This Is What Charlotte Palermino Smells Like — Interview

Shea butter has a pleasant aroma when it is not rancid. A lot of shea butter can be – that’s the real reason why I think so many people have had such a bad experience with it, they’re not getting good shea butter. Hanahana Beauty… their source is impeccable. So are the scents. Very good.

The scent of Nivea Creme, I don’t know What it is but it reminds me of my mother. I have a pretty bad memory. I don’t remember much of my childhood, but I do have these flashes, and they often appear around scents, food, or the like. This cream just brought me home to my mom, and it works really well too. I like that combination. It’s a hand cream, and I find that hand cream is another where I want a really nice fragrance. Your hands are usually close to your face. And so it’s really good [to get a whiff]. I don’t like using Nivea Creme above my face, however, because it was too much of a smell for that area.

Hair products

As for my hair, I’m really looking for things that will Work because I have what I like to call “toddler hair.” Do you know how a toddler can have thin, brittle and very tangled hair? Well, that’s annoying. My sister always asks me to brush her children’s hair, she says, “you have hair like them.” Kids love it because I have special combs and brushes for our hair.

I also dye my hair now. It turned black during the pandemic, jet black. I look back at the photos and my eyebrows are completely different by one color. Stress can do crazy things to your body, and I think that was one of them for me. [So I’m dyeing it] to match my natural color, more like sepia. Now that I’m doing it, I’m using K18. I don’t think it has an obvious fragrance. But what I love, if we are going to talk about perfume in hair care, is Bread Beauty Supply.

Can we kiss the chef? Oh, the chef’s kiss. Their product is a bit heavy on my hair because like I said: toddler hair. But sometimes, I would use the balm as a mask, sleep in it, and wash it off the next day. Oil is also great. Then there’s Briogeo – beautiful scents. [ed.’s note: Bread’s conditioner has a “cereal milk” kind of scent and Briogeo’s bestselling Don’t Despair, Repair! collection has a soft, slightly floral powdery-clean smell.] Whoever makes their perfume deserves a raise. They were very good. I can say those are two brands I feel great about, although they don’t necessarily always work in my hair. But then I used children products that suit me better than those for adults: L’Oréal children’s shampoo, which is shaped like a fish.


I really don’t know much about perfume. But recently I was in Greece, and discovered Korres makes beautiful perfumes that I knew nothing about. Their shower gel is nice too. Honestly, I was impressed. I was with two of my friends, one of whom is obsessed with perfume. She bought a whole wall of Korres while we were there! I mean, look how pretty the packaging is. And it’s $40! Cashmere Kumquat is the scent that I really love. Korres is a brand that I never really thought of in terms of perfumes in the US because I think about them more than skincare. This Is What Charlotte Palermino Smells Like — Interview

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