These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: October 24-30, 2022

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Eclipse season is hardly a walk in the park – let alone when it happens in the middle of Scorpio season – but the universe is taking you down a different spiritual path. And while there is certainly a powerful rebirth taking place collectively, this one Zodiac signs have their worst week from October 25th to 30th. That doesn’t mean everything is murky and ominous from here on out, but there’s definitely some shadow work that needs to be done.

time to go inside? Treat yourself to a well-deserved break. There is an aura of mystery surrounding this solar eclipse in Scorpio, which takes place on October 25th, and in addition to giving you a clean slate to work with for the next six months, we are being challenged to face our fears and to trust the unknown. Another thing to keep in mind is Scorpio’s solid water essence, as they are naturally fixated on their passions and desires, which can go either way. There is no meeting halfway with this energy, so the highs will be high and the lows will be lower.

On October 27th, Mercury will face Pluto and intensify our thoughts and exchanges with others. So when you’re hyper-focused on a situation you can’t understand, or perhaps deeply drawn to a connection that becomes toxic over time, this pervasive synergy pushes you to question everything from the power dynamics to to your own unconscious motivations. Mars will station in retrograde on October 30, so the “information wars” will likely stall, but only long enough for us to get our facts straight.

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If your sun sign and/or ascendant happens to fall under one of the following zodiac signs, this is why you’re probably more stressed than usual this week:

These 3 zodiac signs are having the worst week

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Everyone has a dark side, but under this week’s eclipse, you could be confronted with your own codependencies and/or fears about personal and professional connections. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to make a living or doing whatever it takes to nurture your relationship with a significant other, but at what cost? If something you hold onto is built on fear or false foundations, it will likely be brought to your attention this week.

On October 27th, Mercury will face Pluto – via your 10th house of authority – where things can get difficult, especially for those of you who are in close relationships with someone who has abused their power, unless it is is reversed. Are you assertive or just controlling properly? As for your celestial ruler, Mars, he will begin his retrograde journey through Gemini on October 30th. So, as well as keeping your horses, you should get organized as something will come back to check.

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If you’re up in your head, it’s all thanks to the stellium of energies igniting your 3rd house of spirit, but the eclipse buildup doesn’t necessarily help either. Just touching your emotionally driven 4th house of home, family and inner foundations – while a powerful reset is taking place within you alongside Venus – simultaneously challenges you to reflect on the shadowy qualities of your early relationships, value systems and sense of security.

When you look back on your early childhood, what relationship patterns did you unconsciously pick up on? What makes you feel safe? This might feel like a lot all at once, but you are called to confront these parts of yourself in order to ascend. Shortly thereafter, on October 27th, Mercury will be challenged by Pluto – via your 6th house of mindfulness, health and daily routines – and friction between your desire to cultivate balance in your world and the overwhelming responsibility you may shoulder have, created. Try to take it easy.

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You need some *serious* R&R, so do yourself a favor and have a mental health day. This is especially true as this week’s eclipse is occurring in your 12th house of sleep, inhibitions, self-destruction and unconscious patterns as you are likely to feel the desire to withdraw while others of you choose to be with yourself checking in through therapy, meditation and other spiritual practices. It is also recommended to log your dreams and get more sleep.

In other news, Mercury will compete with Pluto — via your 2nd house of finance, comfort, and security — creating tensions between you, maintaining peaceful dynamics within your extended network, and the transformation you are currently undergoing financially and/or in you are in conditions of your individual morality. There might be some manipulative and/or shady behavior that you notice. And with Mars stationed in retrograde on October 30, you’ll likely be reconsidering a relationship commitment or contractual arrangement.

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