We Finally Know Why Kim Wexler Wasn’t on ‘Breaking Bad’

Part of the fun watching the prequel It’s better to call Saul witnessed how Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman (born Jimmy McGill) was first drawn to some of the most iconic characters of Break, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). But part of the pain comes from wondering why one of the BCSThe most important characters of – Saul’s wife and eager conspirator, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) – were Not a part of Break. Towards the end of the series (with only four episodes left!), the question becomes more and more acute: Why does she seem to disappear from Saul’s life by the time he meets Walter White? Considering the show’s high body count, her outlook looks dire. Last night’s episode, “Fun and Games,” finally provided the answer to the question, “Where did Kim go?”

(Spoilers for July 18 It’s better to call Saul follow.)

Throughout the first half of this final season, Jimmy and Kim worked out an elaborate final plan to humiliate rival lawyer Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), a thorn in the side of both characters. The plan worked; Howard looks like a fool in an important meeting about the Sandpiper case, forcing him to deal with it. For Kim, it’s the most fun she’s ever had — until Howard shows up at their apartment to confront them, right before the arrival of smiling, murderous gang member Lalo Salamanca (Tony). Dalton). Lalo blithely shot Howard, who bled on their living room rug. Later, after Gus killed Lalo, fixer Mike went to Goodman’s house to manage the solution, telling the two to pretend it never happened and lie accordingly.

And at the end of the most recent episode, Kim doesn’t die at the hands of the gang, or get exposed for sabotaging Howard’s Sandpiper plan. Instead, Kim left Saul – and the law – of her own accord. Earlier, when Howard awoke, she discovered a lie herself to convince the late attorney’s suspicious widow that Howard do had a cocaine problem, according to the false story given first by Saul, and then by Mike, who left a bag of cocaine in Howard’s car after staging his death as a case Suicide. Kim’s ability to twist the truth and manipulate people with ease, and the joy of doing so, all proved too much for her. She tells Jimmy that they suck at each other — that the chaos they’ve created together is too much for her conscience, despite her “times.” [her] life” do it. She canceled her license to practice law, packed her bags, and left Saul for an unknown destination. “She was saying, ‘There’s no going back to what you and I have become. We hurt other people,” Seehorn told Entertainment Weekly.

It was a brutal revelation, an emotional death after all that was literal. After Jimmy stands in the empty hallway listening to Kim pack, the episode switches to the complete, fast-talking, immoral Saul Goodman phase when audiences see him for the first time. Failure. With Kim gone from his life, Jimmy has fully embraced his sleazy personality—effectively killing any part of his old, empathetic self in the process.

Of course, with four more episodes left in the series, this may not be the last we’ll see of Kim, and the questions remain. Kim is from Nebraska which is where we find Saul managing a Cinnabon in Omaha (as he once speculated he might) in the post-Break fast forward started this series. In season four, we saw that his future food service cover identity (under the name “Gene Takovic”) was finally blown away when a taxi driver recognized him. Instead of assuming another false identity, Gene vowed to “fix it” himself. Some viewers seem to believe that Gene will somehow find Kim in Nebraska for help, or that he will at least see her one last time before the series ends. An interview Seehorn did with Rolling Stone seems to indicate that we haven’t seen her last; when asked if this week’s episode, “Fun and Games”, will be “the last time [she] worked on the show, “Seehorn says she” couldn’t answer that. As is often the case in these things, no answer is usually an answer in and of itself. We Finally Know Why Kim Wexler Wasn’t on ‘Breaking Bad’

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