Where are the stars of Tattoo Fixers now? From working at McDonalds to avoiding the limelight for marriage and kids

Nine years ago, a group of talented tattoo artists stormed the silver screen to transform the country’s worst tattoos — but “Tattoo Fixers” ended four years ago. So where is the cast now?

E4 viewers witnessed five years of impressive tattoo fixes, with artists Alice Perrin, Lou Hopper, Jay Hutton, Steven “Sketch” Porter, Glenn Carlos and brothers Pash and Uzzi Canby covering up some of the worst tattoos in the UK. And of course, there was her talented receptionist Paisley Billings, who along with Sketch was the only cast member to appear in all five seasons of the reality show.

What is the cast of Tattoo Fixers doing four years after the series finale?


What is the cast of Tattoo Fixers doing four years after the series finale?Credit: PA:Press Association

After hitting theaters in 2015 and entertaining viewers for five seasons with some of the best tattoo transformations of all time, Tattoo Fixers aired its final episode in 2019.

Over the years, Alice, Lou, Jay, Sketch, Glen, Pash and Uzzi have been responsible for turning some of the country’s rudest and crudest (and sometimes even homemade) tattoos into detailed works of art without leaving visible traces of the original ink.

Guests would come to the Hackney studio and the artists would compete to design their tattoo cover-up, with the best giving the artist the chance to make the correction.

But what are the “Tattoo Fixers” cast members up to after years have passed since they worked together in Hackney? Do you still practice the craft or did you get your last tattoo?

Read on to find out what the Tattoo Fixers cast is up to now.

Alice Perrine

Alice Perrin has returned to her hometown


Alice Perrin has returned to her hometownPhoto credit: Instagram

Alice Perrin was an all-time favorite on Tattoo Fixers and joined the show for its second season, which began in late 2015.

After completing a tattoo apprenticeship and art course at Hereford College of Art, Alice began working at tattoo show Dermagraphica before making her way to Tattoo Fixers Studio in Hackney.

It may have been her personal experience with questionable tattoos that she did so well with clients on the show, as she’s covered more than one botched tattoo herself.

“I wanted a little heart on my shoulder and the man who made it just made it gross. I didn’t think it was possible to get a heart wrong but he did it,” she revealed to Channel 4.

“It was so horrible I had it covered with something like a lady and a moon.”

Alice has continued to work as a tattoo artist since the show ended. She shares her beautiful designs, which range from colorful floral designs to detailed animal sketches, with her 345,000 fans on Instagram.

She has also quit the London scene and is back living in her hometown of Hereford.

Lou Hopper

Lou Hopper opened her own studio in Brighton


Lou Hopper opened her own studio in BrightonPhoto credit: Instagram

Before Alice Perrin joined Tattoo Fixers, Lou Hopper was the artist on the show. Lou competed against Jay and Sketch to prove their designs were the best and to be the one to fix her clients’ botched tattoos.

Although she only stayed on the show for one season, that seems to have been enough to make her a tattoo star now that she owns her own studio.

Like Alice, Lou left the bright lights of London behind to open The Tattoo Collective in Brighton, where she lives with her pattern making partner Andy Cox.

She focuses on nature and historical tattoos, and her Instagram page is full of animal motifs.

Lou recently shared that she made a cute nature and bird themed tattoo to cover up a client’s mastectomy scar.

Sharing her excitement about the project, she said, “It always means a lot to me to be able to help people with pieces that are so deeply personal.” Thank you for the trust you are putting in me.”

Jay Hutton

Jay Hutton went back to work at McDonalds


Jay Hutton went back to work at McDonaldsPhoto credit: Instagram

2015 was a hugely successful year for Welsh artist Jay Hutton as not only did he start work on Tattoo Fixers but he also opened his own tattoo studio called Adrenaline. Based in Cheshire, his brother Danny also works there. He held both jobs until 2018 before leaving the show before season five, saying it was time for a change.

After leaving the show, Jay married his longtime girlfriend, personal trainer Monica Rose Hutton. However, the pair have not been spotted together recently and are absent from each other’s recent Instagram posts, so it’s possible they may have broken up by now.

