These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: October 17-23, 2022

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The week begins with the last quarter moon in emotional Cancer, marking a period of emotional release and transformation. Letting go is rarely fun, but it’s necessary nonetheless. And while there are supportive aspects that could help ease some of the friction ahead, these three zodiac signs will have their worst week from October 17 to 23. The sun is also nearing its end. its journey through Libra, so let’s pass and pass it count!

Which chapter are you ready to move on? Whether you’re working to improve a romantic partnership or sort through a professional partnership that’s no longer working, the next few days will focus on what really works and what doesn’t. After both the sun and Venus in Libra meet with Mars in Gemini on October 17 and 18—invigorating your exchange and refreshing your surroundings—stress will began to rise as the Lord of the Underworld tried to probe and probe. In the middle of the week – October 19 and 20 – the sun and Venus will confront Pluto in a challenging square, which can be as transformative as it is uncomfortable.

Hint: Which sign are Libra and Capricorn in your natal chart? This is where you are most likely to experience a battle of wills, but with a twist as Pluto in the dark brings light to what lies beneath the surface. Additionally, Venus represents our values, relationships, and sense of security, while the sun represents the ego. So these two individual planets have no choice but to confront Pluto’s dark, deep secrets.

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If your sun sign and/or rising sign If you happen to fall into any of the zodiac signs below, here’s why it’s easier to rethink previous decisions this week:

These 3 zodiac signs will have the worst week

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Is your belief system preventing you from getting the most out of your daily routine? Some of you may feel a strong urge to break away from the world and explore other horizons, while others completely question your faith. In the middle of the week, the sun and your celestial ruler, Venus, will confront the transformative Pluto, through your vast ninth house of adventure, faith, worldly pursuits and discover yourseft. If you’re already married, the overall health of a relationship and/or professional business can worry you, which can lead to you seeing the truth about a situation. The dark attributes surrounding your philosophy are coming to light, but accepting the truth for what it is can set you free.

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You’ve done a lot of introspection so far, but the more you explore yourself and your surroundings, the more assertive and self-aware you become. And while you are often praised for having a deep empathy and understanding with those around you, nothing lasts forever. That said, you may experience discomfort on October 19 and 20, when the sun and Venus confront Pluto in your relationship sector. This could be with a family member or someone you live with, but you are being challenged to strike a balance between the harmony you seek in the sanctuary and/or the inner world. than the revelation you are having when it comes to an important partnership.

STAR STYLE | Astrology Weekly Horoscope

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There is a fine line between asserting yourself and dominating those around you. And while you often enjoy maintaining balance and harmony in your professional life — the same goes for the relationship you share with your boss — you can easily get agitated during the week. this, perhaps in more ways than you’d like to admit. For example, between the Sun and Venus journeys through diplomatic Libra — your 10th house of world power and fame — both of these palaces will confront the shapeshifting Pluto in the sign. your. Remember, Pluto brings light to the depths of any situation, so there may be something you are learning about yourself during this time.

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