We’re All Being Too Hard on Disney Live-Action Remakes

According to fans and critics, Disney’s live-action adaptation of Pinocchio leaves a lot to be desired. This is not a new development among live-action Disney remakes, as criticism has come from all quarters pointing out the flaws in many of Disney’s new versions of older works. However, we as viewers tend to focus on the negatives far more than the positives, and a lackluster movie or two (or even a good one with some lackluster elements) doesn’t necessarily mean that Disney’s live-action films are worthless .

While these tweaks tend to rehash old material, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new to say. For example, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella Follow the formula of the original stories pretty closely, but it’s still fun to pay attention to the additional backstory we learn about the characters. Both Belle (Emma Watson) and the beast (Dan Stevens) get new songs that delve deeper into their characters, and LeFou in particular changes the personality of the original but gives just as much energy (due to the performance of Josh Gad). Cinderella contains an interesting conversation between the titular heroine (LilyJames) and Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett), which draws an even clearer parallel between them than in the original animation.


Disney live-action remakes welcome plot changes

Sometimes new details turn into blanket changes to the plot — and that’s not always a bad thing. Although mulan Deviating from the source material (both the original legend and the Disney version), the new elements are no deal-breaker when it comes to recognizing a film for what it is. Compared to the musical full of energetic numbers and talking dragons Eddie Murphythe live action mulan takes an approach that best suits his new medium. Instead of including cartoonish elements, the new version of mulan still contains magical elements but in new places to tell a different story. As with any adaptation, it’s important to realize that the new version isn’t a retelling of the original story, but rather a familiar story with a new twist.

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Granted, some stories don’t necessarily need new shots, and sometimes the changes that constitute the adjustments may not be as pleasant to viewers who came to the theater because they’re fans of the animated classics. However, it is still important to remember change does not necessarily mean less than. It’s just different, and it’s okay not to enjoy the new version. However, the new stories these remakes tell still have value.

‘Aladdin’s changes See mixed results

For example the changes to Aladdin‘s live-action remakes are notable in both positive and negative ways. jasmines (Naomi Scott) added a song, for example (although it’s not entirely interesting in terms of visual movement), beautified her character more, and gave her development more screen time. The same goes for the genius. Our beloved lovable wizard gets a character redesign; He emanates from the quirky, reference-loving whiff imbued with the amazing energy Robin Williams to the charismatic magical wingman portrayed by Will Smith. On top of that, he even gets a romantic subplot that fits in well with the film’s framework.

on a smaller scale, Aladdin also contained an intricate dance scene as a nod to the Middle Eastern/South Asian-inspired culture on which Agrabah was based. All in all, the film added more to the original story and crafted it in a fun and unique way that sets it apart from the original story while preserving the core story.

“Maleficent” turns “Sleeping Beauty” on its head

Let’s not forget about the creative approach either Sleeping Beauty This resulted in malicious. This adaptation tells a well-known fairy tale, so classic that everyone knows the story from a completely different perspective, including arguably the most iconic villain of early Disney animation. Telling stories from villain’s perspective is a paradigm of modern retelling and a gold mine for interesting character work. malicious recognized the bright and sunny fairytale world of Sleeping Beauty and presented it through the lens of a dark epic fantasy – with a healthy dose of redemption and love, of course. Get off your heels hot Frozen in 2013, 2014 malicious also presented his own subversion of true love’s kiss, in a way that is both surprising and appropriate to the tone of the story.

It’s refreshing to have options when it comes to consuming fairy tale media where you can sit down and indulge in the singsong world of Briar Rose one day and ride into battle with Maleficent the next. For fans of the original animation, it’s exciting to see a newer, darker version of the story that’s true to our age. it’s almost as if the story has grown older with us. Maleficent takes us on a journey that is both familiar and new.

Cruella offers a delightful descent into DeVille’s origin story

Cruella does something similar in its prequel too 101 Dalmatians; While not necessarily a direct introduction to the history of the pups, Cruellas (Emma Stone) Descent into the dark underbelly of the crazy fashion world of the baroness (Emma Thompson) presents the perfect story for those who enjoy high-stakes heists and are also interested in the legendary Cruella DeVille.

All of this is to say that while Disney remakes are sometimes not stories that work entirely from the perspective of an author and/or a viewer, they often add elements not found in the original but add a new and interesting twist to the remake give. Some adjustments like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella Add interesting details to the framework of fairy tales. mulan and Aladdin prove that adaptations of this kind aren’t just repetitions of their source material malicious and Cruella provide examples of live-action remakes that use an old template to tell an entirely new story.

Still, some Disney remakes lack positive traits

And yet there are still remakes that make it difficult to find the positive. adjustments like pinocchio, or The Lion King, can seem dry and unnecessary. Some of the worst criticisms of such films go something like this: An unnecessary adaptation will only make you want to see the film, which is similar but better. Movies like this are a reminder that there is a story out there that has the same concept but was created with more heart and soul. In that case, what to do besides watch the original movie?

This result, while negatively affecting the surface, still points us back to the films we once fell in love with. Watching a good movie, even in response to a bad one, is never a disadvantage; In some cases, lackluster adaptations can provide a path to the original for even viewers who have never encountered the story before, thereby attracting new fans. It’s a longer road to get there, but the result is still a viewer who falls in love with a fairy tale.

For all their mixed reviews, Disney live-action remakes really aren’t as worthless as we’d led them to believe. Even the most unsatisfying Disney adaptations have their part to play, and when it comes to fairy tales, there’s always something new to say. Long story short, we’ve all been way too hard on Disney live-action remakes. It’s time we felt the magic again.

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