What Do Jack Russell’s Face Markings Mean?

Editor’s Note: The article contains spoilers for Werewolf by Night.Werewolf at night is the most distinctive entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we have seen in many years. Although shows how WandaVision and Loki have taken the MCU in a wilder and weirder direction, the first “Special Presentation” on Disney+ was filmed to resemble a 1930s black-and-white monster movie. At 53 minutes, Werewolf at night is one of the few recent MCU projects that left audiences wanting more when it was over.

Jack’ Russell’s (Gael García Bernal) Signature tattoos are revealed as a way to honor one’s ancestors; The same distinguishable markings can be seen on his werewolf body. Even though Werewolf at night previewing some of Jack’s abilities after transforming into a werewolf, there weren’t many details about his origin story. However, the unusual markings on Jack’s face provide a few details on how he transformed into the terrifying creature in the comics.


Although the future of Werewolf at night was not revealed Kevin Feig has hinted that progression will be “pretty important” in the MCU. Although the Bloodstone’s appearance does suggest that more horror characters may enter the multiverse, hopefully this won’t be the last we see of Jack Russell. Bernal’s performance as the titular anti-hero “Werewolf by Night” is easily one of the best casting decisions Marvel has made in recent memory.

Who is Jack Russell?

A character identified as “Werewolf by Night” first appeared in a 1953 issue of Atlas Comics. Miracle Stories #116, but the creation of the Comics Code Authority in 1954 prevented more horror-centric creatures from appearing in Marvel’s stories. After the rules were updated in 1971, a new version of Werewolf by Night was released in 1972 Marvel Spotlight #2. His alter ego, Jack Russell, was unique among Marvel heroes at the time due to his association with classic monsters like Dracula.

Jack was born Jacob Russoff in Medias, Transylvania. Jacob’s ancestor Grigori was cursed with lycanthropy in 1795 when he was bitten by a werewolf working for Dracula; Grigori had tried to track down Dracula to avenge his wife. Jack’s father, Gregor, reactivated the family healing in the 1950s when he was reading the pages of Darkhold. While Gregor was being killed by an angry mob, his wife Laura was able to take their children to America, where she married Phillip Russell.

Jack was plagued by the family curse as a teenager, but he eventually learned to master his abilities. The character later appeared in the 1974s Giant Creatures #1but it was revised and reintroduced in a 1983 edition moon knight. He continued to make guest appearances in installments of Doctor Strange, Morbius, Spider Man, and the West Coast Avenger In the 1990s.

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Jack Russell’s tattoo

Jack Russell has a tattoo of a howling moon on his head and an eerie symbol of a full moon on his chest. Although Jack was first cursed with lycanthropy on the eve of his 18th birthday, he locked himself up at night to prevent him from hunting during the full moon. A group of powerful beings known as “The Three Who Are All” bestowed Jack the ability to be conscious in werewolf form. Unfortunately, Jack was unable to dampen his impulses during the full moon, leading to conflicts with Iron Man and the West Coast Avengers.

Jack earned his tattoos after a devil-worshiping cult led by Schuyler Belial attempted to sacrifice him in a satanic hunt. The cult believed they could gain Jack’s abilities by transfusing werewolf blood. Although Jack was ultimately able to escape the cult with the help of Moon Knight, he was left with the tattoos for the rest of his life. They serve as a reminder to Jack that there will always be villains who would relish the opportunity to take his powers.

Werewolf by night in the MCU

in the Werewolf at night, Jack managed to disguise his werewolf form to work as a monster hunter. He is among the monster hunters invited by Verussa Bloodstone (Harriet Sansom Harris) to a ceremonial monster hunt to determine the bloodstone’s new owner. When Jack touches the bloodstone, the artifact identifies him as a monster and begins to seek revenge.

Jack’s werewolf form is activated when Verussa locks him in a cage and uses the bloodstone to scare him. To their surprise, Jack escapes custody. He recognizes Verussa’s estranged daughter Elsa (Laura Donnelly), during his killing spree and spares her life before escaping the mansion. A confused Jack wakes up the next day as a human in the surrounding forest next to Ted/Man-Thing (Carey Jones).

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