What’s Black and White and Hairy All Over?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Werewolf by Night.The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand with sequels, spin-offs, and origin stories on the big and small screens. This year alone, the MCU’s project list includes disease, Mrs Miracle, She-Hulk: Lawyer, moon knight, Thor: Love and Thunderand Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessas well as the upcoming one Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But the special presentation from Marvel Studios Werewolf at night stands out from the (wolf) pack for many reasons. Yes, it’s part of the MCU canon, but it’s a very distinct, self-contained story. Anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge or interest in the MCU, will be able to devour what is perhaps Marvel’s most creative and impressive storytelling feat. A lot happened in this under-hour special. What’s going on in Bloodstone Manor, and what role does our eponymous monster hunter play in this wonderful new story?


First things first: who are the bloodstones? As explained in the dark opening narration, they are a family of monster hunters who explore the darkness to “hunt and slaughter [monsters] with pride.” Ulysses Bloodstone, the patriarch of the powerful family, was the sole controller of the ancient relic known as the Bloodstone, which possesses supernatural powers and is said to be a “weapon like no other”. But he just died, and now is the bloodstone without a “master”. A small group of the finest monster hunters from around the world gathers at Bloodstone Manor to honor their late and fearless leader, and is led by Verussa (Harriet Samsom Harris), the eccentric widow of Odysseus. Among the seven participants are Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal), who is hiding a hairy secret, and Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), reluctant monster hunter and daughter of the deceased.

A veiled and vengeful Verussa expresses frustration to Elsa at her 20-year absence. Now that it’s about the Bloodstone, does she decide to show up? Pretty comfortable. Elsa honestly doesn’t care what other people think and only wants what she thinks is rightfully hers. And who wouldn’t want the Bloodstone? It offers protection, strength and durability. Despite showing promise at a young age, Elsa appears to have abandoned the monster-hunting life she was meant to lead, thus losing her birthright to the Stone. But given the impressive fighting skills she displays, it’s clear she’s been training herself. The monster hunters gathered for this “ritual” all have a few kills under their belt, but none have nearly as many as Jack, who has a kill count of around 100. How is that possible? let’s find out

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Verussa informs the group that a ceremonial hunt will be held to determine who is worthy of being Ulysses’ successor. Whoever finds and kills this mysterious beast escaping the maze and finds the bloodstone in its back is the rightful owner. Everyone is pretty upset that Elsa is even allowed to compete given her bare resume, but Verussa allows her to compete. (Maybe because she thinks she doesn’t stand a chance.) The monster’s roar rings out in the night sky as the hunters make their way through the maze, and since it’s each hunter’s own it gets pretty bloody. Elsa quickly proves to be the toughest hunter of them all as she takes down her enemies with her own weapons.

One of the many jump scares occurs early on when the beast in question’s arm shoots out of the foliage and grabs Jack. But instead of freaking out, he starts… laughing? He actually looks relieved. That’s because Man-Thing, the swampy beast everyone is trying to kill, is actually Jack’s friend. Apparently this isn’t the first time Jack has saved his butt either. Jack isn’t here to kill Man-Thing, he’s here to save him once more. Jack realizes that one of the hunters has overheard him and runs to safety in a room where Elsa is just taking a breather. She admits that she only wants this bloodstone to finally get rid of her father and stepmother. The two bond over not really wanting to fight, with Jack saying he’s “not that kind of hunter”. Okay, if not, then why does he want the rock so badly? actually him Not.

Elsa and Jack agree to help each other out of this mess. It’s really quite simple. If Elsa helps Jack escape the monster, he will help her get the bloodstone. The plan is for Jack to throw a tiny bomb device with a huge bang onto the nearest perimeter wall and run away. He encourages Elsa to be friendly to the hideous beast when they meet, and to be sure to call him by his name: Ted. Does he look like a ted? In fact, Elsa calms him down, calling him by his name, and she is able to rip the stone from his back. But when Jack grabs the coveted relic, it flies back, leaving him crippled. This is because the bloodstone is allergic to monsters and Jack is actually a werewolf. This revelation upsets Verussa and Elsa and makes them feel betrayed. “I can’t wait to find out what kind of villain you are,” Verussa growls. Elsa, however, speaks up and says that no one deserves the stone but her, and she ends up behind the same bars as Jack.

Understandably, Elsa is furious that Jack has kept his monster identity a secret, and is pretty sure that once he turns around he’ll kill her. While he assures her they have time to figure things out (the full moon isn’t for five days), she tells him that the bloodstone is so powerful he can turn it into five seconds. To save Elsa, he sniffs her (yes, sniffs her) to get used to her smell. Verussa mercilessly shoots him with the bloodstone and within a few angry seconds we see Jack’s shadow transform into the beast he becomes once a month. Unable to contain the guards’ tasers, he breaks loose from the top of the cell dome. A terrified Elsa watches as the werewolf shreds everything in its path. Will she be next?

The werewolf bites Verussa’s hand, but she manages to escape his grasp. She even gets hold of the stone again, blasts it and nearly kills him, but Elsa manages to hurl a gun at her back and yank her away. Elsa tries to reason with the beast, hoping he’ll remember her scent, but he lunges and knocks her out. Remembering Jack’s rule of never breaking eye contact, she holds his gaze and he lets go of her before walking off into the night. Verussa gets up and gets ready to kill Elsa for being a disgrace to the family, but Man-Thing, uh, Ted, breaks through the ceiling and burns her alive before going in search of Jack .

Elsa sits in her chair among the rubble and holds the bloodstone like a boss. As “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” plays, the black and white screen changes to color, revealing her red jacket. Jack wakes up in the woods the next morning and Man-Thing greets him with French-pressed coffee. Through his growl, he reassures Jack that Elsa is fine, and the two agree to eat some sushi.

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