What Is the Eye on Aldhani in Andor?

Andorthe prequel series too Villain One, a 2016 addition to the ever-expanding, sprawling world of Star Wars, takes fans on a nostalgic and often surprising journey to places and planets that may or may not have been previously shown. One of them is Aldhani, the seemingly deserted planet that Luthen (Stellan Skargard) brings Cassian (Diego Luna) until after his recruitment for a revolutionary mission that the rebels appear to have planned. The mission is to infiltrate and steal an Imperial garrison – a feat that would be simply foolhardy to accomplish if no diversion were created or exploited. This is where the Eye of Aldhani comes in – the rebels’ escape plan seems to depend on its appearance.


Held every three years, the Eye of Aldhani is a breathtaking phenomenon that the inhabitants of Aldhani eagerly awaited and gathered in one place to witness before the Empire took over the planet and abandoned its inhabitants, as on many planets previously , little to hope or even life for. Given that the rebels seemed to have centered all their retreats on the Eye of Aldhani, not that it seems to have formed many, it is incredibly critical to the success of their rebellion – the start of a revolution.

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Why is the Eye of Aldhani so important to the rebels?

Judging by all the awe surrounding the Eye of Aldhani, there’s no doubting how fascinating the phenomenon would be when viewers could finally see it on the small screen. That being said, the show seems to focus more on its essentiality than its unparalleled beauty. After all, the future of the galaxy seems, quite indirectly of course, to depend on the rebels’ success, one way or another.

Episode 4 of Andor takes viewers on a journey to Aldhani, a picturesque planet so liberated from the pervasiveness of science and technology that it evokes primitive times when nature was the sole sustenance. Star Wars features a range of planets, each more intriguing than the other to the imaginative mind, but Aldhani is entirely new to the fandom, having never been mentioned before in any of the films or prequels. This seemingly deserted planet of hills and grasslands allows the rebels to prepare for their great heist.

When Luthen and Andor arrive in Aldhani, one of the major conflicts of the first few episodes is settled: Cassian is dropping his resigned attitude toward the Empire and agreeing to take the job Luthen came to recruit him for—although , of Of course, whether he’s aware of it or not, his motivations are debatable and arguably noble. Vel (Faye Marsay), the badass leader of the rebel group, isn’t too keen on letting Cassian join the mission, at least initially, especially since the new recruit named Clem is a wild card and a mercenary. However, thanks to Luthens being so genuinely committed to him, Vel agrees to take him on board.

The rest of the rebels on Aldhani don’t warm to Cassian easily, given how little he is willing to divulge. However, thanks to Vel, who said he was part of the mission from the start, Cassian is granted a reluctant place in the rebel gang, but a place nonetheless. Cassian doesn’t reveal that he’s only part of the mission because he’s being paid to do it, at least not until Arvel (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) grabs the necklace around his neck and demands an explanation of where he got it in episode 5.

Vel gives Cassian a quick overview of the planet and its history and how the Empire made life hell for its natives. With the planet being heavily guarded by the TIE Fighters, it would be virtually impossible for the rebels to pull off the raid without getting caught. That’s when Gorn (Sule Rimi) spawns the Eye of Aldhani.

What exactly is the Eye of Aldhani?

As the phenomenon’s name suggests, the Eye of Aldhani reveals the eye of the universe after the meteor shower that covered the sky at once. While viewers have yet to see the virtual manifestation of the Eye of Aldhani, they can only imagine how stunning it would look – especially on screen. As the event only takes place every three years, it is said to be a big deal for the indigenous people of Aldhani. Since the Empire took over the planet, however, the gatherings have become smaller and smaller

Nemik (Alex Lawther), perhaps the only nerd in the bunch, points out that what covers the sky above the Eye of Aldhani isn’t exactly a shower of meteors, but a “recurring band of crystallized noctilucent microdensities.” As the planet Aldhani passes through the belt, these crystallized noctilucent microdensities tend to heat up and explode – a thing of beauty to those on the planet, pure chaos in the sky.

Nemik goes on to explain how the plan relies on computational precision. Should things not go as planned, that is, should they not happen exactly when they should, they could all get caught, and well… the rest can be left to the imagination of those who are comfortable with the heartless atrocities of the Empire are familiar . The Eye of Aldhani would allow the rebels to hide from the authorities and flee the garrison before the Imperial tie fighters can reach them in time.

Since viewers have yet to see the Eye of Aldhani on screen, one can only surmise that the event would light up the sky so brightly that the soldiers would not be able to tell that a band of rebels had found a way into their base. Another possible explanation is that the Eye of Aldhani, a thing of beauty, would tempt the soldiers to leave their posts for a while – an opportunity that would allow the rebels to sneak into their base. We’ve seen that the Imperial officers were actually excited to see the Eye as it’s one of the few perks of being assigned to Aldhani.

Since the mission relies primarily on a natural phenomenon rather than an elaborately planned distraction, there’s a good chance that something will go wrong. But a clear, resounding victory is the last thing viewers expect from a Star Wars series, so there’s plenty to look forward to in the upcoming installments of Andor.

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