The Phase of the Moon You Were Born Under Says a Lot About You

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Aside from being the second brightest object in the sky after the sun, the moon remains a mystery. The ancients believed it to be a goddess, given its feminine qualities and shimmering allure, but the symbolism stems from something far greater. If you’re wondering what the birth in each phase of the moon says about you, Contemplate the spirituality behind la Luna’s ever-changing pathways. Eternally caught between the light of day and the darkness of night, the waxing and waning waves of the moon are reflected in the sacred rhythms of the universe. It is “she” that controls the tides inside and outside of our bodies.

Change is the only thing constant, and much like Mother Nature’s cyclical energy, the phases of the moon are a reflection of our human evolution. Let’s take the four seasons as an example: spring is birth, summer is childhood, autumn is adulthood, and winter is a symbol of old age leading to death. These seasonal shifts will repeat throughout our lives and reflect our reality as we too are an integral part of nature. As for the moon, it is not only a symbol of one’s emotional world, but also a representation of the dance between the conscious and unconscious realms. With that in mind, getting in touch with the lunar cycles will not only help you get grounded, but also help you become more emotionally confident.

Mother Moon encourages us to be present in our divine flow to consciously observe the natural fluctuations that occur within and around us. Whether you want to incorporate this practice into your everyday life or just want to get to know your moon phase better, a wealth of wisdom awaits. In the meantime go to the The Astro Twins Cosmic Calculator to find your natal moon phase so you can learn more about what it means below.

The spiritual meaning of the phase of the moon you were born under

The meaning of being born on a new moon

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The beginning of the lunar cycle, if you were born in this phase of the moon then your sun sign is the same as your moon sign. If you think that’s cheap, you’re not wrong! The sun joins forces with the moon once a month, giving us a clean slate for a fresh start. This means that not only are you prone to introspection and constant soul searching, but you are also deeply clairvoyant and aware of your surroundings.

Much like the Moon’s lack of visibility during this phase, your innate versatility can make you difficult to pin down and difficult to understand. After all, you are constantly renewing yourself and those spontaneous moments of pause – where you stop and retreat into your sacred space – make you all the more fascinating. In addition to a pioneering spirit and a lively imagination, new moon born people are gifted visionaries.

The meaning of birth on a waxing crescent moon

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As the new moon ushers in a brand new lunar cycle, the waxing crescent phase comes right after, setting our seeds of intent in motion. Luna becomes slightly visible at this point, but don’t be fooled by its “growing crescent.” This moon phase is full of power and dynamism, and those of you born under its forward-moving rays are more likely to take the initiative.

Productivity and endurance come with the turf, which is why many can’t help but admire your sheer willpower and determination from afar. Once you commit, you are in it for the long haul as you are naturally passionate about progress and achieving the results you want. You are a magnet for growth and opportunity.

The meaning of being born on a first quarter moon

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Also known as the halfway point between the new and full moon phases, the tension surrounding this phase of the moon is no myth. Think about it, from our perspective here on Earth, exactly half of the moon is illuminated by sunlight while the other half remains in shadow. Luna as a symbol of our inner world is logistically bifurcated, meaning that if you were born in this phase of the moon you embody both the light and the dark.

However, this duality can be as powerful as it is overwhelming, as you tend to “walk the line,” as the late Johnny Cash would say. You might even jump to conclusions or make impulsive and/or hasty decisions that you later regret. The half moon is illuminated by the sun at this time, which reminds me of a quote by Dia Reeves: “She was like the moon – part of her was always hidden.”

The meaning of being born on a Gibbous waxing moon

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Hours before the moon culminates, if you were born in Gibbous waxing phase, the moon was almost full on the day you were born. This is tantamount to standing on the precipice of an awakening and/or emotional peak, which of course validates your innate ability to foresee the possible outcome of any situation.

Deeply analytical and flavored with past experiences… it’s safe to say this isn’t your first rodeo. Those born in this hopeful but exciting moon phase know what it’s like to have something and suddenly lose it after an unexpected curveball. Although, believe it or not, that’s exactly why your doer attitude always knows what to do next. Some might even say you have a few tricks up your sleeve, but it’s all grit.

The meaning of being born on a full moon

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Lights, Camera, Action! As the moon reaches its peak of abundance, the sea tides and water (emotions) rise in our bodies, making the collective as emotional as ever. Feelings are heightened and truths are brought out, and if you were born in this phase of the moon your expectations of yourself and the world are just as high.

A time of celebration, climax and harvest, no wonder the full moon has always been a muse for artists and poets. Similarly, full moon babies are more than often recognized for their uniqueness and magnetic personalities. However, the sun is directly opposite the moon during this period, making you more indecisive than most.

The meaning of being born on a waning crescent moon

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An emotional peak is always followed by a comedown, and the waning gibbous phase is the perfect opportunity for one to reflect on one’s recent accomplishments and/or reassess next steps. Whatever was illuminated during the full moon is usually in the foreground as the moon begins to wane, making those born in this phase of the moon both inspirational and truth-seeking.

The moon is beginning to disappear and this time, but still, it is clearly visible in the sky. Similarly, gibbous gibbous babies are more than often blessed with the gift of luck and opportunity. There is a strong potential for success, and it’s all thanks to their innate gratitude and confidence. On the dark side, those born in this phase of the moon can be mistaken for know-it-alls, but not if they are open and willing to listen.

The meaning of being born on a last quarter moon

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This phase of the moon is the epitome of letting go and letting go of God. Hours between waning gibbous and crescent mark the third – or last quarter – a phase of release, surrender and closure. At least 50 percent of the moon is illuminated during this time, and this is what inspires those born during this phase to move forward and leave the past where it belongs.

One cannot overlook what one knows to be true, much like the time of reflection that comes after the full moon phase. And this especially underscores the importance of being honest with others and ourselves, especially if you were born in this phase of the moon. Not only do you tend to outgrow people, places, and environments faster than most, but you are also deeply devoted and loyal. This isn’t always the easiest of energies, so take a moment to back off whenever necessary.

What it means to be born on a waning crescent moon

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Last but not least, if you were born in the waning crescent phase, you are not. This corresponds to the completion of the moon before it renews itself and begins another cycle. Also known as the dark moon, this is an ideal time to rest and reflect on your recent experiences. Likewise, those born in this phase of the moon are more likely to enjoy their solitude as they are a psychic sponge to those around them.

Empathetic and deeply aware of the emotional undercurrents, if you were born in this phase of the moon you underestimate your gifts more often than you realize. Maybe it’s a combination of everything you unconsciously picked up and the vivid memories of your emotional experiences, but if you’re not grounding yourself, that “weight” can easily cloud your self-esteem. This is a wise and experienced phase of the moon; you are the old woman

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