Update On Maryanne Oketch, ‘Survivor 42’ Winner!

“Survivor 42,” a season that some claim revived the entire franchise with its stellar cast and much better editing, was aptly won by one of the most entertaining players to ever grace our screens.

Maryanne Oketch, the 25-year-old Kenyan-Canadian with a very obvious true love for the game, is now $1 million (USD) richer after winning the Sole Survivor title on Wednesday.

Overall, viewers are damn happy for her.

‘Survivor 42’: A new winner is crowned!

Storming onto screens with a million-watt smile, Maryanne proved to be a shining beacon of positivity and encouragement to her castaways throughout the season…even when she was down (for the better half of the season).

It’s this rise to fame story that had fans cheering in front of their TVs as Maryanne coaxed herself into a million-dollar win.

So how did this happen?

‘Survivor 42’: Chatty Cathy and the Crazy CV

i won’t lie Being on a tribe with the cheerful and talkative Maryanne would have killed me when I was starving and cold and wet and tired, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the “big boys” turn on her and Maryanne from the lower post let merge scratch.

For a few weeks it seemed like Maryanne was just another goat, but everyone’s favorite goat, so she was allowed to stay until all the other goats were taken to slaughter.

But Maryanne got game.

After Maryanne stood next to Drea Wheeler and played her idol because she absolutely refused to allow a third person of color in a row to sit on the jury, Maryanne immediately found another hidden immunity idol and did something that in many, many Squadrons were no longer made of survivors. She hid it!

It seems easy, but this excellent gameplay solidified her victory at the very end, especially after she got Mike to play his Idol for her, unnecessarily. The useless idol (since she had Mikes) almost bit her ass as she felt her heart tug and she wanted to play it for Lindsay Dolashewich. Thankfully, Maryanne learned to put herself first and kept the baby hidden.

That’s not the only arrow Maryanne had in her quiver, though.

Aside from a “well, we’re down here, might as well play together” alliance with Romeo, who saw her make fire and finish in the last three, Maryanne pulled off one of the biggest moves of the game.

Blind Omar Zaheer.

Without the support of Johnathon Young or Mike Turner, Maryanne implemented her own plan, knowing the threat Omar posed. After gathering Romeo around her and playing her advantageous second voice, the “clear winner” was ousted. This then led to the next “clear winner”, Lindsay’s downfall. This resulted in Maryanne securing her victory.

However, one of the best things Maryanne did was turn her “sloppy” social game completely into her piece of resistance, turning Chatty Cathy herself into the 7 (Maryanne)-1 (Mike) -0 (Romeo) vote .

Admitting her shortcomings, Maryanne spoke eloquently (as she had at every tribal council), displayed her true self and continued to charm home viewers and obviously the jury.

Well done Maryanne, you’ve been a long shot for a long time, but a long shot, this Survivor fan was happy to see trumps emerge!

We hope that Survivor 43 can continue the outstanding season of 42.

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https://dailysoapdish.com/2022/06/update-on-maryanne-oketch-survivor-42-winner/ Update On Maryanne Oketch, ‘Survivor 42’ Winner!

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