‘This Is Us’: Rebecca Dies — Recap for Season 6, Episode 17

This is us telegraphed Rebecca’s death for several seasons. So it is a credit to the show that the loss we all know coming was absolutely devastating, however, when it finally arrived in Tuesday’s episode.

“The Train” is a voyeuristic TV show that is very tearful to touch – and in some cases, gently tilt – some of the show’s biggest highlights.

Read on for the highlights of “The Train.”

WHO IS THIS? | In the early hours, we were in the car with a family we had never seen before. The father played by Dulé Hill (Magic years). As his wife laughed, he joked with their three children sitting in the back seat. The youngest boy, a boy named Marcus, buckled his seat belt and darted back down the street when his brother hit the ball out of his hand. And at that exact moment, a car pulled into their lane. When Dad turned to avoid a collision, the car slid out of control and overturned. We’re sorry to leave them in such a precarious situation, but we’ll be back with this family in a moment.

IT STARTS | At Kevin’s house, nurse Laila applied some lotion to Rebecca’s hands, but the elderly woman did not react. In Rebecca’s mind, we see, she’s a late 20s version of herself, she’s wearing a gorgeous red dress, and she’s driving a very ornate train. When a man approached, she said “I’m waiting for someone” without taking her eyes off the window…until she realized it was William.

this-is-us-rebecca-die-season-6-episode-17She asked him to sit and remind her of the poem that gave her the idea to name Randall. It was “Luzon” by Dudley Randall, and he read it to her, at her request. He then asks her to go with him to the bar’s car. She hesitates – remember, she’s waiting for someone – but he says it’s okay, so they go.

‘THINGS HAPPENING FAST RIGHT NOW’ | Throughout the episode, the action switches between Kevin’s home and Rebecca’s Railway to the Great Beyond; I’ll consolidate some of the action here. At Kevin’s, everyone enjoyed the Chinese food he brought home. Philip, Hailey and Jack arrive, but there is no Kate; Philip told everyone that his wife was able to get a seat on the plane home from London, and that she was expected to be there in the morning.

Déja saw her father sitting alone in the living room and decided to give him some good news, as long as he could “completely calm down” and keep it to himself for now. “I’m pregnant,” she said. “You’re about to become a grandpa.” She began to list her worries – she and the baby’s father were still unmarried, he worked all the time, she had just started immigrating – but the joy in Randall’s eyes couldn’t dim. “I am so happy, Déj,” he said through tears as she added that she had yet to tell her boyfriend about the baby.

And when the action moves to a lab, where a young scientist named Marcus is getting very excited about the results of some of the cancer research he’s doing, of COURSE, we are led. to believe that Marcus is Déja’s significant other. And as he walks with a cane to tell his boss about the encouraging preliminary findings, and the camera pans to a family photo that confirms him as Marcus in the backseat of the doomed car , it all makes sense, right? !

this-is-us-rebecca-die-season-6-episode-17But back Not Long For This World Rebecca. Laila tells Kevin and Randall that her blood pressure is dropping and her feet are getting cold. “Things are happening fast. I didn’t see her make it through the night,” she said. So everyone gathered in the living room, and one by one entered the bedroom to say their goodbyes to the Pearson matriarch.

Beth goes first. When she tells Rebecca she can rest easy (“Thank you for helping me with the beautiful, complex, amazing boy you raised. But I’ve got him now”) , Train Rebecca heard her over the top of the car. And she saw Beth, both an adult and a college student, sitting in the car with her. But then William reminded her that the train was going fast, and they had to keep going, so they moved into the bar…

… And see Dr. K’s drink! He was cleaning his glasses with a terrible Towel and there was a game of Steelers on the TV behind the bar. He asked her if she wanted a limoncello, “or is that also on the nose?” She smiles, nods at the bowl of citrus fruit on the bar, and says, “Hey, if life gives you lemons.” But he had turned her into a vesper, the favorite drink her father had always said he would have if he took her on a trip like this. Dr. K compliments her on how beautifully the children grow up and we see adult versions of Kevin and Randall, each conversing with two younger versions of themselves at nearby tables. there. (Note: A very creative way to get a lot of actors in this episode, This is us!) But just as Rebecca was pleased with the scene, something wasn’t quite right: “Kate isn’t here.”

this-is-us-rebecca-die-season-6-episode-17QUICK, KATE! | Indeed, at the time, Kate was FaceTiming with her brothers from the runway in London, where her flight was waiting to take off. She was there because the curriculum she was writing was going to be international, but she lamented that she shouldn’t have gone. Both Randall and Kev assured her that Rebecca wouldn’t want her to skip the trip. When she cries, she asks them to tell Rebecca that she loves her and that she is on her way.

Elsewhere in the house, Beth won’t tell Randall what she told Rebecca, so he teases her that he has a secret too. “Déja is pregnant,” she replied bluntly, and I liked how he STILL marveled at her omniscience. “I’m that girl’s mother, Randall,” she said. “I knew she was pregnant before I did.”

