‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Post-Credits Scenes, Explained

With the premiere of the new installment in Marvel’s Thor series this weekend, Thor: Love and Thunder gives the Thunder God the honor of being the only MCU superhero to be assigned four movies of his own. After breathing new life, goofy entered the series with the previous film, which was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Thor: Ragnarok, writer-director Taika Waititi returns with a somewhat convoluted sequel that has strong performances but isn’t well served thanks to a map-like story. Still, while Waititi’s films have a lighter vibe than other MCU movies, he’s still clinging to a sacred tradition: the post-credits scenes, those 20-second scenes that tease about what Marvel head Kevin Feige is brooding. Love and Thunder failed, with a movie revealing another beloved actor is joining the Marvel team. Let’s analyze what both scenes might mean for the future.

Scene 1: He’s Here, He’s There, He’s Everyone

The first scene begins after the main credits and transports the viewer back to the Holy City of Almighty God, where Zeus (Russell Crowe) reveals that Zeus (Russell Crowe) survived a lightning bolt to the back chest. encounter with Thor. Instead, what appeared to be a cameo scene from Crowe seemed more set up for the veteran actor. Surrounded by his fellow female deities, Zeus writes poetic lyrics about how mortals traded their reverence for the gods for superheroes. This is something he vowed to fix, before asking his son, Hercules, if he’d made himself clear. Cue pan by none other than Ted LassoBrett Goldstein’s, who stood up from a kneeling position and brandished his mace in a costume identical to the comics. Yes, the demigod puts his fun in the gladiator that is officially making his MCU debut.

Herc first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1965 Journey into Mystery #1 Annual, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, was Thor’s rival before becoming a frequent guest star in the proper Thor title. Herc is portrayed as a beloved hero and celebrity (no different from Disney’s animated version of the character) and defeated Thor while the Thunder God was brought down. The early history of Hercules also involved fighting the Hulk to a stalemate Tales to Astonish # 79is considered by many to be a classic Hulk story because of the way it combines two warriors: the anger and power of Herc is beloved while the Hulk is feared.

Hercules would eventually appear in the Marvel comics universe, spending time with the Avengers and, from the 1980s on, starring in several miniseries. A century-long popular storyline that saw Hercules take over Extraordinary Hulk title — temporarily renamed Herc is amazing—After a major crossover event, where Hulk attacks Earth. Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, with art by Khoi Pham, Herc is amazing is a cult classic and brings this character to a new level of fame.

It’s unclear if Hercules will make his screen debut in a potential (but unannounced!) fifth Thor movie. But Goldstein’s Emmy-winning comedy would certainly be a great fit for Waititi’s sensibilities, should the director return. Plus, it doesn’t make much sense for Herc to appear in another project without more context for him through an Asgardian friend. Waititi could choose to adapt the comic book “War of the Realms”, an event based on Thor, originally about Dark Elf Malekith’s attempt to take over all of the Nordic kingdoms. Consider the reception of Malekith, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston in suffocation Thor: Dark WorldThe MCU could swap Malekith for Hercules and Zeus, with the duo looking to take over the universe with the versatility of their divine powers.

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