What Happened to Josh Guimond? ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Theories, Where Is He Now?

On November 9, 2002, Josh Guimond left a party at a friend’s house on campus around 11:45 p.m. but never came home. Josh disappeared without a trace and 20 years later his friends and family are still wondering what happened to Josh Guimond. The disappearance of the Minnesotan is the subject of Netflix’s third season Unsolved Mysterieswith deep dives into theories and interviews with those working on his case to find out what happened.

“We hope that this case will be brought to attention in order to generate tips or information needed to solve this case,” said lead investigator Lt. Zach Sorenson of the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office told local news station FOX 9 on Oct. 27, 2022. “Our thoughts are with Joshua Guimond’s family, his friends, the St. Johns and St. Bens families and the community. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office is committed to obtaining answers regarding the disappearance of Joshua Guimond. We believe it is critical to involve the community directly in this effort.” Read on to find out everything we know about Josh Guimond and his disappearance.

What happened to Josh Guimond?

What happened to Josh Guimond? Detectives and his family are at a loss. In 2002, the 20-year-old was a student at St. Johns University in Stearns County. He was studying alongside then-girlfriend Katie Benson, although the couple separated for a few months before he disappeared.

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On November 9th, Josh attended a party being held at a friend’s on campus. Guests at the party watched as Josh got up from what they assumed to be going to the bathroom down the hall, but that was the last time he was seen. Interestingly, he didn’t have his wallet, car keys, or glasses with him when he disappeared somewhere on the three-minute walk back to his dorm. When he failed to show up for a mock trial the following afternoon, friends determined something was wrong and reported his absence to college security. Police, sniffer dogs and the National Guard have been called in to conduct a thorough search of the campus, which is set amid approximately 2,500 acres of varied terrain. Bloodhounds followed his trail part of the way home, but the trail went cold.

The campus is surrounded by two bodies of water: Lake Stumpf and Lake Sagatagan, leading investigators to the original theory that he drowned. However, despite several searches, his body was never recovered. “Recovering a body in any body of water isn’t as easy as you might think, especially in the lakes around Minnesota because the water isn’t as clear,” said Lt. Vic Weiss of the Stearns County Sherriff’s Office in additional footage shared by Netflix’s own publication Tudum suggesting Josh’s body may still be at the bottom of one of the lakes. One theory is that Josh decided to detach himself from his current existence and make a life elsewhere under a different identity. But those close to him don’t believe it.

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“The most frustrating theory was that Josh just disappeared of his own free will, that he chose to disappear and take a kind of break from life because his friends and I knew that wasn’t happening,” his longtime girlfriend Katie Benson tells Unsolved Mysteries. “Josh wasn’t suicidal, he was always talking about the future and what he was going to do next,” another of Josh’s friends, Nick Hydukovich, told the show, with both noting that his plan was to go to law school after graduating from college . The theory goes that Josh was kidnapped. The FBI soon became involved in the investigation into Josh’s disappearance, as two other men Josh’s age disappeared within 10 days and 170 miles of each other in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Podcast host Just gone Josh Newville told MPR News: “There was a series of assaults and stalking, attempted kidnappings of college men in the area, not just in November 2002, the same month that Josh went missing, but really in the years surrounding it also. And so we continue to get clues about this theory.”

Christopher Jenkins, 21, grad student at the University of Minnesota; and Michael J. Noll, 22, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Josh had all disappeared after leaving late-night parties. A fourth woman, 21, Erika Marie Dalquist, was also missing. “What’s unusual about this,” Stearns County Sheriff Jim Kostreba told the New York Times at the time, “is that four young people are missing in a relatively small area. They are all about the same age and they all disappeared at night.”

Paul Cheney, Josh’s uncle, said he saw particular similarities in the disappearances of the three young men. “Josh and Chris Jenkins look a lot alike,” he told the New York Times back then. “The three boys are built the same, the same height, the same color. Josh is about 5ft 10, 170lbs tall with an athletic build. All were well-known on campus, outgoing, bright kids with good GPAs.” However, authorities have since concluded that the three disappearances were unconnected, as the bodies of Christopher and Michael were eventually found.

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What was on Josh Guimond’s computer?

What was on Josh Guimond’s computer? Investigators believe it’s an important piece of the puzzle. They managed to search his personal Yahoo account on the PC in his college room, whereupon Lt. Weiss stated, “Examining Joshua’s computer leads me to believe that he may have had some secrets that he didn’t want to share with others. Chat room data between men and women and the pictures of 28 men were found on his hard drive. Police are hoping that by releasing these photos, someone out there will know something. Anyone who recognizes these individuals or has information regarding Guimond’s disappearance is asked to call 320-259-3700 or submit a tip here.

Unsolved Mysteries

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