Later, as everyone hung out in the living room, Kevin recorded Joni Mitchell and the others listening to “The Circle Game” as they told stories about Rebecca. Sophie walked away to say goodbye to her mother-in-law. Then Toby the COURSE man couldn’t have done it without a joke (“Rebecca, you can tell me: You love me more than Philip, don’t you?”) Annie also joins in and thanks her her friend told her it was okay to be small, as long as she knew she could be as big as she wanted. While all this was going on, Déja let the baby’s dad know that the stork was on his way by texting him a photo of a positive pregnancy test result with a bunch of emojis.

Everyone peels off one by one, and in the end it’s just Kevin and Randall to go to their mother’s room and wait for the end.

‘YOU, MY ERROR, HAVE EARNED A LIFE’ | In the car at the bar, Dr. K tells Train Rebecca that he is afraid he will lose her the day her children are born. But she made it through and thrived, even after Jack passed away. “You are as tough as they come, Rebecca Pearson,” the obstetrician told her admiringly. “And you, my dear, have earned a rest.”

In Rebecca’s bed, Kevin and Randall had a few giggles about their upbringing as they debated whether Pilgrim Rick was real or Jack was just making up a story (conclusion: Jack wasn’t a good enough guy. narrator to create him) and discuss how atypical their father’s physique was at the time (“A dad was weirdly ripped off in the ’90s, wasn’t he?” Kev notes). Randall scoffed lightly at the picture Kevin talked about in Season 1, which hung on a frame by Rebecca’s bed. When Randall wondered if Rebecca heard anything they were saying…

… She saw excerpts of it as she passed the train. And then, look, it’s Miguel! He’s taking a sip of wine and calling her his favorite, but then William has to become a celebrity and take her along. Poor Miguel, get the shaft even in the afterlife.

BUT WAIT. Déja is sleeping when her boyfriend – WHO IS MALIK, YES THAT MALIK – wake her up. “I ran out of the restaurant when I got your text,” he said, happiness welling up in every molecule of his body. “I want to marry you. I want to have this baby with you.” Oh, guys!

But what about Marcus? Depressed after the research he was undertaking was closed, he committed to his brother and sister. They tried to talk to him. “I can’t hear some rave about the lemon greeting cards,” he says, but he still laughs even as he does. And through flashback, we see that Marcus and his family were at the hospital the night of the Pearsons house fire, and that Marcus’s father chatted with Jack while they were drinking coffee in the hospital. waiting room! Marcus’ father is worried about his child, the boy has a very severe broken leg and who is waiting for the trauma surgeon at that moment. “Sorry, you pretty much caught me on the worst night of my life,” he mumbled. So Jack told him about the night his babies were born, and how terrible it was, and what Dr. K had said. And as it turns out, Marcus’s father remembered it the same way Jack did years ago. (“How Is this our family motto?! “Marcus and his siblings joke in this day and age. )

It also turns out that the very same doctor who made a crucial call in Marcus’ case did so at the exact moment Jack died suddenly in the emergency room – AKA if he hadn’t been upstairs saving lives Marcus, he could have gone downstairs to save Jack’s. So we were once again faced with parts of that horrible scene by the vending machine, but at least then we could see the document telling the Marcus family their baby would be fine. And then we learn that Marcus goes on to develop a fundamental drug to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

this-is-us-rebecca-die-season-6-episode-17THE BEGINNING IS THE END IS THE BEGINNING | Finally, Train Rebecca and William arrive at the caboose, but she doesn’t go in: “I told you, I’m waiting for someone.” Accordingly, It was just a flesh wound, Rebecca was actually still alive the next morning while her grandchildren played Foursquare outside the window. (Side note: THIS is the big bonus for childhood game clues in the sequel, This is us?! Did anyone else feel down?) But look, Kate arrived just in time! She ran to her mother and let her know that she was there. Randall later thanked Rebecca for “making us feel loved.” Kevin approached and whispered, “I love you mom.”

On the train, Rebecca allows William to open the door, revealing a room with a bed in it. “This is quite sad, isn’t it? The end?” she asked. “The way I see it, if something makes you sad when it’s over, it must be pretty awesome while it’s happening,” he replied.

He said a lot of Wise William things, culminating in: “The ending isn’t sad, Rebecca. It was just the beginning of the next incredibly beautiful thing. It’s like the doodle your son drew that time. She laughed and defended Kevin’s artistry, then kissed him on the cheek as he left and closed the door behind her.

Back on the hospital bed, Randall kissed Rebecca and said, “You told him.” Hey. “She squeezed his hand, seemingly in response, and all three children were surprised.

On the train, Rebecca lay down on the bed, then turned around to find Jack there, lying next to her. “Hey,” she said, smiling. “Hey,” he replied.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about This is us‘penultimate episode? Turn off the sound in the comments!

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