Veteran insider reveals who he believes will be the 49ers starting QB come next season

NFL writer Peter King gave his thoughts on who he thinks will be the captain of the San Francisco 49ers starting Week 1 of the new NFL season.

With Jimmy Garoppolo still on the roster after many thought he’d be swapped and Trey Lance said to be the obvious heir, there’s still a lot of uncertainty over who Kyle Shanahan will be with this season. upcoming tournament.

For King, there was only one option. Legendary writer guest on Colin Cowherd’s show The Herd and said that unless anything goes seriously wrong, Lance will be the starter for Week 1. King said:

“Unless someone makes a decent offer for the 49ers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do the same this year with one exception: unless he’s simply not ready to play, I think. The one to start the opening day will be Trey Lance.”


This is the elephant in the room for San Francisco. Garoppolo’s 49ers career has been on the brink since Lance was drafted in 2021, but for some reason the franchise has been reluctant to pull the trigger.

Should the San Francisco 49ers start Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo?

Houston Texans vs San Francisco
Houston Texans vs San Francisco

The most important thing for San Francisco to consider is how close they are to the Super Bowl. They lost the NFC Championship game, losing 17-20 to future champions Los Angeles Rams. They have talent, they have coaches, they just need a little luck.


Are they willing to let a player who has barely played any shots in the NFL take over at this stage? Say what you want about Garoppolo, but he led them to an NFC Championship game last year and a Super Bowl appearance, both in the previous three seasons.

Lance looks like he’ll hit the mark soon. His arm talent is unquestionable and his ability to control the ball can be a real weapon. We’ve seen what Shanahan has done with Deebo Samuel running football and perhaps Lance can be used in a similar way.

Whether or not San Francisco will be better off with Lance starts is unknown, but we might be about to find out. If the team was rebuilding instead of competing, the decision would be much easier.

For King, Lance will be a starter in the 2022 season and that means a one-way ticket leaving San Francisco for Garoppolo. Although this has been rumored for months and he is still on the list.

They can’t start Garoppolo in the first week, can they?

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