Weekly Tarot Horoscope October 3-9, 2022: Own Your Power

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Whenever you are confused about a situation and are looking for answers, you should ask the Tarot for guidance! Whether you firmly believe that these cards can tell you your future or you simply love all its rituals, your Tarot horoscope for the week of October 3 to October 9 will give you the guide you’ve been looking for.

A Tarot deck consisting of 78 cards, each filled with endless possibilities. Between the thought-provoking images of the Tarot and the symbolism associated with the Major and Minor Decks, these cards always have a way of illuminating something that needs to be perceived by you. And believe it or not, Tarot is used by people from all walks of life and according to all sorts of different belief systems. Whether you view Tarot reading as an opportunity to connect with your spirit guides or as a tool to help stimulate your intuition and decision making, this form of divination is available to you. friend. And since you don’t always have time to pull out your deck and read yourself a full card, your weekly Tarot horoscope can be a quick source of insight whenever you need it. ! And remember, the future is never predetermined, so think of reading a Tarot card as an opportunity to understand something from a different perspective and reflect on a unique possibility. you have never considered before.

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The Chariot Tarot

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Horse wagon

While each zodiac sign receives its own Tarot card, we have also drawn a card that will describe the overall energy that is impacting the collective. And this week, that card is a sign that you’re fully charging first, because it’s The Chariot. This is a card that encourages willpower, action and self-control. This week, you are asked to step into your power and bravely take the reins as you push yourself towards the goal you have. This is not the time to passively wait for good things to happen to you. This card knows that anything worth having requires hard work and discipline. By putting on emotional and spiritual armor, you allow yourself to move forward into your future, unfazed by whatever obstacles appear along the way.

If you are looking for answers regarding your past, present and future, Tarot weekly horoscope has you covered. Here’s what the universe wants you to know about your current situation, according to your zodiac sign:

Weekly Horoscope of your Zodiac sign

Divination cards of death

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Don’t be intimidated by this card! The Death card is one of the most commonly misunderstood cards in the Tarot. It does not represent a physical death; rather, it’s about transforming ourselves and letting go of things that no longer serve us. What are you holding on to that you need to let go? The end of this chapter of your life can pave the way for something much greater to come. This week, you are being encouraged to move on from whatever is holding you back from the future you deserve.

8 of Cups Tarot

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8 cups

This week, you are being called to separate yourself from a disappointing situation or relationship that is not going well in your life. The 8 of Cups acknowledges that this breakup will be painful, especially because you’ve put so much time and energy into it. In fact, this could be one of the reasons why you haven’t moved on. Instead of focusing on what the situation might be or hoping things will change, accept that. Remember, leaving will hurt you temporarily, but staying can hurt you more in the long run.

The High Priestess Tarot

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The High Priestess

The High Priestess is primarily a card about intuition. This week, you are called upon to work on your cognitive skills so that you can refine your ability to hear your inner voice and receive messages from your unconscious mind. Are you out of balance in some area of ​​your life? Not sure if you’re on the right track in a particular situation? This card encourages you to connect with your inner wisdom, because the answer you are looking for is already within you.

6 of Swords

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6 of Swords

This could be the last week you release something that has been clinging to you for so long. The 6 of Swords serves as a reminder that, although it can be difficult, sometimes we have no choice but to move on from a challenging situation. What are you holding onto that is preventing you from creating a brighter future for yourself? Now is the time to let this go once and for all. This won’t be an easy task, but in the end, it’s the right thing to do.

queen of horoscope tarot swords

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Queen of Swords

Get ready to sit on your throne this week! The Queen of Swords is extremely sensitive, exhibiting intellectual acumen and maturity that helps her cut through the noises of outside emotions and opinions. You may have to make a decision now or in the near future and this card serves as a reminder to rely on your logic and consider all the facts before proceeding. You have loads of experience and wisdom you can draw on, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Peaceful fortune telling

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Temperance is a card of balance and moderation. Receiving the Temperance card shows that you need to keep an attitude that is always on the right track, practice patience and adaptability as best you can. Perhaps you are resisting a change in your life or letting a stressful situation work in your favor. If that’s the case, change your approach this week. Allow things to slip off your back instead of meeting their resistance. By finding your inner balance, you have established yourself to find your outer balance again.

The Hierophant Tarot

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The Hierophant

You may find yourself committing to a new goal this week! Hierophant is a card that represents belief systems, traditions and institutions. Maybe you’re feeling lost, aimless, and in need of direction. If you are considering joining a new group, now is the time! Being surrounded by like-minded people can give you the kind of community you’ve been missing. These allies can eventually become a powerful source of support as you discover the person you are becoming.

World fortune telling

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Your message for the week is about creating more balance in your life. The Tarot deck offers you many opportunities to consider this topic, but the World card could quite possibly be the ultimate expression of that need. This card encourages you to look at all areas of your existence: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Are you lacking harmony in one of these areas? If so, you are advised not only to figure out how to achieve that balance, but also how to maintain it.

King of Cups Tarot

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King of Cups

Your theme for the week is the successful application of power — more specifically, strength in the form of emotional power. The King of Cups is a person of great insight and is emotionally balanced and in control. Receiving this card is a reminder to tap into your emotional maturity as you deal with a curvy life that has recently been thrown at you. Your initial instinct may be to repress any feelings you have about the situation. On the contrary, you can let your emotions do their best. This card is urging you to use your heart AND your mind as you navigate this personal challenge.

10 of Pentacles Tarot

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Pentacles’ 10

You’re lucky! The 10 of Pentacles represents safety, as well as success and achievement. Have you not been properly recognized for your professional efforts? Does it feel like the universe has put one obstacle after another in front of you? Is the money tight? Do you feel deflated in matters of the heart? Well, the good news has come! Finally, you can see everything that’s about to happen to you this week in one or more of these areas, rewarding you with a sense of satisfaction for staying on course no matter how difficult things get.

Five of Cups Tarot

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5 of the cups

The 5 of Cups shows that you are allowing yourself to wade through a sea of ​​regret and disappointment. While the pain you’re feeling is very real and shouldn’t be minimized, you’re not one to be comfortable being stuck in this mode forever. By choosing to focus on the failures or mistakes that you are aware of, you cannot see the positives right in front of you, nor can you continue toward greener pastures. There is still hope, and it is important this week that you find that hope and turn your attention in that direction.

The Hermit Tarot

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The Hermit

It’s time to take a break from your daily life! The Hermit suggests that you may have a need to withdraw and reflect this week. It could be that you have indulged in many new experiences or spent a lot of time socializing recently. Now it’s up to you to go for a walk in the woods, take a long bath, book a weekend getaway, or whatever else helps you disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner world. Recharging your mental energy will help you re-appear with a new perspective.

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