Tucker Carlson Attempts to Distance Himself From Buffalo Shooting Suspect Who Basically Spewed His Racist Commentary Verbatim

As one New York Times the investigation was revealed in April, Tucker Carlson spent more than 400 shows and counted “amplifications”[ing] the idea that an elite group wants to force demographic change through immigration, i.e. the “great alternative”, a racist conspiracy theory that libertarian politicians are trying to try to silence and eventually wipe out white Americans. That conspiracy theory pops up a lot in the 180-page manifesto of the suspected Buffalo shooter, a manifesto he is said to have written and published detailing plans to kill Black people before he died. we keep taking 10 lives. Looking side by side, it is not difficult to see that the two men share a perilous, dangerous, and deeply distorted view. But Carlson, a smirk vector of hate, wants everyone to know it his Racist views have nothing to do with Buffalo shooting gameof racist views. Absolutely nothing!

On his Monday night show, the Fox New host took great pains to separate his allegation from that of the accused killer. Payton Gendron, which he tried to do by noting that the cold-blooded killer’s claims were all over the place and needed a good editor. “What [Gendron] Carlson explains to the viewer. “It is not the blueprint for a new radical political movement, much less a potential inspiration for a racist revolution. Whoever claims it is lying or hasn’t read it. Instead, Gendron’s letter was a rambling mockery of slogans and internet memes, some of which were completely contradictory. This document is not left or right, it is not really political. The document is insane, it’s the product of a sickly organized mind. At one point, Gendron hinted that Fox News was part of a global conspiracy against him. He writes like a mental patient. Discrete, irrational, paranoid”.

Let’s say what you’ll say about Carlson — and what you should say he’s a plague in society — it’s truly astounding that the first point of his brief monologue, “Why does everyone you should stop saying Buffalo Killer sounds a lot like me,” is that the manifesto is rambling. “A rambling convulsion! There’s nothing like the tightly scripted voiceovers that millions hear from me every night! As for the idea that Gendron is mentally ill, yes, it’s probably true that one person would shoot and kill nearly a dozen mentally ill people — which makes him the perfect target for the world. hostile worldview, for example, a cable TV host watched by millions of people every day.

It’s also true? The passages in Gendron’s manifesto sound eerily similar to the comment that came out of Carlson’s mouth:

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While Gendron did not mention Carlson by name, he did write that he was influenced by extremist online forum 4chan, where he came across “infographics, shitposts and memes that show the white race is die slowly.” Since then, the alleged killer said he has found other outlets peddling similar hate ideas, such as the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. As The Guardians note on Tuesday, the founder of Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin described Carlson as “literally our greatest ally” and praised his commentary on his fantastic replacement in 2021.”[Carlson was] drop the final truth bomb on its audience: Jews actively lobby for similar demographic policies in America that they openly claim will destroy their country,” wrote Anglin. .

After emphasizing that there were absolutely no parallels between his and the shooter’s views, Carlson then continued — what else — attacking the Democrats and others who correctly pointed out that both he and mainstream Republican legislators had been promoting the “great alternative” theory for years, and blunderingly claimed that First Amendment rights of I’m under attack. “If your daughter was murdered on Saturday in Buffalo,” he said, “you wouldn’t care why the killer did it or who he voted for. But the facts about Payton Gendron tell you a lot about the ruthlessness and dishonesty of our political leadership. Within minutes of Saturday’s shooting, before all the bodies of those 10 murdered Americans were even identified by their loved ones, professional Democrats began a coordinated campaign to blame those killings on their political opponents. “

He added, ironically: “Because a mentally ill teenager killed a stranger, you can’t be allowed to express your political views out loud. That’s what they’re telling you, that’s what they’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time. But Saturday’s massacre gives them an excuse.”

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https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/05/tucker-carlson-buffalo-shooting-payton-gendron Tucker Carlson Attempts to Distance Himself From Buffalo Shooting Suspect Who Basically Spewed His Racist Commentary Verbatim

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