What Is Magic Poser? Everything You Need to Know About This 3D Posing App

With over 3 million downloads and 350,000 monthly active users, Magic Poser has amassed a large following. But what is it about this 3D modeling tool that sets it apart from others of its kind? Read on to find out.

What is Magic Poser?

Magic Poser is a unique artistic pose tool that allows you to create 3D scenes using a variety of characters and props. These characters and props can be modified, moved along the XYZ axis, colored, scaled and transformed to create a unique scene.

What makes Magic poser so unique? Aside from being one of the few apps that lets you work with 3D models, Magic Poser is the only one that lets you position several characters at once. In fact, the number of metrics you can add is hypothetically limitless.

Magic Poser is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, albeit with some minor differences; We will be using the iOS version for this demonstration.

You can also try the web browser version (Firefox and Chrome only). If you want to broaden your horizons, check out this 3D modeling software that won’t cost a dime.

Download: Magic Poser for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Magic Poser . app layout

The app layout is simple with specific sections, making it easy to navigate. Let’s explore it together.


The Files where your saved work is stored. You will find your files in Localavailable only on the device you are using, or Cloud, which can be accessed with any device as long as you’re signed in to your account on a compatible device. This is also the part you will use when starting a project by clicking OLDreate New file.


Community where you can see other people’s creations. At the top of the screen in this section, you’ll be able to filter the results if you’re looking for something specific.

You can also use these scenes to create your own scenes if you don’t want to start from scratch, adding and modifying what others have created. Plus, you’ll be able to upload your creations Community if you want others to have access.


Tutorial is a great feature for new users as it demonstrates all the basic functions. It is divided into three parts:

  • Beginwhere you can check out the video about the app.
  • User manualhave all written instructions for using the app.
  • Moving Guidemade specifically for older users who understand the app but aren’t familiar with the newer version.


In Library, you can see all the characters and props available to use; you can also download the ones you want to use. Depending on your subscription plan, you will either have access to everything or limited items.

You can immediately see which ones are not available to you because they will have one Professional or Master banner, requires an upgrade for your use.


Account have all your information. The account you used to sign up (for example, your Facebook account) will be linked here, and you can also find other personal information like your purchases, rewards, and account type.

Getting Started with Magic Poser

Getting started is easy, and you have three plans to choose from: free, professional, and premium. Monthly subscriptions will give you access to certain content, such as characters and costumes that are not available, but in terms of features, you can do anything with the version. free.

To create a new scene, go to OLDreate New file inside File section. The start scene will always be the same when creating a new file, but you can easily change the settings and characters with a few quick taps.

Modifying characters and props

Characters and props can both be modified by touching (highlighting) the model you want to change. Only the newest realistic characters, Arnold 3 and Elle 3, allow you to turn their bodies fat, muscular, or skinny.

However, you can still modify every character and prop in other ways; you can scale the object, color and customize it, move it along the XYZ axis and rotate it for easier movement.

Character presets

Some characters have preset poses that have been created for your convenience. You can find them by highlighting the character and selecting Reserve.

Scroll through the sections to decide what type of pose you want (e.g. standing) and choose a preset from the list; Your character will immediately obey and you can either keep it or make adjustments.


By clicking View Along the left panel, some view-related settings will appear. Here you can change the grid, lighting, time of day and more with some easy adjustments.

Add another character

To add another object — in this case, another character to the scene — press the button plus in the bottom right corner and select someone from your available options. All newly added characters and props are automatically added to the center of the screen’s axis, and they will always have a neutral appearance and color. You can then customize them just like you did with your first character.

Turn the light

Depending on your intentions with the Magic Poser, you may want to change the direction and flow of the light to suit your desired vision. There are three Light options are available, but the arrows are the default.

Changing the direction of light can change the way you perceive the surface of your models. To learn more about this, check out the difference between textures and materials and why it matters in 3D modeling.

You can change the direction of the light to highlight or hide certain features, and you can also create realistic shadows with the light. Furthermore, if you want to add more lights (or use all three available options), you can do so too.

Adding props to the scene

To add a prop, you can press the . button plus like you did for your extra character, but choose instead Tools this time. You’ll notice that props are filtered under section titles like Nature, carriageand architecture industry to make finding what you need easier.

Find the prop you want, tap it to download it (if it’s not already downloaded), and tap it again to insert it into the scene. You can then go ahead and adjust it as needed.

Import and Export

Final, Import allows you to import other scenes from local files and Export allows you to export 3D objects in OBJ or Magic Poser File (.mp) format and also as 2D images.

3D Scenes Made Easy with Magic Poser

Magic Poser is not only for creating 3D scenes but also to assist artists in illustrating them. You can use the Magic Poser to find an appropriate pose or correct proportions for your artwork. This user-friendly app is regularly updated with new features, so whether you’re a serious digital artist or you just use the app for fun, don’t be afraid to experiment.

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