fast food, too. I might watch bits and pieces of a single game every week and even I the feeling that I could recite the texts in their entirety.

“Whopper, whopper, whopper, whopper,

junior, double, triple whopper,

Impossible or bacon whopper,

I rule this day

At BK you have it like this,

You decide!”

The song is sung in an almost monotonous, talkative voice. It sounds remarkably actor and i think you should go stalwart Sam Richardson. In fact, I was up to the writing of this article for sure he sang it. Richardson, who likely received countless angry complaints, posted on Twitter that it did Not him behind the jingle.

The song, by Chicago-based ad agency O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul, is technically(Opens in a new window) is called “You Rule” and is a riff on BK’s 1970s jingle “Have it Your Way”.(Opens in a new window)‘, but everyone knows that ‘Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper’ is his real name.

With this ditty lasered into their temporal lobes, sports fans started spinning this whopper Jingle into a meme. It’s kind of a variation of Curb your enthusiasm Music – it occurs at inopportune times or when things get weird. Is on the verge of becoming a big play? Whopper, whopper, whopper, whopper(Opens in a new window). wedding entrance? That’s right: Whopper(Opens in a new window). When your team has a crushing defeat? Yes(Opens in a new window). The whopper memes are everywhere.

Worse (or better?) there are a number of different variations of “Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper”. For example, there is the longer version(Opens in a new window) that goes in burger toppings and the like. You’re just never safe from a whopper ambush.

There’s a reason these ads are gone so viral. For one thing, it’s just a damn good jingle. Sorry, I know it’s hit the collective brain of the American public, but it’s good. So easy, so good, so annoying. But even so, NFL football remains America’s closest thing to a monocultural event. Of the 25 most-watched television programs last year, 22 were NFL games(Opens in a new window). There is nothing like it. If you have a catchy tune and let it play on NFL Sundays, this is it far catch on rather than attaching it to any other piece of pop culture. Burger King was smart about that.

The song went from good and catchy to annoying and now good again – or at least funny – in the wake of its omnipresence. However, the NFL season is nearing its end. There are only two weekends left.

Until then: JOKE, GROW, GROW, GROW. The Burger King ‘Whopper’ jingle is going viral because NFL fans can’t escape it

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