The Many Mysteries, Twists and Questions of ‘Westworld’ Season 4, Explained

With enough data, Rehoboam would be unstoppable, and could essentially eliminate any free will. That’s why Serac is determined to take over Delos: Sublime has the data Rehoboam needs. And the robot rebellion in season two left Delos ripe for a hostile takeover.

Dolores: The Robotic Transcendentalist

Dolores is determined to take down Rehoboam for the same reason she wants to take down Delos: After years of being deprived of her self-determination in Westworld, she believes that humans, not an algorithm, have the right to decide their own fate. In season two, she took control of the cyborg version of the late Delos CEO Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) by implanting her own consciousness into the Hale-bot, aka “Halores” (at the end of the season). season two, Dolores killed the human Hale). When Halores arrived on land outside Westworld Park, she created a new Dolores host body and transferred her control unit (aka a cyborg’s consciousness) into it. With the goal of destroying Delos from within, she also transferred another of her control units into the old Hale’s body and sent it away to fulfill her will.

Charlotte Hale: Traitor Dolores ‘Pawn’

Halores is working from within Delos to gather information about Serac on behalf of the real Dolores. However, for either robot, real Hale is working as a double agent for Serac inside Delos to help him take it over. Upon learning of this, Halores sought out the Man in Black (who was once the largest shareholder of Delos) and forcibly collected his shares. Halores then planned to take Delos private, making sure Serac couldn’t get into the company.

Angry Serac then took over literally Hostile, plant and detonate a car bomb in an attempt to get Hale. The plan backfires, killing Hale’s family. While pretending to be the real Hale (who no one knew was actually dead), Halores bonded with Hale’s husband and children in ways the real Hale wasn’t. So when her family is murdered because of Dolores’ plans, Halores feels taken advantage of – and will therefore rebel against Dolores.

William, The Man in Black: The Villain

The Man in Black, aka William, is one of Westworld’s oldest guests, having visited it every year for 34 years. He initially attended the park not long after it opened with his future brother-in-law, in which he encountered Dolores for the first time. William was twice as interested in Westworld; he believes there is some kind of greater mystery inside the park for him to solve and that the data gathered from the time of the guests there can be teamed up with a host body and then used to create immortality.. So young William encouraged his father-in-law, James Delos, to buy the park so he could start this project.

While grieving for his daughter who died in season two, Man in Black realizes that Hale is being controlled by Dolores. But before he could act, Halores sent him to one of Incite’s re-education camps, where he was eventually discovered and freed by Bernard (Jeffrey Wright). Bernard tried to recruit him in the war against Serac, but William became so disgusted with his cyborg, and began to kill Halores. However, he was eventually killed by a host clone of himself under her control. (That said, in terms of the number of times Westworld the characters have come back from the dead, we’ll leave open the possibility that this is a red herring.) The Many Mysteries, Twists and Questions of ‘Westworld’ Season 4, Explained

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