These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: September 12-18, 2022

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If you are comfortable with the idea of ​​going with the flow, then you are one step ahead in the game, as this week’s astrology has everything to do with your being adaptable and willing to make changes. necessary, needs. However, if you’re one of the zodiac signs that’s going to have the worst week of September 12-18, it could be because you’re attached to a particular outcome and/or setting expectations. Expectations are not necessarily realistic. That being said, changing your focus and mindset can benefit you in many ways this week, but only if you’re ready to face the challenge.

At the beginning of the week, Luna will connect with disciplined and reliable Saturn, which will serve as a reminder to consider the structure of your community. There’s nothing wrong with being bold and embracing your authenticity, but it’s not always about “me, myself, and me”. The same goes for the next few days, as the moon joins Uranus on September 14, after it moves into stability-seeking Taurus. Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone, if necessary? Themes around your value system and overall sense of security are more likely to change unexpectedly during this time, so try to find the silver lining in the chaos.

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The Moon will enter Gemini on September 15, which will expose you to the chaos and paralysis of mental analysis you may face. You may feel like you’re thinking too much about every aspect of your relationship, especially when Mercury retrogrades through Libra. If some things don’t make sense right now, don’t go down the rabbit hole trying to solve every single puzzle you come across. The answer you seek will come in due time! In addition, the sun will form a puzzling opposition to the elusive Neptune on September 16, which adds to the confusion beyond measure. So instead of getting too focused on every little detail, lighten the load and engage in some much-needed grounding ritual. After all, has the negative thought cycle ever helped anyone?

If your the sun sign and/or the rising sign occurs Which of the following zodiac signs do you belong to, here’s why you should avoid overthinking this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week

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First things first, Gemini: Mercury – your ruling planet – is currently retrograde, in short, the equivalent of driving a deflated car. It sounds grim, and so on, but you’re in luck because this isn’t your first game. However, the Moon’s proximity to Uranus on September 14 can cause restlessness, as well as an inexplicable urge to get out! And as Venus moves through the fourth house in your home and family, chances are this irritable and erratic behavior will hinge on personal issues or perhaps logistics for your living space. . Stay organized!

The Sun in Virgo will be in opposition to Neptune on September 16, creating an extra layer of fog that will confuse you when it comes to work-life balance. Having said that, if you lack balance between your personal life and professional interests, this transition should serve as a gentle reminder to set some boundaries and rethink your priorities. your first. Ironically – there are never coincidences in astrology – Venus in Virgo will also confront Mars in Gemini. This can trigger some of your more taboo desires, while also disrupting the meticulous value systems in your life. Take a step back from what you can’t control, Gem.

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The week starts off with good momentum, until the moon enters your fourth house of home, family, and deepest emotions on September 13. There’s nothing wrong with getting low and taking your time. for your loved ones, but the moon will then form an erratic Uranus conjunction, sure to stir up some unexpected chaos. Although, considering the fact that Mercury is progressing retrograde through your vast ninth house of adventure, travel and world pursuits, many of you may be in the midst of a move. or at least may be trying to move. Home is where the heart is, but you may feel like your life circumstances aren’t necessarily equal right now.

Remember, contracts and shared investments can also be a prominent theme, especially with both the sun and Venus – the planet of love – occupying the eighth house of the stars. Your alliances and ventures are close, but again, make sure you’re judicious with agreements and commitments during Mercury retrograde. On September 16, the sun will be in opposition to Neptune, making your plan of action all the more confusing, so wait there, at least until the fog clears. And if you’re feeling your way over the weekend, maybe it’s thanks to the sun trine Pluto. Find your strength in the dark; something is transforming for the better.

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If you are feeling constrained and/or constrained in your finances, the beginning of the week can give you a reality check! This can be a bit bittersweet, but Virgo in season is all about grounding and making the necessary improvements. So, instead of focusing on what you’re “missing,” see this as an opportunity to be more productive. The good news is, the moon will appear super genius Uranus on September 14 in your immediate third house of communication and resources, which means this is very likely to happen with a “eureka” moment!

On another note, with the sun in direct opposition to Neptune vaguely in Pisces on September 16, you can inadvertently become elusive and/or deceitful with certain people. in his life. You’ll want to make sure you’re communicating clearly and expressing yourself honestly and with integrity. Not to say you don’t like this yet, but Neptune’s confusing nature is bound to create some illusions. Given that Venus will face Mars on the same day, this could be related to personal and/or financial matters where you and someone are not necessarily on the same page. This too will pass.

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