‘The Rookie’ Season 4 Finale: Chen/Bradford Kiss — TV Questions

We have questions and you (probably) have answers! With another week of TV coming to an end, we’re waiting for left and right queries on lots of shows including The Rookie, Riverdale, The Good Doctor and Who killed Sara?

Riverdalefirst | After seeing these amazing moves from RiverdaleArchie, do you wish he would dance more in the musical episodes?

2 | Why would Family boyBrian tells Stewie that a child can’t get pregnant when he knows full well that Stewie gave birth to no less than seven human-puppy crossbreeds in 2015?

3 | Do you think you missed a NCIS: Los Angeles episode when Katya started rambling about how she and Anna were loversand that is the root of her deeply fake relationship with Callen??

4 | About EqualizerThe final season of Season 2, do you want the shows to stop using T-bone (aka Michael Vaughnings) car crashes to create drama for moviegoers?

5 | May Rookies chose a more complicated way of getting the “Chenford” kiss than determining that a drug dealer, and later his girlfriend, happened to be identical-looking people – we repeat , kisses exactly – for Tim and Lucy, who then had to “rehearse” to give away the secret?

6 | Did NBC realize that Young Rock will now go against WWE’s SmackDown on Fridays…?

7 | Wrestling fans, what do you think about Sasha Banks and Naomi stepping out on the court WWE Raw? Do you see them going to AEW?

8 | Has there ever been a messy and overt product placement like All Americans: HomecomingWant to know Spotify Blend playlists? Also, how many of you got that nod Drumline from President Allen (played by Leonard Roberts, who starred in the 2002 film)?

9 | Workplace NCIS: Hawai’iJane and Joe’s are currently ranked in TV’s Sexiest Couples? And how refreshing is it when the secret he keeps doesn’t lead to a soapy breakup?

ten | Did good doctorThe death of the ruler will activate anyone else er PTSD?

Better to call Saul11 | Do you think Better to call SaulRhea’s Rhea Seehorn plays Kim’s mother in this week’s opening flashback, because the resemblance is so uncanny? (It’s actually Beth Hoyt, who also plays Kim’s mother in the Season 5 flashback.)

twelfth | Send all of that happened this week on This is us, do you think the real finale – aside from the expected funeral – will be a series of Dan Fogelman’s tapestry pulls, or simply a relay on what happened to everyone? Of all the penultimate Easter eggs, is adult Randall doing push-ups with young Randall on his back the sweetest? And do we blink and miss her, or is Teenager Kate the only one of the Big 3’s younger colleagues not on the train?

Chicago Med13 | Is this really the best? Chicago Med Can you do this photoshop job of Ethan’s dad?

14 | If the title and pretentiousness of the show were Who killed Sara?isn’t the title character dead?

15 | Will The Flash do we believe that Barry didn’t realize that his wife didn’t come home/didn’t go to bed all night?

16 | Will you say? The Goldbergs’ Has CGI gotten better or worse since Erica’s wedding?The Goldbergs

17 | Is this the first time, in over 300 episodes between Roseanne and The Conners, where did we see the fourth wall? And don’t Powers That Be think we’ll notice that Ben’s mom Barb (played by Candice Bergen in Season 3) isn’t attending his wedding?

The Conners

18 | Now then SurvivorCan Maryanne’s be credited for taking down one of the biggest threats of the season, does she have a compelling enough argument to win the game? And are you surprised that zero immune idol was played at Tribal 6 last?

The Devil Ted Lasso19 | To be Sinister Do Biscuits with Boss?

20 | Did Station 19 pass up an opportunity for more conflict by letting Travis break up with Emmett prior to decided to run for mayor against his father?

21 | Grey’s Anatomy fans, knowing that Gray Sloan is full of capable surgeons, will Meredith really turn her head on her way out the door to miss her dinner party by treating a patient admitted to the emergency room? Did she feel like all the pictures were at her house?

Hit a comment with your answer – and any other questions you’d like to share!

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