UK city with the most broken bones revealed – is your home on the list?

MANY OF US may have a painful childhood memory of a broken bone.

Maybe we played too hard or fell off the bike.

According to an analysis by personal injury experts, Chippenham was ranked first as the UK's accident risk city


According to an analysis by personal injury experts, Chippenham was ranked first as the UK’s accident risk city

Of course, broken bones — or fractures as doctors call them — can affect people of all ages. An accident or fall can be the cause, but there can also be a more serious cause.

You may not have noticed that some cities in the UK have more fractures than others.

Personal Injury Experts analyzed the latest NHS data to find out what the total number of broken bones is in each UK city – and their findings might surprise you.

In counting the cities with the highest to lowest “risk of accidents,” the experts examined emergency room visits in each city and calculated what percentage of those were due to fractures.

These included broken hands, arms, and legs, but because open fractures are considered emergency, they were not included in the analysis.

In a compound fracture, the bone has broken through the skin or the injury has exposed the broken bone.

Accordingly the NHSThey are typically caused by “high-energy injuries” such as traffic accidents, falls, or sports injuries.

Which British city has the most broken bones?

Chippenham, Wiltshire, tops the list of UK’s most accident prone cities.

The experts’ analysis found that there were 22,720 A&E cases in Chippenham between 2021 and 2022, of which 2,880 were due to broken bones.

This means that a whopping 12.7 percent of emergency room visits in this area were for fractures alone.

Second place went to Truro, Cornwall, which recorded 185,940 A&E visits between 2021 and 2022.

9.6 percent of these visits were specifically about a broken bone.

Third was Norwich. This Norfolk city saw 140,465 emergency room visits with 12,585 fractures in one year.

Harwich, Essex was the fourth most awkward city in the UK – 8.3 per cent of all emergency room visits were for a fracture.

The cities with the fifth highest accident rate in the UK were Torquay and Salisbury.

Torquay’s beachfront location in South Devon offers many water activities including surfing and boating which can potentially lead to accidents. explained.

Out of 100,495 A&E visits between 2021 and 2022, 8,385 involved fractures.

The same percentage of people (8.3) who went to the emergency department in Salisbury in Wiltshire also did so because of broken bones.

Sixth place went to Shepton Mallet, Somerset, where 755 of the 9,320 A&E calls that year were for fracture repairs.

Meanwhile, Worcester, West Midlands was seventh with 16,940 A&E trips due to a fracture.

Newark, Nottinghamshire was in eighth place alongside Harrogate, North Yorkshire. In both areas, 7.9 percent of annual emergency department visits were for a fracture.

Poole was the ninth largest city in Great Britain: in 175,764 emergency department visits the total number of fractures was 13,595.

Ashford and Dudley each rank tenth, with 7.6 percent of their annual emergency response due to a fracture.

Portsmouth was the UK’s least accident prone city. Of 58,680 visits to the emergency department, only 0.6 percent was for a fracture.

This compares to the national average of 5.3 percent, the personal injury experts said.

Sasha Quail, Business Development Manager for commenting on the results: “A broken bone can disrupt a person’s daily life; For working people, a fracture can result in loss of income or difficulty in caring for loved ones. In addition, it is extremely painful and time-consuming.

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“This research shows the wide disparity in accident risk cities across the UK; The fracture rate in Chippenham is more than 20 times higher than in Portsmouth.

She continued: “If this accident was caused by a third party, the most common personal injury claim is negligence. Claiming compensation can help people who have suffered an injury get the money they deserve for their discomfort and disorders.”

How to care for someone with a broken bone

The British Red Cross had some first aid tips for someone who may have broken a bone.

A fracture may cause the affected person to be in severe pain or in an unnatural position after falling or being hit by an object.

Here are a few things You can help:

  1. Encourage her to support the injury with her hand or use a pillow or clothing to avoid unnecessary movement
  2. Call 999 as soon as possible or have someone else do it
  3. Continue to support the injury until help arrives.

Meanwhile it is NHS said a bone is broken when there is pain, swelling, or deformity in the injured area.

If you break a bone:

  • You may hear or feel a popping or grinding sound as the injury occurs
  • There may be swelling, bruising, or tenderness in the injured area
  • You may feel pain when you strain, touch, squeeze, or move the injury
  • The injured part may look deformed – in severe fractures, the broken bone may protrude through the skin

Get medical help as soon as possible if you think you or someone else has broken a bone.

A broken toe or finger can be treated in a minor injury department or emergency center. However, if you have a broken arm or leg, you should contact your nearest emergency room.

Source: British Red Cross, NHS

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