Washing clothes in cold water is as effective as using hot water

“Cold washing is good for your clothes, good for your wallet, and good for Mother Earth,” says Brian Sansoni at the American Institute of Hygiene.

Many people think use hot or warm water washing clothes is better than washing in cold water because they believe that the heat makes their clothes cleaner.

But some cleaning companies, including tidesstated that washing clothes in cold water is just as effective as washing in hot water.


Is washing clothes in cold water as effective as washing with hot water?



This is the truth.

Yes, washing clothes in cold water is just as effective as washing in hot water.


Washing clothes in cold water is just as effective as washing in hot water. Energy star, General Electric Appliances, Consumer Newspaper and American Cleaning Institute, a trade association representing the cleaning products and detergent industry. In fact, experts say cold water is actually better for cleaning your clothes.

“There is an absolute benefit to washing in cold water. Brian Sansoni, senior vice president of communications for the American Institute of Hygiene, told VERIFY.

Washing machine manufacturer Total electricity said Washing clothes in cold water can reduce wrinkles and remove stains, including blood, sweat, grass, and makeup stains. It can also reduce your energy costs, by Energy Star.

On its website, Energy Star states that heating water consumes about 90% of the energy required to operate a washing machine. Switching temperature settings, even from hot to warm, can cut energy usage in half, and using cold water will reduce energy even more.

In addition to reducing energy costs, washing in cold water is also less likely to shrink, fade or damage clothes. General Electric says delicate fabrics, like lace and silk, as well as dark and colorful fabrics also wash better in cold water.

“A lot of your clothes can last longer if you regularly wash them in cold water because sometimes your clothes can fade, shrink or bleed when washed at water temperature,” says Sansoni. not suitable. “So it is very important to regularly wash clothes in cold water. It can prolong the life of your clothes.”

Experts at Consumer Newspaper also says that you no longer have to use hot water to clean clothes. They found that the laundry detergent did a much better job of getting the enzymes to work to remove dirt and stains at lower water temperatures.

“Simply put, washing in cold water is good for your clothes, good for your wallet and good for Mother Earth,” says Sansoni.

For actual daily laundry, cold water usually does the trick—but if someone in your home is sick, all of our sources, plus the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , Recommend washing with hot water to prevent the spread of germs.

General Electric says washing clothes in hot or warm water may also be more effective in cold-weather states where tap water reaches 40°F or lower in the winter. You should also wash certain fabrics, such as knits or synthetics such as spandex, nylon, polyester, and rayon, in warm or hot water instead of cold.

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