In 2019, Jay went back to work for his first employer, McDonalds – though the move was temporary and part of the fast food chain’s promotion.

Praising the company, he said, “Working at McDonald’s gave me life skills that helped me on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur.” McDonald’s was my first job and it gave me the tools and confidence to start my own business. “

Jay still runs his tattoo studio and has later become an artist for a host of British celebrities including Chelcee Grimes.

Stephen “Sketch” Porter

Sketch Porter has been running his tattoo parlor for over a decade


Sketch Porter has been running his tattoo parlor for over a decadePhoto credit: Instagram

Sketch Porter was another member of the original Tattoo Fixers cast and appeared in all five seasons of the show. He started tattooing his father at home as a child, but as soon as they saw his work, he was offered a professional job at a studio.

“To mark someone with something on their skin that they will wear forever is an amazing thing for an artist,” he later told Channel 4.

Sketch was already a successful artist when he joined the cast of the E4 show after opening his own studio Reppin Ink in London in 2011. He still runs the studio and specializes in complex black and white designs, sometimes interspersed with color.

Despite having a public Instagram account, Sketch tends to keep his personal life private. However, the Daily Star reported that he got married and had two daughters.

It seems that one of his daughters even followed in his footsteps and designed his favorite tattoo for him. “It’s probably not my best tattoo and a lot of people would say, ‘It’s horrible, it’s too deep and it’s scarred,’ but my daughter’s is probably the most meaningful.”

Paisley bills

Paisley Billings starred in a West End play after Tattoo Fixers


Paisley Billings starred in a West End play after Tattoo FixersPhoto credit: Instagram

Aside from Sketch, actor Paisley Billings was the only other Tattoo Fixers cast member to appear in all five seasons of the show.

After working as a receptionist at Hackney studios, she pursued various forms of acting. She first appeared in the 2019 TV movie Break a Leg before returning to television to star in one episode of On the Edge and two episodes of The Emily Atack Show.

Paisley then turned to theater and joined the cast of Six the Musical for the 2021-2022 West End performance. As a deputy, she took on the roles of Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleves and Catherine Parr.

Paisley shared a picture of herself in the costume on Instagram, celebrating how far she’s come.

“Sometimes when I hear the rumble at the beginning of the show, I have to remind myself that I’m not dreaming. This is really my life at the moment. Blessed and grateful,” she wrote.

Glenn Carlos

Glenn Carlos opened his own studio last year


Glenn Carlos opened his own studio last yearPhoto credit: Instagram

Glenn Carlos was another one-season wonder on Tattoo Fixers, appearing in the show’s fourth season.

Unlike some of his co-stars, Glenn later turned to tattooing, initially having a brief career as an electrician.

Although he initially trained on his own legs, he quickly found success. And after his appearance on the show helped raise his profile, Glenn worked in a studio in Belgium before opening his own studio in 2022.

Glenn put down roots in Essex when he opened Fleetwood Tattoo Co. and is thrilled that this is his full-time career.

“I’m grateful to be able to do something I love every day!” he gushed in a social media post.

He continues to focus on bold, colorful designs and realistic portraits.

Pash and Uzzi Canby

Pash Canby is a happily married father


Pash Canby is a happily married fatherPhoto credit: Instagram
Uzzi Canby works with his brother and tattoos celebs


Uzzi Canby works with his brother and tattoos celebsPhoto credit: Instagram

Brothers Pash and Uzzi Canby joined the cast of Tattoo Fixers early in season five to replace Jay and Glenn. And despite only appearing for one season, the close-knit siblings made an impression.

They remained close and together they founded their own tattoo studio, White Room Tattoo, in Plymouth. They also run a side business, ICONINK, which they describe as an “exclusive tattoo experience for the elite and celebrities.”

It is also an online show produced by White Room Productions that includes interviews with their clientele, which includes Russell Brand.

“ICONINK Interviews is full of fun and games, heartwarming stories, stunning tattoos and some BIG surprises along the way,” reads their website.

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However, it wasn’t all work and fun, as both brothers are happily married.

Pash and his wife, real estate executive Natalie Canby, have a son together, while Uzzi has two children, a son and a daughter, with his partner Milla Tonny.

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