Viral video showing Bronco, Lexus smashed is from BoomNG game

The viral clip is from a video game and does not accurately represent the crash ratings of the sport utility vehicles shown.

Every year, millions of people shop for a car, and some of them rely on safety ratings when choosing a car.

So when a video went viral purporting to show how different models of sport utility vehicles drop in price when hit by a 30 mph pickup truck, it caused safety concerns for some prominent vehicles.

“Which one would you rather be in? Definitely not Bronco.” an Instagram post said.

People also wonder if the video is real. One commenter asked: “Does this have any basis in reality?”


Viral video showing a real SUV crash test?



This is wrong.

No, the video is not real. It’s from a driving simulation video game.


The viral video does not show actual safety test footage of various sport utility vehicles; it was actually created by a user of the BeamNG simulation game.

BeamNG is a computer video game that uses realistic graphics to simulate handling and damage to vehicles. It allows users to build, drive and crash vehicles that look like the real thing.

Using InVid to isolate keyframes in the video and RevEye to conduct reverse image searches, VERIFY traces the video to a post from July 2 by TikTok user Old Tender Man. In an email sent to VERIFICATION, @OldTenderMan confirmed that he is the original author of the video.

TikToker used the hashtags # #beamng, #beamngdrive, and #gaming in the video’s caption, identifying the video as coming from the BeamNG game. On TikTok, there are hundreds of videos, some with hundreds of thousands or millions of views, showing various driving and crash simulations created with video games.

A BeamNG spokesperson also told VERIFY the clip seen in the viral video created with their game.

“The video uses our physics simulation as well as some official content. However, none of the real-world brands are depicted in the videos we create, so we cannot say whether their techniques are the same or different from those used in the models. in real life or not,” the spokesperson said.

BeamNG told VERIFY that the vehicles seen in the viral video clip were created by each player of the game.

According to BeamNG’s website, the player can control various parts of the vehicle that affect the vehicle’s power. Because of these customizations, the cars seen in the viral clip are not a true representation of how those vehicle brands could be damaged if they were hit by a speeding pickup truck. 30 miles per hour hit the wall from behind.

The scene depicted in the viral video also did not accurately reflect how the vehicles were safely tested. In no test script provided by Highway Safety Insurance Institute or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – both agencies that administer safety tests and ratings – was a truck used to crash a vehicle from behind into a wall.

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