Unanswered Questions We Have After the Finale

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Netflix series The Midnight Club.

Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong‘s The Midnight Club is finally available on Netflix, bringing another terrifying horror story from the horror master who created it The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manorand midnight fair. However, while Flanagan’s previous Netflix series were standalone miniseries, The Midnight Club actually leaves many unsolved questions and teases a second season. We don’t know yet if the series will be renewed or not, but that’s for now The Midnight Club is available, it’s time to discuss any plot threads that remain open after the finale.

who is dr Georgia Stanton? Could she be Athena?

The final of The Midnight Club had a shocking revelation about Dr. Georgia Stanton (Heide Langenkamp), the sweet doctor who runs Brightcliffe. During the season we learned that Dr. Georgia knew of the Midnight Club meetings, knew of the hidden basement where the Paragon performed pagan rituals, and even entered the basement through secret stairways. It is obvious that dr. Georgia was hiding something, but nothing prepared us for the finale’s cliffhanger. The last scene of The Midnight Club reveals that Dr. Georgia is bald, just like a cancer patient or the Paragon’s leader, Aceso (Katie Parker). She also has an hourglass tattooed on the back of her neck.


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The tattoo on the neck of Dr. Georgia is equal to that which Aceso’s daughter Athena had. It would for Dr. Georgia make sense of actually being Athena as that would explain why she bought Brightcliffe in the first place. dr However, Georgia’s bald head could reveal that the woman has sinister intentions to keep incurable patients with her. if dr Georgia performs pagan rituals just like Aceso used to do, she could steal the wasted life force of terminal patients to prolong her own life. if The Midnight Club is renewed for a second season, Flanagan and Fong must explain who Dr. Georgia really is and why she started the hospice.Does the ritual really work? Or is it all myth?

While Ilonka (Iman Benson) spends most of the time The Midnight ClubAs she explores the mysteries of the Paragon and attempts to recreate pagan rituals, the girl must come to terms with her own death in the finale. The ritual failed to save Anya (Ruth Codd) and also has nothing to do with Sandras (Annara Cymone) Restoration. In addition, Dr. Georgia gave a persuasive speech about how Shasta (Samantha Slowa) was ready to kill people in the name of a myth, and Ilonka could soon have followed the same path if she had not given up her hopes. But is the ritual really a myth? Or are mystical powers at work on Brightcliffe? The first season of The Midnight Club never gives us a straight answer as to what is or isn’t real with the series’ supernatural elements, and a follow-up season should clear things up.

Did “Shasta” kill her friends to stay alive when she was a teenager?

At the end of The Midnight Club‘s first season, we find out that Shasta is actually Julia Jayne, the teenager who founded the Midnight Club and theoretically used ancient pagan rituals to cure her cancer. We even get a flashback scene where Julia (Larsen Thompson) Brightcliffe escapes to meet Aceso. We don’t know what Aceso taught Julia. However, if Shasta still believes that human sacrifice is the key to a long and prosperous life, does that mean Julia murdered the first Midnight Club to be cured of her cancer? Even if the ritual is fake, Julia could have sacrificed other people just because she believed it was real. In a possible second season The Midnight Club must explore Julia’s past.

Where is Shasta?

in the The Midnight Club‘s final try Dr. Georgia and Ilonka to revive the three women who were poisoned during the pagan ritual of Shasta. The duo manage to keep the three women alive, but they became so focused on the dying women that Shasta was able to escape amidst the chaos. The police know what happened in Brightcliffe’s basement, so we assume they’re looking for Shasta. And since Shasta was a prominent entrepreneur who ran a healing tonic company, tracking her down should be easy. So where is Shasta hiding? How will she evade capture? And is she still a threat to Ilonka and the people of Brightcliffe? Season 2 of The Midnight Club must bring back the villain for their final reckoning.

Why can only Ilonka and Kevin see the ghosts of Brightcliffe?

In the first season, Ilonka is haunted by the ghost of an elderly woman who follows her at night, saying she is hungry. Ilonka also experiences hallucinations in which she is transported back in time. Closer to the end of the season, we learn that Kevin (Igby Rigney) suffers from a similar haunting, but mostly sees a dead man instead of the woman. One of the last episodes of The Midnight Club even teases that the woman’s spirit may have possessed Kevin and forced him to wander Brightcliff at night.

It would be fair to assume that every patient in the hospice experiences the same, right? However, by the finale, it becomes clear that Ilonka and Kevin are the ghosts’ only targets. But why? The show never explains why the couple is somehow special, and it takes us a second season to figure out what’s up with this haunting.

What did the elderly ghost couple want?

Speaking of ghosts, what does the elderly couple really want? During the cliffhanger scene, we take a look at Stanley Oscar Freelan and Vera Freelan, the original owners of Brightcliffe before the Paragon came into the house. They look similar to the ghost couples that haunt Ilonka and Kevin. However, we still don’t know why they are still confined in the hospice. They haven’t done any damage all season, so what could their goal be? if The Midnight Club gets a second season, they better answer those questions.

Who left the warning in the basement before the first ritual?

Before Ilonka leads the entire Midnight Club to perform a pagan ritual to save Anya, the girl sees a huge “Don’t” written on the floor with white sheets. This mark was placed there either by a supernatural force or by someone of flesh and bone. In any case, the series never explains the character. One of the most obvious authors of the sign is Dr. Georgia. After all, she knew about secret stairs that led to the basement. And if she has some Paragon history, maybe she’s trying to stop Brightcliffe’s young patients from committing human sacrifice.

Another candidate is Sandra, who suspiciously asks Ilonka if something strange happened in the basement before the ritual. Sandra could have put the sign there to discourage her friends from the ritual. However, she joins their effort that same night. And even after she confesses to tricking Spencer (Chris Sumpter) by pretending to be a ghost on the intercom, she never makes up for leaving the sign behind. In short, we need some kind of explanation about the sign.

Did Anya really send a sign from the afterlife?

in the The Midnight Club‘s Finale, Ilonka and Rhett (Daniel Diemer) discover that Anya’s ballerina statue has been repaired. Ilonka chooses to believe that Anya from the afterlife fixed the statue as a sign for the club. However, there is no evidence that the ballerina statue wasn’t just replaced with a new one for someone other than Anya. Considering how Ilonka is coping with her mortality after finding the statue, we could argue that Dr. Georgia might be behind the alleged miracle, and she might have done it to force Ilonka to give up pursuing the Paragon’s mysteries. In fact, another supernatural event worth remembering, Spencer hearing a voice from beyond was just Sandra trying to give him some kind of hope. So ultimately, maybe not many supernatural events happen in Brightcliffe.

There is no news yet about a second season renewal for The Midnight Club, but we hope the series gets a few more episodes to tie all the loose knots. The first season is available now on Netflix. Check out the trailer of the series below:

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