Trump & Ron DeSantis To Help Criminal Traitors

PHILLIP: So, Tasha, you’ve known Stewart Rhodes for a long time. You know this organization deeply, Oath Keepers, with all that knowledge, knows that for the next 18 years, you and your six children can live your life with Stewart Rhodes behind bars. How do you feel about that?

TASHA ADAMS, LEADERSHIP OF THE LEADERSHIP STEWART RHODES: I’m very happy about that. It’s been a great week for us, indeed, as a family, we’re happy to feel safe. We’re happy he’s in a place where he can’t hurt us, he can’t hurt anyone else. Of course, you know, there’s a dark cloud looming over pardons depending on who takes office next or even, you know, after that, the next election. So, you know, there’s some reason to be worried. But other than that, you know, it’s nice to feel safe. And that’s it – my divorce was finalized this week after 5 and a half years of trying to work it out. So it was a lot at once.

PHILLIP: You raised the issue of amnesty. I want to show you what two presidential candidates had to say about the prospect of pardoning people like your ex-husband. Listen.


Unknown Man: Will you pardon the January 6 rioters convicted of a federal crime?

DONALD TRUMP, Former US President: I am willing to forgive many of them.

TRAVIS: Do you think the January 6 defendants deserve a Republican president’s review of their case?

RON DESANTIS (R-FL): On the first day, I will have people who will gather and look at all the cases where people have been victims of weaponization or political targets, and they I will be active in issuing amnesty orders.


PHILLIP: If you could talk to former President Trump, Ron DeSantis, what would you like them to understand about the Oath-Keepers, who is Stewart Rhodes really?

ADAMS: I’m not sure anything I say will make any difference because I think they completely understand who he is and what he’s been trying to do, and they fully support that. He’s been a war conspirator for over a decade. All he ever thought about was creating chaos, creating violence, domestic violence, violence, you know, in the countryside, anything that could put him first. , and in every way he can make it happen. And I think, you know, Trump totally gets it, DeSantis totally gets it, they know what Stewart is saying and they agree with him.

PHILLIP: Are you worried at all that if Rhodes is pardoned there will be another 6 January?

ADAMS: Oh, sure. This is Stewart’s job of a lifetime. Here’s what he does. He’s extremely good. He’s completely manipulative. He’s good at what he does. And he will just regroup immediately. I made sure he had a plan to work as soon as he was out. He will regroup and he will do this again. And he will do this again and again until he creates the kind of chaos he wants to create.

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