“We Believe That Access to Abortion Is a Basic Human Right”

We live in a patriarchal world. So, on top of that, it’s up to men to decide what women should do with their bodies? It’s just seeds. It is not a taboo and it should be the choice of every woman. Not her community, not her family, not her boyfriend, not her husband, not her father.

It should never be a thing where we have to justify why a woman has an abortion. I felt like it was a thing that happened too much: “This is why she needed to have an abortion.” “This is why it makes sense.” It’s justifiable because the woman wants to. That should be where it started.

I think there is a serious lack of education about what women go through like childbirth, miscarriage and abortion. All complications can come with childbirth, pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, raising a baby. Breastfeeding, giving birth physically. When people are uneducated, they lack empathy and compassion and understanding. The key to compassion and empathy is not just being a loving person. It’s about having education and knowledge of what other people are going through that you don’t go through.

Men have to be responsible to other men and hold themselves accountable. And educate yourself on this abortion issue. Learn. Just really learn. And also know that you are not a woman. I’m not saying my opinion doesn’t matter, but I’m not a woman. I will never have children so maybe my opinion doesn’t matter.

Tremaine Emory is Supreme’s creative director.

“I don’t go to the missionary for an endoscopy. In the same way, I do not look to the Bible for authority on abortion.”

By Josh Gondelman

Every person who can become pregnant should have the option of having an abortion, if that is their choice. And it has to be within the geographic and financial accessibility for them. I think it’s a subset of healthcare, and healthcare is a right that everyone should have.

I try to be quite clear on the subject. I’m always trying to figure out, in any case, whether it’s more helpful to me to use my own voice or to amplify the voices of others and improve my own perspective. But I also don’t want to feel like a loser coward for replying back to someone, and then leaving people like “dead” to them. That doesn’t seem to be true either. Figuring out which lane we want men in is helpful. I think abortion funds are probably some of the forms of support I donate money to most often, and highlighting those forms is really helpful.

This isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s hypocritical that religion dictates what other people can do with their bodies. First of all, the Jewish religion says that everyone should have the right to an abortion in many, if not all, cases. Also, we are talking about medical advice. I don’t go to the rabbi for an endoscopy. Likewise, I do not look to the Bible for authority on abortion. Those who are making laws based on this are doing so in accordance with the rich American theocratic tradition under the banner “Judeo-Christian Values”. Well, who said it’s everyone’s value here anyway? And keep Judeos outside of your Christian values.

https://www.gq.com/story/the-roe-project “We Believe That Access to Abortion Is a Basic Human Right”

Russell Falcon

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