These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: August 15-21, 2022

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If you are feeling agitated or overwhelmed by a particular situation, try to put your ego aside for the moment. If you are one of these Zodiac signs will have the worst week from August 15 to 21, chances are you could be wrong at the time. Under this week’s volatile astrological weather, passions run high and tempers flare, but there are ways to effectively nurture this supercharged energy.

Embrace your emotions on August 15, as the overly attractive moon in Aries will join forces with Jupiter, the expanding planet. Remember, Jupiter magnifies everything it comes into contact with, so you can imagine what happens when the largest planet in the solar system aligns with the super sensitive moon. If not, pay attention to your emotional waves and see for yourself. Worst case scenario? Impatience, irritability, competitiveness and exaggeration. Pay attention to the shadow side of Aries, and try to channel the energy.

On a brighter note, intelligent Mercury will harmonize with freedom-loving Uranus on August 16, which can be quite positive, if properly exploited. This dynamic synergy can produce significant breakthroughs in conversations, as well as a host of obvious signals to people brainstorming and strategizing about potential business ventures. On the other hand, the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus can also activate our nervous system with electrical energy, so make sure to regulate it wisely!

On August 18, while resplendent at Leo’s pomp and stubbornness Fixed fire, romantic Venus will form an extremely flashy trio with Jupiter, which can be both celebratory and smug. Whether you’re receiving grand gestures of love or you’re simply craving something sweet, this passionate energy can easily escalate into something overwhelming. Try not to go overboard! Instead, feel free to tap into the childish and creative side of this medium. With Mars entering Gemini on August 20, you’ll have plenty of ideas and options to choose from. However, this transit can also lead to some rude conversations, so rethink how you’re passing.

If your sun and/or sunrise sign happens to fall into any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you’re asking for a rain slip when it comes to astrology. This week’s crystals:

These 3 zodiac signs will have the worst week

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Prioritizing and balancing is essential to making the most of this week, Cancer. On August 15, the Moon will join forces with Jupiter expanding in Aries, which will increase the heat in your 10th house in terms of career, career pursuits and authority figures. However, extreme heat can burn you, so take it one step at a time!

Whether you are dealing with a small competitor at work or a boss is just a little bit bossy, you are prone to faltering during this time. After all, you are ruled by the capricious and whimsical moon! And in addition to feeling impulsive and overwhelmed during this time, you may also feel unable to let go of what you’re feeling. With that said, it’s best to restrain your rage effectively rather than venting rage on your enemies. Mars will also appear in Gemini on August 20, which means that everything from that little voice in your head to your behind-the-scenes life is nothing short of jittery. Don’t be afraid of what you’re feeling, Cancer. Let it show you a deeper truth.

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Despite your short temper and your innate desire for social harmony, the Moon conjunction with Jupiter on August 15th can be more demanding than you’ve ever been! Whether you’re working with an important partner you’re committed to in love, or you’re in the process of getting things sorted out with a business prospect, focus and balance is easier said than done. do this week.

Given the moon’s sacred feminine influence, this could even be a close female friend who is essentially embracing your ultimate relationship. There’s nothing wrong with being supportive of each other and empathizing with your loved one’s needs, but this potential anger is most likely outside your comfort zone. So it’s likely to trigger some much needed stuff the next day, when Mercury confronts Uranus, given that Mercury will occupy your 12th house of privacy while Uranus takes over. King messes things up through your eighth house. If you have to say something, you might want to rip off the bandana before things get more intense.

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Although you are often praised for your emotional detachment, and maybe even also great for school, things are bound to escalate under this week’s turbulent skies, Aquarius. On August 15, the moon – your sixth house ruler of diligence and daily routine – will join forces with Jupiter in bold Aries, activating your communication sector and inspire you to say exactly what you mean.

However, in addition to acting impulsively, you are also prone to overconfidence, especially when it comes to your social status. Since Aries is known for its thin skin and impatient personality, you can easily lose your cool this week, which is not the norm for you. However, instead of racing against the clock or forcing your opinion on others, channel this powerful energy with courage and enthusiasm, so you can be both successful and a player. in group. On August 16, Mercury will harmonize with Uranus – your modern ruling planet – which could indicate that you have no choice but to make an impromptu decision. doubt! You may or may not feel comfortable acting on a whim, but if there’s one thing you’re good at, it’s thinking fast.

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