The Game — Quick tips guide for survivors and demons

Evil Dead: Games is a brand new asymmetrical horror game from Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive. But it also has a bunch of franchise-accurate details that make for an experience that’s surprisingly different from what you might be used to. Therefore, we have put together some quick tips for Evil Dead: Games players, so you’ll be able to easily join the game as you better understand the evil that comes your way.

Sharpen that rusty saw and plunge into the massacre.

Evil Dead: Games – Quick tips and tricks guide for survivors

You’ll always know where to look

A frantic search in a spooky area for pieces of something is one of the most common blunders in asymmetrical games, and Evil Dead: Games no different on that front. You might think that you would need to run around while searching the pages of the Necronomicon, but that really isn’t necessary.

As a survivor, the start of each match will ask your team to find three pages. On the right side of the screen will be a guide telling you the rough area each site is in, which you will be able to find on your map. Areas where pages can be found are also marked with gray circles on the map. When you get within range of a page, it will be highlighted in green and a waypoint will be placed so you can get it. Easy.

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If you are new, go to Cheryl

Cheryl is one of the most helpful survivors on your team. Each survivor has a special ability with a cooldown, and is indispensable for her. She creates a healing area that will restore the life of any teammates standing in it. This allows her to function as a healer, able to easily turn the tide when things are going badly. However, it is not without problems. If Cheryl is interrupted by an attack while setting the skill, it will be canceled and count as it is being used. That means you’ll need to wait 90 seconds for the ability to recharge even if you’re not actually using it. So make sure it’s safe for Cheryl to put this down.

Mark your bins

You’ll find supply crates everywhere in Evil Dead: Games – so here are some tips on those. Best of all, they contain Pink F bottles, which will give your survivors upgrade points. On top of that, these crates drop Pink F for everyone, not only players open crates. Therefore, when you find one of these, mark it so that your teammates can also get upgrade points. After all, this is a team-based game. You want your teammates to become stronger, right?

Evil Dead The Game Review 3 tips and tricks to guide the demon to survival

Pay attention to the stats

If you look at the survivors on the menu, you’ll notice that each survivor has their own stats. Some characters are meant to be comprehensive, while others are specialized. You’ll want to choose a survivor based on your playstyle, so keep this in mind. However, the way it works is a bit different from other games.

Survivors can have up to five slots per stat category, and this shows you how high you can level up each slot. For example, the aforementioned Cheryl is a support character, so her melee stat is three, which can give you up to 12% melee damage and 5% melee speed. For Henry the Red, however, his melee increases to five, giving you two more levels. True, there’s less room to improve stamina in melee characters, so it certainly pays to pick an all-powerful instead.

Monitor your noise level

Being a survivor, shooting, having a high level of fear and driving a car will allow the demon to see you on their map. All they have to do is prepare it for you. However, if you avoid these, it will be harder for the demon to track you in the early parts of the match. You really don’t want the other person to know where you are until much later. So you better use your guns less and don’t drive until you need to go to the dagger page or the lost Necronomicon page.

Evil Dead: Games – Quick tips and tricks for the devil

Don’t worry about getting energy in big events

As a demon, you cannot do anything without infernal energy. But whenever survivors get lost pages, daggers, or deal with Old Ones, your hellish energy quickly replenishes while you’re in these areas. This means you can unleash all the power you want, making you a threat to the living. Naturally, this mostly means you’ll spawn an elite or boss and then constantly whine about a particular survivor until they die. But those are the rules of a deadite, obviously.

Evil Dead The Game Trailer 1 tips and tricks to guide the demon alive

The flute player is stronger than you think

The best demon to choose is usually the Necromancer, so you’ll want to make good use of the flute player. It seems like a reference to jokey Army of Darkness and it totally is, but this bloodsucker can seriously increase your death score in a major way. Of course, the flute player can’t move and doesn’t take long to kill, so it’s better to put it in a secluded place where it can’t be easily seen, otherwise the survivor will destroy it with a sledgehammer. Don’t just drop it in an empty lot or whatever. That’s just asking for trouble.

It’s never too late

The demon gets a big late game advantage. To win, all you have to do is destroy the Necronomicon. Even if you’ve struggled to deal with the teamwork of the survivors, you can win just by holding your ground and tearing the book apart. To do this, you’ll need some serious damage on your part. The Puppetmaster has the least HP, so using them puts you at a disadvantage. Put stat points on your boss as best you can to get the book out faster, and there’s no harm in having a flute player and an elite deadite or two to distract players. You destroy that book and you win. As simple as that.

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In general, use your sanity points

Evil Dead: Games doesn’t make it all that obvious, but those points under your experience bar are used to level up your character. Just go to your collection, pick a character, then pour points into your favorites to level them up faster than just using them. The higher the character level, the more perks, passive and on the skill tree you will be able to unlock which will make you more productive.

Those are all our quick tips for Evil Dead: Games. The most important thing is to have fun, sure, but it’s pretty cool to look at that victory. The Game — Quick tips guide for survivors and demons

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