These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: August 22-28, 2022

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The universe always has a plan, and the more you submit to the divine flow of the universe, the stronger you will grow! That said, if you’re one of the zodiac signs that’s going to have the worst week of August 22-28, here’s a reminder to stop clinging to what’s no longer relevant to you. your truest self. A new astrological season has arrived and the sun is centered in the house of Virgo in your natal chart. This means it’s time to get organized.

Place of Virgo, stand up! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a Virgo in the trine – or rather the sun, moon or sunrise – as this mutable earth sign still governs one of the 12 astrologers in the daily chart. your birth. Hint: this is the area of ​​your life where you tend to be the most important, strategic and practical. Either way, from August 22 to September 22, the sun will bring energy and clarity to this area of ​​your chart, along with prominent Virgo themes like routine. health, daily tasks and general perception.

Furthermore, Mercury – the planetary ruler of Virgo – will be in line with the transfiguration Pluto on August 22, thereby creating a portal of insight, perhaps some of which have hidden from your sane mind. Whether it’s the desire to delve deeper into a taboo-like topic, or perhaps revisiting an important conversation – especially during a Pluto retrograde – something is a must. presented for review. So be sure to ask and use your words wisely. Speaking of improvement, Uranus – the planet of rebellion and renewal – will begin its retrograde through Taurus on August 24, followed by a transit of Mercury into Libra. seek harmony on August 25.

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Ready to claim that promotion? Maybe you’re ready to partner with a business prospect. Whatever the case may be, Mercury in Libra is an excellent vehicle for negotiation and a great time to conclude contractual agreements. On August 27, the moon will renew itself through the methodical sign of Virgo, so remember to set your intentions. Remember, Vigo has everything to do with the process, especially the process that delivers the results we seek. It’s about building foundations, getting organized, and making the most of our resources for individual and collective growth. The opposition of cold and aloof Venus with Saturn on August 28 can also challenge you to distinguish between serious work and pleasure.

If your sun and/or sunrise sign happens to be under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why it’s time to buy your duck consecutive:

These 3 zodiac signs will have the worst week

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When the sun moves into thought-provoking Virgo, and your fourth house is your home, family and innermost emotions, you are more likely to direct your energies inward, This is not something you usually do. And while rest and refueling are essential to your health, your nimble nature likes to stay busy as a defense mechanism, especially those who tend to over-analyze emotions. and/or his personal problems.

Mercury – your celestial ruler – will also be in line with Pluto transform on August 22, which means intensity and severity are almost inevitable. Revolutionary Uranus will also turn retrograde on August 24, leaving you with no choice but to reflect and introspect. On a brighter note, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will enter your Libra the next day, bringing momentum and a flirty rendezvous to your fifth house of love. , passion and self-expression. However, the new moon in Virgo will still require you to dig deep, especially when you capture your heart’s desires.

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Tell your close friends that you won’t be participating in this week’s happy hour pranks, Libra. Easier said than done when you’re a gangster king, but the sun’s move into Virgo through your 12th secretive, inhibitory and unconscious house equates to an annual hiatus, this always comes in handy before your sun season.

Remember, Mercury will conjunct Pluto retrograde on August 22, rocking the 12th house of privacy and the fourth house of emotional foundation, so chances are you’ll have a individual job number. As it stands, freedom-loving Uranus will begin a retrograde on August 24 (not to mention) through your eighth house of union. This means you’ll be taking a closer look at everything from your commons to the vital resources of others, especially when it comes to your personal freedoms. Many of you may decide to sever a business partnership or a romantic situation no longer aligns with your energies. Fortunately, Mercury will enter your sign on August 25, which is ideal for contract negotiations.

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There’s no need to put your close partnership under a magnifying glass, Aquarius. Although, with the sun (the celestial ruler of your relationship sector) shining through the detail-oriented Virgo – your eighth house of ventures and soulmate connections – it couldn’t be easier said do. Also, with Mercury entering Pluto on August 22nd, taboo-like conversations (perhaps the ones you want to wipe under the rug) can be brought up simultaneously. for review. Tear off the towel and you’ll feel *much better*.

Besides, your planetary ruler, Uranus, will also begin a retrograde cycle this week, leaving you with no choice but to reevaluate everything from your current living space to your sense of security. If things feel disorganized on the front of the house, this is your chance to find logic in the chaos. Remember, after Mercury enters Libra on August 25, the moon will renew itself in Virgo through your eighth house of intimacy and shared possessions. With that said, if you’re cultivating an important partnership—whether personal or professional—this is a great time to turn the page and start over. Maybe it has to do with setting boundaries, or arranging the details of a work contract. On August 28, Venus’s opposition to Saturn (in your sign) can cause feelings of limitation and/or restriction, but it’s also a catalyst for decision-making. your determination.

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