‘The Flight Attendant’ Recap Season 2 Finale Episode 8

This Thursday in The flight attendantIn the season 2 finale, a shocked Cassie tried to make sense of Grace’s shocking act before finding out who it was Yes, really behind their gaslight. plus one New Enemy appeared!

After the worst Ferris wheel ride ever ever, in which a contradictory Grace decided to turn her gun on herself instead of taking down her wily colleague like she was hired, Cassie somehow had the presence of mind to negotiate Megan’s extradition to a hospitalized Shane. Megan, who still has the would-be assassin locked in her trunk, agreed to share everything she knows about the South Koreans’ illegal information network in exchange for WITSEC protection for her, her son Eli and her husband William in an idyllic suburb.

CIA Chief Dot showed up at the hospital to escort Cassie back to the agency for a debriefing, but when they hit traffic, Dot suggested they stop by her home so the blood-spattered Cassie could clean up. There, in Dot’s medicine cabinet, Cassie discovered the telltale, expensive perfume she sniffed on the incriminating wig, flight uniform, viewfinder, and others from Episode 1 – meaning Dot had been her murderous double all along! Oh, Cassie (she from zero Pokerface) was summoned by Dot right after she called Max to set off Dot’s house alarm (to little effect) and before she could escape.

Flight Attendant DotDot slid open her blazer to open her handy sidearm and admitted to seeing Cassie as an easy scapegoat given her propensity to “solve mysteries,” lie to the FBI, and reliably stick her nose where it doesn’t belong . Dot also made it clear that if Cassie tried to attack her, eventual ballistics would show that she shot her in “self-defense”.

But Cassie – emboldened after berating Dark Eyeliner Cassie in the mind palace – found the wherewithal to sniff on Dot, claiming that no one would ever believe “f–king bulls–t” came out of Dot’s mouth. Dot disagreed and unsholstered her gun, whereupon Cassie reached for the personal security alarm in her coat pocket and activated it, making Dot deafening/distracting as two agents walked in. Dot attempted to kill the men on a fleeing Cassie, but they were actually there to arrest Dot for treason and murder after being tipped off by Agent Barry.

In the episode, Benjamin explained to Cassie how he began collecting various leads that pointed to Dot’s guilt and her larger plan to sell access to CIA files. The two then agreed to forget their boisterous connection while continuing to work together at the agency.

Flight attendant JennyCassie’s sufferings were far from over, however.

Catching up on a series of frantic texts from Davey and calls from Rick about his missing husband, Cassie received a call from Jenny, AA’s crime podcaster. Jenny claimed that Davey was at her house and was pacing her backyard anxiously/upset about something. But when Cassie arrived at Jenny’s “deceased grandmother’s” house, she instead found Davey drugged and unconscious on a sofa, after which Jenny locked the three of them in the small room. then focused on an elaborate “murder board” on the wall behind Jenny, detailing the flight attendant’s various misdeeds and covert antics. Next to it was a shrine of sorts dedicated to… Feliks, the dashing assassin from Season 1!

Long and very twisted story, in short: Jenny is not a podcaster, crime novel or anything else. Instead, she’s just someone who became a groupie of Feliks’ after reading about him on a blog. Feliks continued to manipulate Jenny to infiltrate Cassie’s life (she is also not an alcoholic) and gather information. Through prison visits, phone calls, and letters, Feliks eventually tricked Jenny into believing it was Cassie Yes, really out of the picture, maybe he could “love again”.

Now Jenny aimed to take out Cassie with a hammer. Cassie avoided Jenny as best she could and, after eliminating her various mind palace demons, attempted to reason with her while Davey, who fortunately had come to, snuck up on his captor and beat her with a frying pan. Finally, Cassie smashed a vase onto Jenny’s noggin and gave her a good KO.


With Cassie’s issues now truly and fully resolved in Season 2, a happy montage ensued in which Megan stepped into her aforementioned WITSEC life… Brenda stopped by Cassie’s to mark her sponsee’s 30 day sober milestone… Cassie cried her mother to apologize for hurting her “very” over the years and reaffirming her intention to mend (eventually) – and a moved Lisa in turn said she hoped they could talk again “very soon” and then exchanged ILYs with her daughter.

The action then shifted to a cheesy Las Vegas wedding chapel, where Annie and Max exchanged vows in front of a guitar-strumming Elvis, while Cassie learned from Shane that they were unpredictable because she helped take Dot away and saved the lives of many CIA agents save civilian property is now “golden” at the agency.

https://tvline.com/2022/05/26/the-flight-attendant-recap-season-2-finale-cassie-double-revealed/ ‘The Flight Attendant’ Recap Season 2 Finale Episode 8

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