The Hairy Man’s Guide To Skincare

My superpower is the ability to grow hair from anywhere — even against my will. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty happy with my hair, but it’s definitely an added hurdle in terms of… physical comfort (I have to sleep on blankets all summer) and certain simple tasks (like applying lotion and sunscreen on my teddy bear’s body).

Many of you can empathize, even if it’s about a specific body part, such as your beard. How do you moisturize the skin down there, to avoid dandruff and itchiness in the beard? We’ve got the answer — plus a bunch of other hairy men’s skin care tips.

Skin care tips for hairy men

1. Try Serums and Moisturizing Oils

If you’re having trouble applying lotion or cream to hairy areas, then you need something that easily slides through those hairs and doesn’t cling to them as it nourishes your skin. Here’s why bearded guys have success with beard oils: A few drops on fingertips can easily massage into the skin, rather than catching and pulling the hairs down. (It also keeps the hairs soft and prevents beard itch, for what it’s worth.)

So for your body, consider switching to a body serum or body oil for the same reason. However, make sure your product is light and breathable as some oils are heavy and can make you sweat (or even cause breakouts). So, if you choose an oil, prioritize formulas with jojoba, argan, moringa or rosehip oils.

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2. Use SPF Spray or Gel on your body

Applying sunscreen can be a daunting task for those with hirsutism. To avoid a mess, try an SPF spray to shield your skin from UV rays, and in a way that’s more contagious than if you were to apply a generous amount of lotion on the same spot. Or, you can try a gel with SPF, which won’t stick the hairs together and will instead melt in like a watery serum.

A number of serums and oils with SPF also exist, supporting the advice of the previous tip. Just don’t skip a spot because it’s hairy; Have you ever experienced pain from sunburned armpits, bald spots or hair? (For that, try an SPF powder!)


Neutrogena Body Hydrating Gel SPF30


Brush On Block Mineral Powder SPF 30

3. Get a powder-based product for your trash

Dark, damp, hot… your trash drawer creates the perfect recipe for microbial growth. (Not to mention the all-day swamp ass and the big stench.)

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a product made from a local flour, like ice cream or tapioca flour. It will absorb excess moisture and prevent any marshy situations, along with any cracks caused by thigh rubbing.

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Happy Nuts lotion deodorant groin spray


4. Exfoliate with Brush or Wipes

Use a physical brush scrub to pick up some grit and remove dead skin cells for an all-around smooth skin. (You should avoid brushing your face except for the beard area, though.) For the skin of your face and the rest of your body, you can also consider using an exfoliating towel, which should be no problem getting through. forest and penetrate your skin. cuticle.

Oh, and if you want to stimulate your scalp and exfoliate well, look no further than a scalp brush!


Body brush Dr. Barbara Sturm


Ursa Major facial wipes (quantity 20 pcs)

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Body Scrub Wipes Dr. Dennis (8 treatments)


5. Wear breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics

If your hair looks like a full-body sweater, then you probably put a lot of value in breathable fabrics. (Or you should, from here on.) Look for cotton and linen if you don’t sweat a lot, but if you need something that helps keep moisture, go for lightweight synthetics and wool. (Especially in the sweatiest, wettest areas, like the groin.)

6. Cut it a bit

There’s nothing wrong with trimming those hairs down a bit — not to mention it gives you a more purposeful and polished aesthetic, even if you keep 75% of its length. It can even be a hygiene decision in your hairiest and sweatiest body parts. So be it your armpit, groin, or body hair, consider taming shrubs to make it a little easier to use your products — and also a little less likely to sweat. .

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Panasonic Body Brush The Hairy Man’s Guide To Skincare

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