Tourist explains how to always get a row of seats to yourself on the plane – but people say she’s selfish

A WOMAN has been accused of selfishness after she revealed a ploy she allegedly used to ensure she always had a row of seats to herself on every flight.

Squeezing in next to strangers on board an airplane is never fun, prompting some people to take drastic action.

The woman claimed that the hacker gets her first-class seats every time


The woman claimed that the hacker gets her first-class seats every timeCredit: Alamy

Money Saving Instagram Account Spoken is run by a woman who offers advice on how people can reduce their daily expenses.

She revealed a “hack” that allowed you to get an entire row of seats on planes even though you only paid for one seat.

She referred to it as “poor man’s first class” and said it involved buying three tickets but refunding two just before departure.

In the videoShe said, “It’s called ‘poor man’s first class’.”

“I bought a ticket for myself, then I bought two more fully refundable tickets in the same row.

“Then, 45 minutes before boarding, I canceled two of my tickets and got all my money back.”

“90 percent of the time, the airline doesn’t fill the vacant seats, so I have the whole row to myself.”

“I ended up only paying for one ticket because the other two were fully refundable.”

Most people were really unimpressed by the hack, calling it selfish and saying it could drive up ticket prices.

One wrote: “There are many people who have to travel for work reasons, family emergencies, etc. They’re taking up affordable seats that someone might really need.”

Another said: “Great, that just drives up the cost of all the seats.”

A third added: “This is incredibly selfish on several levels.”

There are other ways that passengers can increase their chances of getting a row to themselves without having to refund their tickets.

Marlon Misra went to the online forum quora to share his tip for the best seats on flights.

He wrote: “Choose your seat as late as possible.”

“That way you can choose a seat where the remaining row is free.

“I managed that very well. A couple of times the rows – three seats – were completely empty, which meant I could almost lie flat for entire flights.”

Another frequent traveler Lucas Chesterton, agreed with Marlon’s tip and said if you get on last you get better seats.

In a video As he shared on his Instagram account, he showed how he waits until the last boarding call before choosing the remaining seats.

He said, “If I know it’s the last call and no one else is coming, I’ll take the flight on foot and find myself two or three seats.”

“I know no one else is coming, and I’m going to take those seats and have a fight to myself.”

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Meanwhile, travel experts revealed several methods they used to secure a vacant spot.

And one man was told he was “creepy” for his method of keeping the seats next to him empty.

Not many people were impressed as some said she was selfish (stock image)


Not many people were impressed as some said she was selfish (stock image)Photo credit: Getty

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