The Midnight Club Episode 2 Recap: Spill the Tea

Though the mysterious shadowy presence at Brightcliffe seemed to follow Ilonka down the hall (Iman Benson) at the end of the first episode of The Midnight Clubit seems to be haunting her roommate Anya now (Ruth Codd) in Episode 2, “The Two Danas”. Anya wakes up from a nightmare in which the shadow completely surrounds her and finds Ilonka in her room making tea. At first, Anya seems genuinely interested in her roommate’s alternative medicines, but we later learn that she was definitely faking it.

Anya’s attitude not only gets tougher after Ilonka finds Rachel’s locket in her drawer, but she also makes fun of Ilonka’s tea during group therapy. Before the group therapy, Ilonka receives from Dr. stanton (Heide Langenkamp). These are forms that dictate what to do regarding her body and funeral arrangements after her death. While she’s in Dr. Stanton’s office, she asks about Julia Jayne’s file and the Paragon cult that previously owned the house. dr Stanton says all patient files are confidential and claims to know nothing about the cult, but she also looks uncomfortable when Ilonka asks, so we’ll see.


After she dr. Stanton’s office, Ilonka meets Kevin (Igby Rigney) and apologizes for the excessive sharing last night. She wants to reassure him that she’s a logical thinker and doesn’t hold onto any delusional hopes. Meanwhile, Natsuki (Aya Furukawa) reads in front of a room that looks more medical than residential. This room belongs to Tristan, who appears to be Natsuki’s former roommate. Even though I don’t know her diagnosis and we only catch a glimpse of Tristan when Mark (Zach Gilford) is taking care of her, her prognosis doesn’t look good.

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The theme of this group therapy session is “What are you grieving?” A web (Sauryan Sapkota) shares his sadness in knowing he won’t live to see PlayStation again, trivial as that may be. dr Stanton assures him and the group that they are free to mourn whatever they may miss now that they’re gone. Cheri (Adia) is next, sharing that she is mourning the pets at home that she will likely never see again. Anya meets her with skepticism before moving on to share her own sadness, or rather heartache, over Ilonka’s tea and general attitude.

Hurt and upset, Ilonka dumps her tea and goes into the woods to clear her head. Just as Ilonka is about to fetch spring water, she meets Shasta (Samantha Slojan), a woman who lives on the edge of the property. She tells Ilonka about the healing properties the water is said to possess, before collecting water for herself and setting off. Ilonka also sees an hourglass carved into a tree on her way back to Brightcliffe, which is probably perfectly normal and not at all worrisome (just kidding, it’s totally creepy).

Ilonka returns to Brightcliffe to find everyone else in the library folding paper cranes while Cheri plays her cello to provide ‘ambiance’. Amesh’s “before I die” list involves folding 1,000 paper cranes to hopefully grant a wish from the gods, and his friends reluctantly agreed to help. He goes on to list his other goals, including completing his video game, making it to his sister’s wedding, flying kites, and losing his virginity. While they talk and tease Amesh about his list, spence (William Chris Sumpter) cuts his finger on the paper cutter and freaks out when he realizes that Anya got a few drops of blood. He storms out of the library, and Ilonka wonders why the room has suddenly gone so quiet for a rather short cut. Then we learn that Spence is HIV positive and has AIDS.

Anya tears at Ilonka for her reaction and yells at her for judging Spence, when in fact she was just surprised because nobody had told her anything before that moment. Meanwhile, Mark gets the finger stitched on Spence, determined to convince him to watch Interview with the vampire. Mark is really nice to Spence and assures him that his illness is not a punishment for being gay. So it’s still not clear why Spence ran away from him in anger in Episode 1. Before the Midnight Club meeting, Anya is puking in the bathroom. Ilonka wants to be there for her, but isn’t sure if Anya would let her. Ilonka knocks on the bathroom door and Anya tells her to continue without her. Once everyone is in the library, Ilonka tells them about Shasta and makes chamomile tea with water from the spring in the forest.

Tonight, Anya is the one with the story she calls The Two Danas. The story follows an Irish girl (also played by Ruth Codd) who is accepted into a prestigious ballet school in America. After she and her family move, she resents the pressure of being perfect and wants to experience the finer things in life. One night, the devil appears to answer her prayers and offers her a chance to create another version of herself. Dana accepts and things are great at first. One Dana is allowed to party, the other continues with ballet and schoolwork, but both hear each other’s thoughts and feel what the other is experiencing. Eventually, the Danas separate, but their connected lives are at odds with one another, and they decide there can only be one. After one Dana kills the other, we see the surviving Dana in a hospital bed missing the same leg as Anya. Although this story is fictional, it may have some elements of Anya’s backstory woven into it.

After the club meeting, Ilonka tries to get into Dr. break into Stanton’s office. Kevin scares her after following her out of the library thinking she was lost. He was worried that he looked creepy so he didn’t say anything but still scared her. After laughing at the awkward moment, Kevin realizes the door was unlocked the entire time. They go inside and Ilonka finds what she was looking for – Julia Jayne’s file. Unfortunately, they can’t celebrate long because the night nurse on duty comes around the corner to investigate the noise. Kevin covers for Ilonka so she can escape with the file, but before she can run away, she has another vision. This time it’s like she’s on an old movie set in Brightcliffe. The halls are the same yet different, and an old song is playing in the background. At the end of the hall a door will open and the creepy old lady is back. The vision caused her to faint again and she wakes up on the floor with Kevin standing over her, making sure she’s alright. The Midnight Club Episode 2 Recap: Spill the Tea

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