TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: What mistakes was Lydia Plath referring to?

When Lydia Plath met with Sister Moriah Plath for Moriah to finally talk about what ex-boyfriend Max Kallschmidt had done to her, a few tears flowed. Moriah, while she didn’t quite nail Lydia to the wall, you could tell that Lydia’s conscience totally won her over and she broke down when Moriah asked why she kept in touch with Max, even though she knew Max had cheated on Moriah and her heart totally broken.

Lydia first tried to quote the biblical verses about forgiveness and she wanted to make sure Max knew she had forgiven him even though what he had done was wrong because that’s what the good book says.

What errors was Lydia Plath referring to?

Apparently, Lydia believes that forgiveness doesn’t mean you still trust that person or that what they did is okay. Right, but what she did gave some really mixed messages. It’s strange that Lydia couldn’t give her sister the same level of forgiveness and comfort when Moriah tried to confide in her, but could she listen to Max?

Something is rotten in Denmark. Also the way Lydia started crying when Moriah said she met Max twice after they broke up? It just seemed a bit excessive for a simple misunderstanding, it almost seems like Lydia almost got caught in her own indiscretion.

But if she was, then Lydia is a better liar than we ever gave her credit for, because if anything happened between her and Max, she doesn’t say anything. One thing that’s pretty puzzling is why twice?

One time maybe, or maybe a phone call or a long string of texts after such an event, but meeting up with your sister’s ex-boyfriend who cheated on her twice to let him know you’ve forgiven him? Seems a bit lazy. Even Moriah told Lydia that she personally had no reason to forgive Max for not harming her.

…that we know of…

We’ll see where this goes, maybe it was nothing more than a crush on puppies, an infatuation, and that really didn’t go anywhere and was all in Lydia’s head. Still, it seems strange that she has to…twice…forgive Max for hurting her sister. We know Jesus said, “Go the extra mile,” but does that really apply in situations like this? Stay tuned!!! TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: What mistakes was Lydia Plath referring to?

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