Travel expert reveals the three ‘annoying’ plane behaviours that make everyone hate you

A TRAVEL expert has uncovered the behaviors on airplanes that she absolutely hates during a flight.

Travel show host Samantha Brown spends a lot of time on planes and is all too familiar with the behaviors that can really upset other people.

Only parents can speak directly to misbehaving children on airplanes


Only parents can speak directly to misbehaving children on airplanesPhoto credit: Getty

That’s why she published a long list of things people should and shouldn’t do when on a flight.

Among them were three very irritating things that she strongly discouraged people from doing if they didn’t want to upset the passengers around them.

Popping gum

First, Samantha hates people who pop gum, which she describes as “generally annoying.”

She insists that you shouldn’t do that anywhere, especially on a plane.

However, if someone next to her starts cracking their gums, there is a method she can try to get them to cut them out.

She said: “If anyone around you pops their gum, you start jumping dramatically every time it pops. Hopefully he notices and understands the hint. If not, turn around and ask him to please stop it.”

Talk to people who wear headphones

Headphones have become an extremely important item for airline passengers, especially those who want to block out the noise around them.

Samantha insists that passengers wearing headphones make it clear to the people around them that they don’t want to chat and should be left alone.

She said: “Planes can be great places to make new friends – but only if both parties want it. If your neighbor is wearing headphones, don’t pat them on the back or start talking. That’s a very clear ‘do not disturb’ sign.”

Samantha also suggests that passengers can use this to their advantage by putting on their headphones whenever they want to end a conversation.

Raising someone else’s child

Dealing with other people’s children on airplanes can be difficult, especially if they are yelling or kicking your seat.

However, the rules are that only the parents should approach the child, according to Samantha.

She said: “As tempting as it is to turn around and swear at the kid kicking your seat, trust me it will fall on deaf ears. The best thing you can do is find the parents and kindly ask them to stop having their child.”

If talking to the parents doesn’t resolve the issue, Samantha recommends contacting a flight attendant and having them handle the issue on your behalf.

Meanwhile, this etiquette expert revealed the golden rule for avoiding arguments on the plane.

And this mom revealed how she gets passengers to swap seats mid-flight with no hassles.

Passengers wearing headphones should not be disturbed on flights


Passengers wearing headphones should not be disturbed on flightsPhoto credit: Getty

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