The Trash Horror Film CHUD Is Saturday Night Gold

Whether you’re an ’80s kid or a horror fan, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon the 1984 trash film CHUD. While many fondly remember it as a relic from a bygone era of low-budget, low-production scream fests scattered throughout the decade, others have come out and called it what it is: a horrible movie, because of that what has remained relevant is his top marks on the “unintentional comedy scale”. In some circles, the film is a cult favorite about cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers, or CHUDS, who emerge from Manhattan’s sewers to feed on unsuspecting prey. While I respectfully disagree, there’s no denying that you can still find plenty of Saturday night fun CHUD and some popcorn, but possibly not for the reasons intended by the project stakeholders.


In the director Douglas Cheek‘s menagerie of the camp we find our main character, AJ “The Reverend” Shepherd (Daniel Stern) as manager of a soup kitchen for homeless people who have settled in the abandoned subway tunnels of New York. Stern is an excellent comedic performer who has made a good career out of not taking himself too seriously. in the CHUD, Stern is a young performer who portrays AJ as a violently overwrought protector of his wayward patrons, and when he realizes some of them have mysteriously disappeared, he takes action – melodramatic action. AJ decides to call the police and runs into Captain Bosch (Christopher Curry), who is initially skeptical, but when his wife is among the missing, he goes along with AJ and the two team up as the curly-haired Starsky and Hutch to get to the bottom of the matter.

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Another concerned citizen is George Cooper (belongs to John), who appears to have quit a very lucrative, high-paying job as a fashion photographer to document the lives of the homeless underground population. Aside from his character’s shockingly poor career choice, it’s also his passion. So when he also decides to venture into the tunnels to document the disturbing disappearance, we have an investigative dream team of pretty good actors making some seriously questionable dramatic decisions and various underground dwellers of the human species portraying be addressed as urban hillbilly who are either completely insane or can’t speak in complete sentences. The result is some very good notes in misguided pulp that might have you coughing up popcorn kernels with laughter instead of fear. Nonetheless, they’re on the case, and a mysterious menace lurks around every dark corner and abandoned railroad track.

But what are the CHUDs and why have they suddenly appeared in the heart of New York’s underground? More and more people are disappearing as the cannibalistic monsters have surfaced and are taking people off the streets as the food supply in the tunnels has dwindled. Sounds like something out of the HG Wells classic The time machine, Is not it? Subterranean Morlocks kept alive by the helpless, land-roaming Eloi population. Maybe it’s Cheek’s homage to one of the greatest sci-fi horror stories ever created, or possibly just pure coincidence? We let you decide. The creatures meant to chill us to the bone are not Morlocks. Instead, they come across as a gang of misfits. A collection of half-gorns star trek and semi-sleestaks out land of the lost. Her eyes are bulbous, bright yellow, and her movements are at an icy pace. These B-level monstrosities move so slowly that the Titanic could easily have dodged them. The jump scares are more like jump cuts to a close shot of a dagger-toothed lizard, followed by screams and a bucket of blood being thrown from close to the camera. And as our director calls on the camera for a better look at our horrific looters, it becomes very clear that the CHUDs are little more than a couple of uncredited extras and production assistants who have been coaxed into donning some ridiculously restrictive scale suits . The editing and special effects are so amateurish that even the Russian film jury would have to give it a 10 on the “unintended comedy” scale.

While our protagonist trio gets nowhere with the suspiciously easygoing bureaucrats above Earth, they continue to dig into the mystery of the CHUDs. After some hilarious run-ins with the creatures, they manage to uncover some conveniently placed top-secret files that explain everything. Cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers are actually the result of a Nuclear Regulatory Commission conspiracy aimed at covering up toxin dumping, or a program called Ccontamination Hass urban DDisposal. The waste somehow turned people into radioactive mutants. Unfortunately, we lose Captain Bosch to a shot in the back, as the head of the commission must prevent his underhanded exploits from becoming public, but not before he can free captive AJ and George from a precarious situation inside the sewers. They immediately avenge his death, killing the Commissioner in an overwhelming sequence with an exploding vehicle that looks more like an ice cream truck.

And that’s it! credits roll. Fade to black. No tying up several loose ends and no explanation of what the consequences would be for those involved. Perhaps it’s a fitting ending to a film that marked a horrific time when even a tight-budget film, just a rung above home theater, achieved wide release and grossed $4.7 million at the box office. could bring in dollars. A homage to a bygone era of trash cinema of the 80s, which you should definitely see if you like to laugh at supposedly serious films. So next time you’re browsing through your options and looking for something to watch, skip the comedy suggestions and search for it CHUD Stream now on Amazon Prime. With its high “so bad is good” quotient, it makes for a bit of camp fun on a slow-paced Saturday night. The Trash Horror Film CHUD Is Saturday Night Gold

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