Weekly Tarot Horoscope December 5-11, 2022: Take a Risk

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Whenever you are confused about a situation and looking for answers, it is always a good idea to ask the Tarot for advice! Whether you firmly believe that these cards can tell you your future, or you simply love the ritual of it all, your tarot horoscope for the week of December 5-11 will give you the guidance you need.

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each full of endless possibilities. Between the thought-provoking imagery of the tarot and the symbolism associated with the major and minor arcana, these cards always have an opportunity to shed light on something that needed to be made aware of. And believe it or not, tarot is used by people from all walks of life and following all sorts of different belief systems. Whether you see the tarot as an opportunity to connect with your spirit guides or as a light-hearted tool to stimulate your intuition and make decisions, this form of divination is always available to you. And since you don’t always have the time to pull out your deck of cards and read yourself in full, your weekly tarot horoscope can be a quick source of insight whenever you need it! And remember, the future is never set in stone. So think of reading a tarot card as a chance to understand something from a different angle and to think about a unique possibility that you hadn’t previously considered.

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Knights of the Cups Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

Knight of Cups

While each zodiac sign is given their own tarot deck, we have also drawn a card that describes the overall energy affecting the collective. And for this week, this card is a sign that you will get a rare opportunity to advance, because it happens to be the Knight of Chalices. The Knight of Chalices is a card of vision and progress. This week, chances are you’ll receive an invitation or proposal that you might not have expected. This card wants you to be open to and take advantage of this new opportunity, but it also wants you to exercise caution as you move forward. The knight warns against getting too caught up in fantasies. Evaluate this situation before proceeding to ensure that everything turns out as you envision it and that you will benefit from it.

If you are looking for answers regarding your past, present and future, your weekly tarot horoscope is for you. Here is what the universe wants you to know about your current situation according to your zodiac sign:

Your zodiac sign’s weekly tarot horoscope

The Fool Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

The fool

This week could be all about new beginnings for you! The Fool represents the beginning of a journey and the embrace of the unknown. If you’ve always wanted to go in a whole new direction, this is your signal from the universe to finally try! Yes, exploring new territory can be daunting. It’s always so much easier to stick with what you know. However, your safe zone is not where the greatest growth and fulfillment occurs. Throw away the road map and dare. You might end up in a better place than you expected.

King of Wands Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

King of Wands

This week could be your chance, and the King of Wands recognizes that you have the strength and courage to take it! Have you shied away from leadership roles in the past? Do you feel overwhelmed by taking on more responsibility? Now is the time to stand firm in your power and own the visions you have. The key to success is being very clear about where you want to go and setting realistic goals that will help you get there. Get out there and grab the brass ring!

King of Coins Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

king of coins

Success is within reach! The King of Coins shows that you have what it takes to create financial wealth in your life and now all you have to do is move on with the ideas you may have considered. Have you thought about starting a new business or making any kind of investment? This might be the signal you’ve been waiting for to try – but don’t just rush ahead. Coming up with a plan and lining up all of your ducks will ensure you have the most fruitful outcome possible.

2 of Pentacles Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

2 of the pentagrams

You will learn this week that life is a balancing act! The 2 of the coins represents the attainment of harmony with opposing forces. Have you been called in different directions lately? Are what you want and what you need contradictory? Has work taken time away from your personal life or vice versa? This card wants you to step back and figure out where your priorities are. If you know where you want to invest your time and energy, you can find a solution that will make you successful in all areas of your life in the long term.

Queen of Cups

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups indicates emotional maturity, compassion, and a caring spirit. This week you are called to express that energy in some way. Perhaps you are approached by a friend with relationship problems, or a co-worker may be reaching out to you for support with an issue they are facing. When this happens, listen heartily as they speak, but remain emotionally detached from the matter. While it may be tempting to throw yourself headfirst into their situation, understand that only they can work their way out of their predicament.

5 of pentacles

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

5 of pentacles

The 5 of coins acknowledges that you have been going through tough times lately. Have you suffered a job loss? Finances not flowing the way you want? These types of struggles don’t just drain your wallet — they can also become an emotional, mental, and spiritual drain. Don’t carry the burden of the world alone. This week you are encouraged to ask your friends and family for help. All rough patches pass eventually, but they pass much more easily when you have support.

4 pentacles tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

4 of pentacles

The 4 of coins wants you to focus on your relationship with money this week. Do you save your money and still treat yourself to the little luxuries in life? Or are you hoarding every penny you have for fear of losing it all? Examine what drives this mindset. Don’t let your feelings about finances distract you from managing your wealth effectively and preparing for long-term success. You can have fun now and still have security later.

King of Swords Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

King of Swords

Your mind is your greatest asset this week! You may be facing an important decision or exploring new territory in a certain area of ​​your life. The King of Swords encourages you to use logic and intellect to handle this situation rather than getting carried away by emotions. You won’t find the right path until you really get to the heart of the matter, and that’s only possible if you practice impartiality. Give yourself the opportunity to see this through a much clearer lens and you will see the path appear.

3 cups of tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

3 cups

Let the good times flow! The 3 of Cups is a card for celebration and friendship, so you might find yourself in “Party Mode” with your loved ones this week. Organize a night out on the town with friends. Host a family dinner party. Gather a few colleagues and celebrate happy hour. It’s not so much about what you do as it is about the camaraderie you will feel with those around you. Life isn’t all about responsibilities and obligations, so let go and enjoy now!

Ten of Swords Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

10 of swords

The 10 of Swords recognizes that you are going through a painful time. Maybe you’ve been betrayed, or you might be going through a time when things are coming crashing down on you. These kinds of experiences are never pleasant, but this week you are called to focus on the new beginnings that this ending can give way to. Even if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, console yourself with the fact that there’s no way to go but up. Remember that obstacles can be opportunities in disguise.

The moon tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

The moon

Don’t let fear overwhelm you! The moon suggests that persistent blocks from a past experience could creep in this week and flood you with memories you’d be just as quick to forget. This could be something you were trying to stuff into your subconscious, hoping that over time it would sort itself out. Instead of trying to ignore the problem, choose to bring it out of the shadows and heal yourself. It may be painful at first, but remember that the burden you carried hurt you too over time.

6 of Pentacles Tarot

Modern witch deck © Sterling Publishing Co.

6 of pentacles

You may feel compelled to do anything for others this week! The 6 of Coins is a card of generosity, charity, and giving and receiving. This could be literal and indicate that you can give someone a loan or other type of financial assistance. However, this could also be a time when you are generous, helping someone move, offering advice, or offering much-needed support to a loved one who is going through a tough time. Some of the most valuable gifts we give to others are free.

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