What Does Luthen’s Transformation Say About His Identity

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-4 of Andor.Luther Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) is one of the most intriguing new characters in Andor until now. Anyone who has seen Skarsgard’s work knows that the eccentric Swedish actor can do just about anything; in between Lars from Trier films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Skarsgard’s choice of projects has been as unpredictable as his acting choices. Luthen has proven to be a mysterious mentor to Cassian (Diego Luna) when he finds out about the fight against the Empire.

In the fourth episode “Aldhani”, Luthen explains why he first came to Ferrix to ask Cassian for help. He wants Cassian to join a raid team on the planet Aldhani, where he will help steal from an Imperial base. After Cassian Vel Sartha is introduced (Faye Marsay) and her team, Luthen travels back to Coruscant to arrange a secret meeting with Senator Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). Since Mothma has hidden her involvement in the Rebel Alliance from everyone including her husband Perrin Fertha (Alastair Mackenzie), they have to find an excuse to see each other.


Luthen appears to have a different identity as an eccentric merchant selling luxury items in a private shop. Mothma’s companion notes that the items are inherently expensive, but Luthen uses this transformation to hide in plain sight. This brief interaction reveals some glimpses of Luthen as a character that will surely expand throughout the rest of the season.

Who is Luther?

To capture this strange person, Luthen dresses in an elaborate costume and wig. While this is clearly a disguise intended to disguise his identity, it does raise some questions about who Luthen is being honest with. He uses a deception to even meet with Cassian, only revealing his true intentions when their situation is compromised. While Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona) seems to know a bit more about him than Cassian, she still doesn’t know the whole truth. Luthen has shown no sign of loyalty to Bix as he has not yet returned to Ferrix to find her.

Luthen’s relationship with Mothma is somewhat unclear. Though they are both involved in the Rebel Alliance, they contribute in different ways. Luthen appears to be starting things and introducing team members while Mothma handles the crisis from a political perspective. Luthen doesn’t give Mothma much room to breathe; He says they desperately need the funding, and he doesn’t seem overly concerned for their safety given the Coruscant review.

Is Luthen completely honest with her? Maybe not. Mothma may know of Luthen’s plans, but we do war of stars Lore that she is a character who values ​​peaceful solutions. Luthen is unabashedly brutal when confronting his opponents; he even suggests that Cassian kill Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) instead of questioning him. Even if Mothma agrees to Luthen’s mission, she may not know what it entails. His disguise only blurs their relationship even more.

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While corruption overwhelmed the Galactic Republic at the end of the Clone Wars, the Empire has exacerbated wealth inequality in a galaxy far, far away. It’s clear that the problem for impoverished worlds like Ferrix is ​​lack of resources; Cassian must enter the black market just to support himself. This adds an interesting layer Tony GilroyPolitical Commentary. Just like real dictatorships, the Galactic Empire benefits from the selfishness of the bureaucrats.

Luthen’s encounter with Mothma illustrates Imperial society’s glorification of wealth. The only way for Mothma to have an excuse to be in the public eye without arousing suspicion is to go to a luxury store filled with priceless artifacts. These items are thought to have been looted from various worlds across the galaxy and likely stolen from their original owners and homes. The ownership of artistic works by colonizers is a very real problem, so it’s interesting to put it in the context of war of stars Universe.

Luthen may also use this store to meet with other senators and high-ranking officials. We haven’t traveled to the Imperial Senate yet Andor yet, but it is clear that many members of Emperor Palpatine’s inner circle frequent the wealthy districts of Coruscant. Could Luthen be using his secret identity to go undercover?

Old school espionage

One of the reasons why Andor is so refreshing that it takes a grounded, small-scale approach to the universe. Instead of picking up on the Skywalker saga and sprinkling the screen with cameos, Andor feels like an old-fashioned spy adventure. This is something Gilroy has done throughout his career. He is responsible for such great spy movies as Michael Clayton, Beirutand the bournes Franchise.

Seeing Luthen in a simple wig and disguise is the kind of “unspectacular” effect that goes a long way. This scene could have used some elaborate special effect or some kind of over-declaration, but there’s an easier way. It just goes to show what a unique experience Andor is; that’s the rare thing war of stars Project that may arouse the interest of non-fans.

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