“Want to come on the show sometime?”

Pat McAfee has many talents. Former NFL pitcher, kickoff expert and current WWE commentator even joined WrestleMania recently. Nowadays, he is often seen hosting his hugely popular Pat McAfee Show. He took to Twitter in response to a Q&A by Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to invite him to the show.

The show has long been a hub for NFL stars to come and get their messages out, one notable recent example being Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers asked the Green Bay Packers to recruit talent when committing crimes. They then sketched out North Dakota State star Christian Watson.

McAfee probably has a lot of knowledge he wants to draw from one of the NBA’s all-time greats.

Another topic of conversation will certainly be whether James has ever or will consider an NFL jump considering his size, speed, vertical jump, and hands.


Pat McAfee Can Ask LeBron James About NFL Contract Offers During NBA Lockdown

During the 2011 NBA lockdown, several NFL franchises had their eye on facilitating the sport’s most ambitious cross-jumping since Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls to join a small league of the White Sox .


Last season, James revealed on ESPN2’s Monday Night Football ‘Manningcast’ that both Jerry Jones and Pete Carroll had pursued him with offers to play either wide or tight ending:

“I’ve definitely thought about that. I still get the jerseys they send me… I want to be a red zone specialist, like Gronk. I formed the team. I tried. I’ll try, but I’ll be on the team.”

He continued:

“One thing about that, I don’t mind working for something, so if I had to try my hand at the Cowboys or the Seahawks, or if I had stayed home and come back home to Cleveland, I would have tried, but I’m going to form a team. I just know what I’m capable of doing on the football field. Especially at that age.”

Could James have been successful in the NFL? NBA writer Sam Quinn had this to say back in 2012 when James was at his peak:

If he chooses to play football, LeBron James could be the greatest quarterback in NFL history. He will simply be unstoppable. At 6’8” and 250 pounds, confronting LeBron would be like trying to stop a truck. That is, if they can catch him. In addition to being one of the strongest players in the NBA, LeBron is also one of the fastest. “

Pat McAfee doesn’t need to focus on hypotheses. The multimedia star needs to dig into the specific financial details of his contract.

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